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Skinwallet currently accepts skins from these games.

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Wallet benefits

Why should you choose Skinwallet as a payment method?


Payments are instant - Skinwallet is an alternative checkout solution to systems like PayPal, bank transfers, Bitcoin, Skrill, Paysafecard and others.


Payments are anonymous - we do not require any personal information from our users. Keep on rockin’ using your gaming nickname!


Payments are 100% accurate - you’ll never lose a penny. Any skin value exceeding payment totals will be automatically returned to your account for use in future transactions.

Our partners

Check out what our partners say about Skinwallet.




Skinwallet is awesome! I love being able to trade my extra skins for cases or games.

It’s the easiest way to pay with CS:GO skins that I know.




I’ve always had trouble with all my CS:GO skins. Some I don’t like, some I don’t use. Skinwallet is a simple solution for me and you.

More cases and new games are better than a full inventory!

Team Kinguin


Skinwallet does what nobody else can. Being able to turn CS:GO inventory into new games and skins is dope.

Everybody who plays CS:GO has extra skins lying around and Skinwallet lets you use them.

Try it out!

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