What Are The Best Havoc Collection CSGO Skins?

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Havoc Collection CSGO skins are worth breaking a fang or two, both for their market value and their feeling tone.

CSGO Havoc collection was one of the three collections added in the Operation Broken Fang that dropped in December 2020 and ended this May. If there is a motif behind it, it’s more about chaos and wilderness, as opposed to other collections, especially Control. However, these are never monochrome and you can find a wide variety of designs throughout the wear levels.

Let’s investigate what lurks behind the jungle leaves!

How To Get The Havoc Collection CSGO Skins

As it usually is with the skins that come from Operations, they are not easily obtainable. Sometimes an operation case is later in the loot table and can be dropped even when the operation is over. However, there is no Havoc Case CSGO drop and they were only dropabe when Operation Broken Fang was in full run.

To get Havoc skins nowadays, your only available option is to buy them from other players. To do that, you can either go to Steam Community Market and pay dearly, or head to third party marketplaces like Skinwallet Market and get them for a noticeably cheaper price.

The Best Havoc Skins

This whole set of skins is quite impressive, but there are several skins that shine brighter than the others. 

AK 47 X-Ray CSGO skin

Maybe it is an obvious counterpart to M4A4 | X-Ray, but, truth be told, I think it looks much, much more neat in the fiery-brownish color palette. It gives you a nice insight into the functional machinery of the rifle. Additionally, it’s uber-rare, the Factory New models reach whooping prices of over 2k dollars, and it’s barely ever seen on the market. If you got one, you’re very lucky.

AWP | Silk Tiger

A bit uncanny, but pretty cool. The texture of this skin imitates the structure of expensive silks in a very flowery color pattern, but with a fierce theme of a tiger. The result is a colorful sniper rifle that hits the same mood as Saint Marc skins. Even if this soft look is not your thing, selling one in better wear levels might earn you a couple hundred bucks.

MAC-10 | Hot Snakes

Snakes… Why does it always have to be snakes? Say what you will, but this skin fits like a glove on MAC-10. The pattern is as neat as it gets and it’s a gunsmith finish, so it still looks fierce when the float is low. However, if you think having a couple more details spray-painted black is worth several hundred dollars in price, be my guest!

SG 553 | Hypnotic

Another simple, but great skin for minimal, black-and-white loadouts. It’s very easy to go full kitsch with a zebra layout, but keeping it on the body of the gun only did the job. Plus, it is only kept in Factory New and Minimal Wear range, so it’s not like you have to hunt for a perfect float here to get the full experience. It’s worth every penny, and it costs a lot of those.

Galil AR | Phoenix Blacklight

It might be the less popular of the bunch, but in my humble opinion more worthwhile than the Franklin Glock. Galil is, for some reason, more prone to colorful skins than the other non-meta rifles. Counting in Sugar Rush, Signal, Sandstorm and Dusk Ruins, it’s yet another skin with pinkish-purplish design (and Snakebite later added Chromatic Aberration to the equation). This one looks ultra-aggressive and might work well with urban-themed loadouts.

Where to buy CSGO Havoc Collection skins?

This really depends on what you’re aiming for. Let’s consider two different scenarios here. If you’re looking to buy more mediocre skins for their aesthetic value, then there’s not much difference between buying them at Steam Community Market and on third-party marketplaces. They will most likely be in bigger volume in the former one, and just slightly cheaper in the latter one.

However, if you’re out for the big game, like the X-Ray or Silk Tiger, don’t think twice and head to third-party marketplaces. The price difference will be more noticeable, plus rarities like these are often not listed on Steam itself in great quantities.

Where To Sell Havoc CSGO Skins?

This goes in a similar fashion to buying. Cheaper items like R8 Revolver | Phoenix Marker or M249 | Predator can easily go even on Steam, because people will buy them for trade-ups and such, plus you don’t lose all that much on commission.

However, selling a rare Covert or Classified skin from Havoc Collection might require you to find a specific buyer. This will be easier with the use of trade groups or third-party marketplaces, so compare all the available offers, assess the skin worth and create a specific listing.

What’s So Special About Havoc Skins?

To someone who’s not really familiar with skins, this might seem like another operation-related collection, and it’s fine to think this way. However, the Valve moderators really outdid themselves with all three Broken Fang collections in terms of choosing skins that set a tone for both the missions and overall gameplay.

Even so, the brown-toned skins with earthly designs are not that popular, and the more common Havoc skins are not widely used. It doesn’t stop them from having their fans here and there.

CSGO Havoc Collection – Summary

As shown above, the Havoc CSGO skins are a neatly prepared bunch that convey the mood of Operation Broken Fang in its more primal aspects. The high tier skins of that collection are very rare and make for valuable collectibles.

Do you have a favorite Havoc skin? Or maybe you’ve seen a neat loadout idea that uses some of them? Let us know below!