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how to sell Team Fortress 2 items?

  • What there is to know: Team Fortress 2 items

    All information regarding the rarity, acquisition, trading, and, of course, selling Team Fortress 2 items for real money collected in one place in a form of a convenient and easy guide.

  • 2019 guide to getting new Team Fortress 2 items

    If you want to sell Team Fortress 2 items, you need to have some in the first place. Learn how, in this complete guide on how to get new Team Fortress 2 items that you can sell for real money.

  • Best ways to sell Team Fortress 2 items

    We’re talking a closer look on all options in regard to selling Team Fortress 2 items and discuss all pros and cons of Steam Community Market, third-party markets and other ways of selling Team Fortress 2 items.

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  • How To Sell Team Fortress 2 items in 2020 - Explained

    Team Fortress 2 is a successor to one of the more peculiar mods for Half-Life that created a stable, devoted following in its years. In the second rendition of the series, the two teams opposed are presented with very comically overstated characters in a fairly childish external world. Add to this a lot of small context jokes, retro UI visuals and a great sound layer with ridiculous SFX and a pristine, live-recorded soundtrack - you got yourself a long-lived online shooter. It is often believed to be the predecessor and pioneer of the trend for light-colored, humorous and fast-paced team shooters that games like Overwatch and Fortnite continue. TF2’s pop-cultural following has also been upheld by many fusions with the sandbox Source Engine editor, Garry’s Mod, which could utilize assets from TF2 to create absurd animations.

    In general, there are five kinds of items you can find in Team Fortress 2: Weapons which you can hold; Cosmetic Items like hats and headpieces; Tools used to get access to certain game modes or getting new, rarer items; Taunts for calling out enemies in-game, and finally Actions Items that can be either used to gain new items or to allow you to do certain things during matches.

    You can get new items either by playing the game or trading them online. We’ll describe both of these ways in a minute. The selling TF2 items online can sometimes be very dubious, but there is a way to use third-party services and sell them for cash in an instant. Let’s look at all the details and ponder on one’s possibilities to sell TF2 items for money.

  • How do you obtain Team Fortress 2 items?

    Of course, to sell TF2 items you need to get some of them first. The basic method of getting new items is to simply play the game, but as server-idling has been severely abused in the early years of the game, there are certain rules that need to be observed. To drop items after matches, you need to play VAC-secured servers, react to in-game drop notifications, run only one instance of the game at once and not run the game in textmode.

    To get higher quality items, you need to get a Premium account, which is actually pretty easy. All you need to do is to buy any item from the Mann Co. Store, where the cheapest item, Giftapult, costs just $0.10. This will allow you to use certain functionalities of the Mann Co., but it will also expand your drop rates. Besides bare drops, for better items you need to open cases that drop from time to time instead of weapons. Those cases are opened with adequate keys which you can buy from the Mann Co. Store and cost around $2.50.

    If not that all, you can always buy the items you desire the most. This can be done threefold. You either buy them from the producer at in-game Mann Co. Store, trade them with other players or buy them from third-party marketplaces. The prices for those items may vary in each type of distribution. To be able to deduce prices by yourself, you need to learn two factors. One is the key-oriented price. The drop rate of an item is converted into the amount of keys you would hypothetically need to use to get one such item. Keys don’t change prices drastically, so they are a good reference unit. The other is the metal resources, which also have a community-attributed value. Refined metal (abbreviated to ref) has the attributed value of 1.00. Reclaimed metal (abbreviated to rec) has the attributed value of 0.33. Scrap metal has the attributed value of 0.11. This way some items will be listed as having a value like 2.44, then meaning two refs, one rec and one scrap metal.

  • Things you should know about Team Fortress 2 items

    Before you sell Team Fortress 2 items you’ve garnered, it’s good to know what makes a difference in terms of market prices. From the types of items mentioned above, Weapons, Cosmetics and Taunts have certain additional attributes that most of the time influence their value.

    Item quality is bound both with item’s rarity and specific modificators, although not in all cases. Normal items are just that, standard loadout with grey names. Unique items with yellow names are less common, and may bring some variation to standard loadout, yet it’s still the basic item quality for drops, achievement prizes and basic crafting results. Blue Vintage items are Unique items crafted before Mann-Conomy Update, therefore with a slightly higher collectible value, although it’s not a stable relation. Genuine items with green names are gained via cross-game promotions or special in-game events, and are thus colored differently to discriminate them from usually dropped unique and normal items. They also retain their color if they are strangified. What does that mean? Strange items are similar to StatTrak items from CS:GO, but there are several main differences. You can not only drop strange items, but you can also use a strangifier to make them strange. Once a weapon is strange, it keeps track of kills scored with its use. This, in comparison to CS StatTrak, causes them to gain new prefixes with consecutive tiers reached by the number of kills. Also, non-weapon items can also be strange tracking other events instead, like Jarate tracking the amount of coated victims or Invis Watch tracking the number of seconds you remain invisible. The most noteworthy items in the bunch are purple Unusual items, which give weapons and cosmetic items additional particle effects. They are a rare loot from crates and are hard to obtain otherwise, making them the rarest and usually most sought for items in TF2. There are also teal Haunted items which can be looted during yearly Halloween events, but their quality and rarity are similar to those of Normal and Unique items.

    A quality grade we have to discuss separately is the Decorated quality. This is for weapons that have a cosmetic skin applied. In Team Fortress 2 the skins are identified universally and then applied to certain weapons. Decorations have their rarity grades and wear levels. From the most common to the rarest the grades are Civilian, Freelance, Mercenary, Commando, Assassin, and Elite. Civilian Grade finishes are those found more often and Elite Grade finishes are the most uncommon ones. The wear level, in turn, should sound familiar to CSGO players, because they are basically the same. From high float to low they are, Battle-Scared, Well-Worn, Field-Tested, Minimal Wear, Factory New. In most cases the lower the float of a weapon skin, the more valuable a skin is, but you will find exceptions to that rule.

    There are also other item qualities, like the ones denoting an item being tested from the Community Workshop, but they don’t have a market referential value, so we’ll describe them in a quality-dedicated post in the future.

    Item levels are an aesthetic remnant of the early development of additional item properties and, although at first they were meant to make way for some game-influencing mechanic, they ended up being just another numeric property. As such, they have no influence of value while selling TF2 items for money. However, per collector’s value, some levels will be more desired and also favorably valued while trading. When looking for leveled Team Fortress 2 items to sell, take notice of those with levels like 1, 42 or - who could have guessed - 69, as those are usually called out for more.

    If you want to evaluate items other than weapons and cosmetic ones, or if your math simply fails you, there are websites like that will help you determine the value of your equipment for you.

  • So how do you sell Team Fortress 2 items?

    Dealing with metal units, carefully trading items up and then trying to get them monetized can be a slow, painful procedure. There’s no shame in trying to sell Team Fortress 2 items for money quickly. Skinwallet provides you with an opportunity to get cash instantly. What you have to do is:

    1. Log in with your Steam Account
    2. Go to settings, where you need to supply your Steam Trade URL and configure your payment methods.
    3. Display the weapon deposit window to see which items you’ll be able to sell and at what value.
    4. Click “Get $$$ now” to proceed to the payout.

    What you’re shown is what you get, there are no hidden fees. When you sell TF2 items for PayPal funds, there might add their own service fee depending on the country you’re registered in, but this will be provided by the service’s interface.

  • Payment methods for selling Team Fortress 2 items

    In near future, we’re planning to introduce more payment methods to give our users even more options to receive their money the way they prefer. For now, when you’re using Skinwallet, you sell Team Fortress 2 items for Pay Pal money.

  • Which are some of the best Team Fortress 2 items to sell now?

    As of January 2020, these are the top 5 most expensive items in Team Fortress 2:

    • Strange Golden Frying Pan, around $3845
    • Collector’s Dead Of Night, around $3166
    • Collector’s Killer Exclusive, around $2329
    • Normal Black Rose, around $1893
    • Vintage Max’s Severed Head, around $1809

    You can track prices in a couple of ways. Browse the Steam Community Market for recent graphs and easily-available offers. Go to third-party websites that utilize more advanced scripts to compare offers, list the popularity and usability of items and so on. You can also log in to Skinwallet every now and then to see how much you’re able to get for your items straight away.

  • What should you look out for when selling Team Fortress 2 items?

    The same way it is with using any kind of service in everyday life, it’s good to lean on reputable providers with good all-around opinions of users. For example, Skinwallet uses the Trustpilot review system to help you refer to other users’ experiences straight away. There is always, however, the menace of getting scammed, even if you’re just sticking to Steam. Nevertheless, Skinwallet has some safety precautions listed in the to show you how to sell TF 2 items without getting scammed in the process.

  • Summary

    For many years Team Fortress 2 held up as a fun, accessible online shooter with a huge amount of content. The item drop system is somewhat complicated, as it has to serve the playstyle of different characters and supply them with satisfying equipment, and it was built up over years with many variations. We’re happy to help avid players of TF2 how to sell items for real money, freeing them of the hassle of endless price comparisons and juggling your weapons, cosmetics and tools through offers on several different websites.