What’s the deal with RMR 2020 CSGO Stickers?

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After a team sticker-less year in 2020, Valve has finally brought out new CSGO stickers, giving us a chance to once again support our favourite teams, as well as invest some cash into one of the game’s most interesting markets.

Let’s start off with the bad news, though. Because of constant roster changes, Valve couldn’t really get player autograph stickers out the same way they did in the past. However, thanks to the 2020 RMR standings being finally settled, we know who’d be Legends, Contenders and Challengers in the cancelled 2020 Rio Major.

So, how do the Stickers work? Just like for 2019 stickers CSGO has four different rarity tiers for the stickers. Regular, Foil, Holo and Gold. The Gold Rarity tier was previously reserved for player stickers, as an alternative to the team Holo tier. With no player stickers available this time, Valve decided to take it up a notch.

It’s interesting to see whether we’ll see gold team stickers again. If they decide not to, these unique stickers can become a very rare investment opportunity. They’ll probably never reach the heights of Kato 2014 stickers, but the market for them will certainly be interesting to see.

Which Teams are Included?

The teams that received the stickers, were the teams that would qualify for the Major according to the rather complex RMR system. Without going into too much detail, the teams were split into 3 categories. Legends, Challengers and Contenders. Each of them would have different advantages at the Rio Major, however, right now it just means that they’ll get a few more qualifying points for the next Major. So, who qualified for 2021’s first sticker collection?

Vitality, Heroic, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Spirit, Na’Vi, Evil Geniuses, 100 Thieves, FURIA,

Astralis, BIG, Fnatic, G2, OG, GODSENT, Nemiga, Liquid

FaZe, North, Virtus.Pro, ESPADA, Gen.G, Boom, Renegades, TYLOO

How to Buy CSGO Stickers from RMR 2020?

The easiest way to get Stickers is by buying Sticker capsules. Legends, Contenders and Challengers are all placed in separate capsules, so you can choose which teams sticker you’d like to hunt for. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll make back the cost of the capsule.

Challenger capsules seem to be the best bang for your buck, featuring some of the most popular CS:GO teams, as well as GODSENT, who are now sporting a Brazilian roster featuring the likes of Epitacio “Taco” Melo, making it very tasty for the extremely-engaged Brazilian audience.

However, your best bet for now is still to head to the Steam Community Market and snatch some sticker deals. With the stickers only coming out last night, they might be extremely cheap for a while, with everyone interested in them opening capsules left and right.

It’s also worth it to check out various external marketplaces for awesome deals for all CSGO stickers. These oftentimes see stickers sold cheaper since they enable users to cash out, instead of their cash staying in the Steam Ecosystem. You can check out our Sticker deals on the Skinwallet Market.

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I Got a Gold 2020 RMR Sticker! What should I do?

If you got your hands on a Gold Sticker (or any other sticker you want to sell!), you have three options. 

You can put it on a weapon, but that means that you’ll lose the ability to trade it, so be sure that the sticker will enhance the value of the skin you’re applying it to if that’s your move. 

Otherwise, just as is the case for buying stickers, you can sell them at either the Steam Community Market or an external marketplace, like the Skinwallet Market which we’ve linked above.

Which Stickers Will be the Best Investment?

We don’t really know. A lot depends on the future of Major-related in-game items from Valve. With rumours about team-and-player agent patches being prepared for the cancelled Major, there are sure to be some twists and turns.

However, if there are two stickers we think might be of interest to you, except for the aforementioned GODSENT stickers, will be 100 Thieves and Gen.G—two organizations that have dissolved their CSGO teams. This means that the stickers may jump up in prize with no new stickers coming up in the near future. We’ll definitely monitor the situation and update this article depending on the situation.

After all, the most popular stickers from Katowice 2014, are IBUYPOWER and TITAN stickers, two organizations that only have a single Major appearance under the belt. In that regard, Gen.G is certainly more valuable than 100 Thieves, since this is their only sticker in the game.

What Should We Expect for the Future of CSGO New Stickers?

It’s actually a pretty good question. We’re definitely going to get more Major stickers down the line, but Valve threw another spanner in the works with gold team stickers, making the market even stranger. We’re pretty sure that these stickers won’t become the new Kato 2014, the supply is far too large for that. However, should this be the only year with gold team stickers, we might see these stickers becoming a rare treat, perhaps placing them among the best CSGO stickers.

However, one thing is for sure. We can’t wait for the major and the return of player autographs to the sticker fold.