CSGO Hydra Skins – Explained 2019

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Operation Hydra came like thunder out of the blue in 2017 and brought a lot of content after a period of stagnation in the game’s world. It brought new game modes and new maps, which was described in detail in our previous article. Of course, while such features are always a nice refreshment, but the whole buzz is in the skin collections available every time such an event drops, and Operation Hydra delivered in full.

All Hydra CSGO skins, no matter what rarity and wear, were prepared with a lot of attention do detail. Even the Mil-Spec skins, which are usually simpler and duller, look very inventful and precisely drawn. The Covert and Classified skins present ultra-detailed paintings fittingly overlayed on the guns’ structures.

Two years after their release, Hydra skins in CSGO are still sought after. They are arguably one of the prettiest skins available out there and, as they are limited in numbers, they reach relatively high prices on the market. Let’s look at their situation in detail.

Best Operation Hydra skins

As we’ve listed in the article mentioned before, there are two covert skins and three Classified skins that live up to their hype and prove to be great loots.

csgo operation hydra skins

AWP | Oni Taiji is a real artisan skin for CSGO’s favorite one-shot wonder. A very detailed, oriental design and its badass look even in the Well-Worn version are probably the reason you usually cannot get a StatTrak version of it cheaper than 100$.

Five-SeveN | Hyper Beast is the fourth addition to a relatively long-running, cross-collection series of Hyper Beast skins. It fits the grand neon monster’s design into the gun’s frame. It has a very wide price range depending on the wear level. 

If anything proves that Factory New is not always the drive, then it’s the M4A4 | Hellfire skin. Its Well-Worn version still keeps up the same price as the unscratched low-float units. It was also quite commonly used during worldwide championships in the last two years.

Also, if you though Galil AR is a boring rifle, try playing it with Galil AR | Sugar Rush skin. Apparently lots of players vibe with the neon pink because there aren’t many listings for it on the market. Fortunately, they’re also not that expensive, so you can buy one easily.

Dual Berettas | Cobra Strike represents the most retro vibe from all the CSGO Hydra skins, bringing to mind the aesthetics of the early 90s. What’s more, you can go full green with them for as low as $7. The most expensive StatTrak will cost you around $50.

Other Cool Operation Hydra skins

In case of Hydra CS GO skins, not only the rarest and the most expensive skins are worth your while. Below are several pieces of Restricted skins that you could easily go around with satisfaction.

csgo operation hydra skins

SSG 08 | Death’s Head looks quite mysterious at first, but it becomes obvious once you google its name. It is dubbed after a peculiar Moth whose wings usually display coloring similar to a skull. The only bitter part about it is that the design fades quite severely on the lower border of Field-Tested wear level, so to enjoy it you need to hunt down lower floats. Those, however, are still not that expensive and go about for $5 and $11.

The early sci-fi spaceship look of the AK-47 | Orbit Mk01 is just wonderful. The red-and-gray design looks very swift even heavily worn. It has proven to be so likable that it reaches market prices higher than some Classified skins. A Factory New StatTrak Orbit Mk01 can be sold or bought for anything between $30 and $55.

P2000 | Woodsman seems like a perfect paint job for a survivalist. The handle is covered in dithered camo, the barrel is olive-green and the whole is sprinkled with orange details. It kind of looks like it was prepared by a hiking equipment company. It’s a nice change for the standard P2000 skin for cheap, and if you drop a StatTrak Factory New Woodsman, you can sell it for over $11.

Where and how can you obtain CSGO Hydra Skins?

If these Operation Hydra skins fall to your liking, there are two ways you can obtain them nowadays. One is to buy an Operation Hydra case and an Operation Hydra case key, open the case and cross your fingers for good loot. Otherwise, you need to refer to transactions and buy yourself one from the available markets.

Why are CSGO Hydra skins so rare?

As it usually goes with Operation-related weapon cases, Operation Hydra case only dropped during the operation’s season event, when you played the Hydra missions. This means that Hydra cases dropped for a period of time in a limited quantity.  

Trading CSGO Hydra skins

Assuming that you don’t want to play the waiting game and would like to just buy the best CSGO Hydra skins, there’s the option of going into Steam Community Market or third-party marketplaces. Both choices have their ups and downs. Steam Market is quite safe for buying, as offers need to be previously listed by the owner and you can get skin in just two clicks. External markets are more flexible in terms of payments and exchange but would require you to do a bit of research and not just jump on the next available offer, plus the rules considering the security of the trade need to be kept at all times. For a safe and profitable trade, try Skinwallet Market and see how easy it can be.

If you’re willing to sell, the preference is a bit reversed, plus you have more options on your hands. Steam listings are sometimes a drag, as you could wait very long for someone to use your offer. What’s worse, any funds obtained through the Steam Market stay in the Steam Wallet and cannot be cashed out. To get your sweet money gain, you’re frankly better of using Skinwallet. It uses confirmed Steam accounts for trade and requires you to specify your Steam Trade URL. After depositing your skins you can cash them out via Paypal in a matter of minutes. You could also hit third-party services with extended marketplaces, but it’s advised to get around a little bit, watch the trends and learn the mechanisms before you decide to sell your best Hydra CSGO skins without knowing you could earn more than you’re offered.


In this brief review of Operation Hydra CS GO skins, we’ve recapped the info displayed in our last report on Operation Hydra and put some attention to less rare skins which are also worthwhile drops. With the information above you should be able to get the Hydra skins you want or cash them in whenever necessary. Sometimes the best deals need only a bit of focus and patience, especially with a legacy collection like Operation Hydra.