What is the Skinwallet Market?
The Skinwallet Market
is a platform where you can buy and sell your items from your favorites games. We can guarantee you smooth and safe transactions. Our goal is to offer you the items you want for the prices you're gonna love.
What can I find on the Skinwallet Market?
How do I deposit money on the Skinwallet Market?
How can I pay for my purchase?
Can the money I deposited be refunded?
What are Coupon codes on the Skinwallet market?
How do Coupon codes work on the Skinwallet market?
How can I add a Coupon code?
Can I change Steam account linked to my Skinwallet Market account?
How do I buy items on the Skinwallet Market?
I accidentally bought the wrong item, what can I do?
Where can I find my purchased items?
How long will it take to deliver my purchased items to my Skinwallet Inventory?
How can I send purchased items to my Steam account?
How are the prices determined?
How can I pay for my purchase?
I have bought an item from the Skinwallet Market and I can’t find it in my Steam account inventory. What happened?
What does trade lock mean? Can items with trade lock be bought?
How long will it take to deliver the items I purchased to my Steam Inventory?
What is required in order to buy items?
How do I sell items on Skinwallet Market?
What is the market fee?
How much is my skin worth? What is the recommended price and how is the price estimated?
How can I change the price for my listings?
Where can I find all of my listings?
How do I cancel my listings?
Some of the items from my Steam inventory can’t be sold. Why?
Where do I find the Instant Sell option?
How can I pay out the money earned?
Do I pay a fee when an item is not sold?
I have tried to send my items to the Market from my Steam inventory, but I did not receive a trade offer from the Skinwallet bot. What now?
Are there any hidden fees on Skinwallet Market?
Are there any fees during top-up?
Can I have my money back?
Can I ask for a refund on any transaction?
How long will it take to have my money back on my account?
Can I cancel the refund?
How can I pay out my balance?
How long does a payout take?
Why can’t I pay out all balance? What’s the difference between total balance and withdrawable balance?
Are there any withdrawal fees?
Are there any payout limits?
Which payout providers are supported by the Skinwallet Market?
Why do I need to go through the KYC procedure?
My KYC was rejected. What now?
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