New CSGO Stickers And Music Kit From February 2023

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feb 2023 update espionage sticker capsule and ultimate music kit

Is the revolution coming to the sticker hauls? Let’s check out the Espionage Sticker Capsule and Ultimate Music Kit, released along with Revolution Case in the recent update.

Just at the beginning of the week we were talking about the new Revolution Case added to CS:GO. At the same time, a new sticker capsule has been added along with a new music kit. Let’s look at the customization emporium and see what we can get our hands on!

What Is The Espionage Sticker Capsule?

It’s a new package with 21 stickers (12 paper, 2 glitter, 4 holo and 3 foil) published on February 9th 2023. While the themes for capsules are usually very loose, there are some here that actually allude to espionage in one way or another.

5 Best Stickers From Espionage Sticker Capsule

Below you’ll find our selection of stickers to look for in the new package.

hidden hero foil sticker csgo

Hidden Hero Foil

If only one Foil sticker should make it to the list, this will be it. It’s quite funny, especially if you ever had any goods from Asia, like tea, in your family home. Going a bit wilder on the interpretation, there could be a TF2 Spy joke hidden here, since it’s the Espionage (and, mind you, a TF2 update is coming sometime soon).

peek me foil sticker csgo

Peek Me Foil

However, there’s another Foil which is pretty cool. Peek Me has a menacing look on its own, and will look great on all kind of grimy, dark and sci-fi skins like AK-47 | Redline or AK-47 | Point Disarray.

not a bot sticker csgo

Not A Bot

The tear gimmicks never stop. This one is hiding a true confession – three scrapes and it turns out it was a bot all along! Double-agent indeed. The sticker’s creator didn’t spare the surprise for anyone, rejoicing in the fact the sticker found its way into the capsule on their Twitter account.

salty holo sticker csgo

Salty Holo

I don’t have much to elaborate on this one, it’s just perfect. Especially so for those stone-cold players that clutch 1v4 without a blink of an eye, while on the other side of the internet connection someone’s smashing a keyboard to pieces. Stick it on your favorite rifle or pistol to add inSALT to injury.

street artist glitter sticker csgo

Street Artist Glitter

When it comes to glitter stickers of that capsule, this one is the more interesting of the two. Dedicated to every decal artist spamming the map walls and floors with their ingenious compositions. It seems like it will stay on the cheaper spectrum. You can easily splat it on some freehand skins in your collection.


There are some other fun picks in the capsule aside from this list, so make sure you review them all before you buy one!

Buying Espionage Sticker Capsule

You can buy the capsule from the in-game store. As with every standard-issue sticker capsule, you can buy it for $0.99 and you don’t need a key to open it.

Steam Community Market offers might appear if the capsule was ever delisted from the in-game store. However, this is not very likely to happen.

New Music Kit By Denzel Curry

The fans of the rapper extraordinaire, Denzel Curry, will be happy to find a whole Music Kit collected from fragments of his tracks. The kit is called “ULTIMATE” and it covers a lot of hip-hop and trap material. It ranges from easy beats for the round timer or action start to hard-hitting fragments playing after a won match or getting the MVP status.

denzel curry ultimate csgo music kit

The songs that were used for the soundtrack kit are, among others, “Ultimate”, “CLOUT CO13A1N” or “The Last” (So much trouble on the streets / That we need to buy a AK hits differently on T side).

A beat-based kit is something that was missing from the offer, so some players might find it a great addition to their CSGO customization. You can preview the whole kit with a handy player on its dedicated CSGO Stash site


So these are the goodies that were introduced in the recent Feb 9 update. On one hand, the sticker market will surely reveal its favorites soon. On the other, more renown music hits the music kits, which is always nice.

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