Frequently asked questions


Q: What is SkinWallet?

A: SkinWallet is a new, revolutionary payment method for gamers that lets you use skins from Steam games to pay for game keys, software, and in game products. SkinWallet is also an instant cashout service, where you can exchange your skins for real money via PayPal.

Q: How can I use SkinWallet?

A: You need to link your Steam account and then register with your e-mail address - simple as that! You don't need to verify anything else.

Q: Why should I use SkinWallet?

A: First of all, SkinWallet isn’t another company which appeared out of nowhere to run “another skin business”. We are players who have a vision of a site which makes it easy for other players to buy games! But that’s not all, on SkinWallet you can go one step further, and exchange skins you own into real money!

Q: Can I sell skins for real money?

A: Yes! Once you deposit skins to our site, you can instantly cashout the money to your PayPal account!

Q: How are skin prices determined on SkinWallet?

A: The value of a specific item is based on its average market price. Our site will always offer you a reasonable price at which you can sell your item!

Q: Where can I pay with SkinWallet?

A: Merchants are coming soon!

Q: Can I pay with skins from other games?

A: At this moment the only possible payment acceptable by our site is in the form of CS:GO skins. However, we are going to enable more currencies from other Steam games soon.

Q: What do I need in order to use SkinWallet?

A: The most important thing is to have a Steam Account without any bans or trading restrictions. That’s why you should have SteamGuard and mobile authenticator enabled. Also to receive trade offers from our bots your inventory should be set to public. You can always check this Steam article to make sure that your account is “available” -> Steam Trading

Q: What about security?

A: Our player-to-player process is designed to eliminate the possibility of scams. It’s a perfect method because you have control over the whole thing. You decide which skins you want to use and you decide what happens with your money. Feel free to check streamers, merchants and partners for opinions about us!

Q: What are the limitations for a trade?

A: Currently you can trade up to 100 items per one transaction. In case you need more funds to cover the costs of a more expensive item, you can do so by making multiple deposits and then use money on your SkinWallet's account. This way you'll be able to use all the funds collected without any limitations.

Payment & delivery:

Q: I have registered with SkinWallet, how can I pay with skins?

A: To do this, you have to order the product you want from our partners. Once you get to checkout, select SkinWallet as your payment method.

Q: I have accepted a trade offer, but I still don’t have my order. Why?

A: Delivery time depends on the page where you were buying. Once the trade has been accepted you should receive your order as fast as possible. However, if you encounter some troubles, do not hesitate to contact their support.

Q: I have accepted a trade offer, but on my SkinWallet account the order isn’t complete yet. Why?

A: It could be related to Steam delays or our bots. First, please check if Steam is working correctly on this site If you don’t find anything suspicious there, contact us regarding that trade. We will answer you as fast as possible.

Q: Is there any minimum value of skins which can I use?

A: The minimum price for CS: GO items that can be used is $0.5, $1 for cases, $1 for souvenirs, and $1 for graffiti

Q: Can I add a different Steam account URL on SkinWallet site to use it’s inventory?

A: No, it is not possible. You can only use the inventory of the account linked to the SkinWallet service. If you try to use a different URL our bots won’t send the trade offer.

Q: Why don’t I see any skins in my inventory when I try to pay?

A: There are two possibilities. First, you might not have items which can be accepted by our site (under minimal required value, or skins which are not marketable). Second, if your inventory is set to private, then it won’t be possible to load it with our site. If you want to change the privacy settings on Steam you can always do that on Steam Privacy Page.

Q: Why cannot I sell some of my skins?

A: We can't purchase this Skin due to one or several reasons:

  • The Skins value is too low;
  • The Skins cannot be transferred to our accounts;
  • The Skins price is unstable.

Q: I have paid more than the order value. What will happen to the rest of my money?

A: You won’t lose anything! If the value of skins has exceeded the order value we will add that amount to your SkinWallet account as a balance.

Q: What can I do with SkinWallet balance?

A: Balance is virtual money in our service. You might use it to pay for a new order or cashout to your PayPal account as real money.

Q: I had troubles with my order, skins were accepted by your bot and nothing else happened. What should I do?

A: If you encounter any issues regarding the order, please contact our partner’s support. However, if the issue is connected with our site (for example: bots, pricing) then please contact us here.

Q: How can I withdraw my skins?

A: This feature will be implemented soon. There will be a store from which any SkinWallet user will be able to withdraw their skins.

Q: Where can I find my transaction history?

A: You can find all transactions which you have made in the “History” section.

Q: Where can I find information about my order?

A: You can find it at the merchant’s website or in your e-mail notifications.

Q: I didn’t receive a trade request from your bot, but on the page I can see that “The trade has been sent”. What should I do?

A: To receive the trade offer from our bot your account has to be eligible to trade- please make sure that you have SteamGuard and mobile authenticator turned on (you can find more info in this Steam article). Also please remember that your Steam Trade URL has to be up to date.

Q: Upon choosing skins which I wanted to use I’ve dropped the session (lost connection, no electricity, site refresh etc.). How can I go back and continue?

A: In case of any kind of lost session there will be no possibility of coming back and continuing that order. You will have to go through the whole process and order the product again on our partner’s site.

Q: I would like to partner with your site, what should I do?

A: Please contact us as soon as possible. The more information you send to us, the faster our reply will be. SkinWallet is waiting for you here!