A Broad Look At Anubis CS:GO Map

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Halfway through November 2022 CS:GO players have been surprised with a change to active map pool for competitive play. While the veteran Dust 2 has been put off, the newcomer to the tournament play is the Anubis. You might be familiar with this map from two years back, because it had its time on official servers. Now Valve decided to revisit it and give it a chance to shine.

Anubis is a fan-made map that uses exotic vibes to build a two–way bomb defuse scenario. Keep on reading the learn the most important things before you depart for the meeting with the arena of the god of afterlife!

What is Anubis in CSGO?

To be more precise, Anubis is a map created by Roald, jd40 and jakuza, initially as a contest entry for Mapcore Mapping Contest in 2019. The map won the competition and gained a lot of publicity from the get-go. However, it took more than an additional year of work for the map to be submitted to Steam Workshop in it’s near-final form. 

Continuing the sandstone map tradition, Anubis is a great two bomb site arena with both the traditional left-mid-right division. Additionally, it introduces some new twists on vertical play. Naming the map after the Egyptian god would surely place it somewhere in Northern Africa, but it is nowhere confirmed.

After it was published there on January 31st 2020, the map was noticed by the Valve editorial. Thus, its journey to the major roster begun.

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When Was Anubis Added to CSGO

The first time it was put on official servers was in March 31st 2020, first as a Scrimmage map. Anubis made rounds quick with the player base and was added to Competitive matchmaking ten days later on April 10th. The map served there for around a year, being removed again on May 3rd 2021.

It was reintroduced to official servers on August 16th last year as a part of the game’s tenth anniversary celebration. In the meantime, the curators further improved upon the functionalities of the map. Finally, on November 18th 2022, the map replaced Dust 2 in the Competitive roster.

Since Valve reintroduced Anubis and put on pro rotation, a decisive Dec 2022 update has fixed a lot of usability problems. These included item no-clipping areas, improved clipping, added collisions and other minor improvements. The map is ready for its glory runs in upcoming majors.

Anubis Callouts CS GO Guide

Although the pathing for the map is pretty intricate, the whole map could be divided into 3×3 region checker for a classical bomb defusal scenario balance. It uses a lot of the usual callouts but has some map-specific ones to tell the landmarks apart.

Anubis T-Side Callouts

Coming from the attackers side, you’re limited to going through Trash and Ruins to approach B-Site from either Long or Top-Mid, or you’re taking the long route over Alley and Boat to hit the A-Site with a choke-point entrance. Going to B, take the Catwalk for upper-hand advantage, wait in the Corner to double-take the site clash or take the risk of moving through Pillars for more spatial control. Going to A, wait around Headshot for counter-attacks. 

Ts can also approach both sites from Mid, going through the Bridge over the Water, but watch out for Window peeks. Overall, this is the most intense meeting point for both parties, so take extra caution.

Anubis CT-Side Callouts

Defenders have a pretty aggressive entrance to both Mid and Back Site B through Palace, although the latter can also be taken faster through Cave and Street. Dunk in Sniper Nest for some long-range control. 

Heading to defend A, you can either take the long way through Beach and Tunnel to take your chance of setting up defenses at Heaven or go through Mid and use the A-Connector. Take your chance at counter-attacking A-Main or stay around A-Entrance for mid-range peaks. Remember your quick rotation route back to Site B through Mid and Palace in case of an upset.

The r/GlobalOffensive user Night_Not_Day has prepared a comparison of callouts as defined for pros and as used on official server matchmaking (remember to take it with a pinch of salt).


You can also check an interactive, constantly updated callout map on CS Fandom website

Best Anubis Smokes And Utilities

Check out this organically flowing but hard-hitting guide of best Anubis throws by the CS all-star Nato.

Anubis CSGO Skin Collection?

When Anubis map returned to Competitive matchmaking, it gave some people ideas about future skin updates. While most other renowned maps have already received their consecutive community-made skin collections, Anubis is a blank slate in this matter.

It’s quite possible that with a new season event in 2023 we could receive an Anubis Skin Collection. The themes alluding to Egyptian mythology have already been introduced in some CSGO skins in the past. The ambience of the map’s environment makes it a great field to explore with desert-op themes and others.

Anubis CSGO Map — Summary

While not fully new, Anubis is a breath of fresh air for competitive CSGO. Valve Corp took the cautious road of reintroducing a map that has already made some fans in the past, improving it and giving a new challange to people playing for the tactics. We are sure it will stand for itself in the coming months. Can’t wait to see it fleshed out in the upcoming Majors!

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