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As we strive to provide the best possible skins selling and skins trading experience, it is natural we want to give you a wide range of payment options that will satisfy you. Moreover, all payout providers have their quirks, regulations, differences in process, and geographic restrictions. 

That is why we decided to make this page. Here you’ll be able to find every important piece of information regarding payment options and their availability. We will be updating this page with any new system or change, so be sure to check it out whenever you have any questions on that topic.

Now, let’s go!


This e-Wallet gathers more than 10 different e-currencies and payment providers giving you access to an entire portfolio of payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, QIWI, Yandex.Money and some cryptocurrencies. 

To enable payouts from Skinwallet to Payeer you have to go to your Skinwallet account settings and enter your Payeer account number from the “Set payout details” section. You will receive a verification email sent to the main email address of your Skinwallet account. Once you verify your email, you are ready to pay out your funds.

Payeer works best for anyone unable to access payment systems such as Paypal due to geographic placement and country of origin. Therefore, Payeer may be the best option for people living in Central and Eastern Europe. In turn, Payeer can’t process payouts to people residing in the United States as well as some other countries that systems such as Paypal work with. 

The minimal payout amount is $1. Please mind that a payout from Skinwallet to Payeer has a 3% fee.


Tipalti is a mass payment provider that focuses on payout automation and provides a wide range of options, as well as excellent security of the processed transactions and user data. What does that mean for you? New payout options! 

As with all other payment options, to use Tipalti in Skinwallet you will need to set your account up in the account settings in the “Set payout details” section. 

The minimum payout value is $5. An important thing to remember is that Skinwallet imposes no fee on Tipalti payouts. The money we send to Tipalti to process is the same as the amount you want to pay out. However, each of the options provided by Tipalti may have different fees inside the system which we do not control. The time required to process the payment request may also vary depending on the chosen payment method.

Tipalti offers three major payout methods with different fees attached:


One of the most popular and widespread payment systems, Payoneer, has over 4 million customers worldwide. It supports a very wide range of eCommerce platforms, internal transactions, and payout options in various currencies. 

To successfully payout your Skinwallet funds through Payoneer go to your Skinwallet account settings. Find a section titled “Set payout details” and choose Payoneer. Clicking on the “Connect account” button will redirect you to the Payoneer log in page. Log in to your account or register a new one and go through the connection process. You’ll be ready to pay out your money once your account is connected and verified.

Each payout with Payoneer costs 3% plus a flat $3 off your transaction. Please remember that the minimal payout requires at least $21 on our Skinwallet account. Moreover, you will be able to pay out from Payoneer to your bank account only if you have at least $50. Therefore, Payoneer may be the best option for bigger transactions or rarer items that hold significant monetary value. 


Airtm is a peer-to-peer payment system that aims at retaining the dollar value of your local currency or basically any other currency including an entire portfolio of cryptos. Focused on offering financial freedom all around the world, Airtm has currently over 600,000 users. 

To connect Airtm to Skinwallet you need to add your Airtm email address in your Skinwallet account settings in the “Set payout details” section. A verification email will be sent to the main email address of your Skinwallet account. Click on the verification link and voila! You’re ready to roll.

Airtm fee is 3% plus a flat $0.40 off any transaction in or out of the Airtm wallet. Luckily, Airtm often launches special deals and promotions, so be sure to check out their website before trying it out. To be able to pay your funds out with Airtm you need to have a minimum of $1.

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