Operation Riptide Knives Rip Right Through

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Did you enjoy Operation Riptide missions? Have you successfully dropped any Operation Riptide knives?

We haven’t discussed pure skin goodness in a while now, so let’s take some time to appreciate the cut of these knife skins that are a part of the Operation Riptide Case.

Some people are – of course – unhappy with no new knife type in the operation drops, but the finishes applied to the old roster are pretty neat and bring answers to a couple of what-ifs. Let’s look at the best Riptide knives!

How To Get Operation Riptide Knives?

The easiest way to do it was to buy a season pass and play Operation Riptide itself and accumulate enough mission rewards to buy items and cases. However, this season lasts only until Feb 20th 2022, so you have only until the end of the week to see this plan through.

You can always go straight to the market and buy them from people who dropped them before, there are plenty of offers as of now. The operation still lasts, so the prices are still fluctuating – after it ends, they might go up, but not as much as such items could go up in the past. Why?

Are you looking for this?

If you want to try your luck in dropping them from the case, you have double the usual chance, because the same roster of knives has been added to the recently published case with the competition-winning skins. This means that you can find the same knife skins in Operation Riptide case and Dreams & Nightmares case.

Best Operation Riptide Knives

There are overall 30 knife skins in the case – six finishes across five knife models. It’s no mystery that some of them just do the job better than the others, so let’s look at our picks.

Butterfly Knife | Gamma Doppler

One of the most sought-after knives with one of the most sought-after and intrinsically varied finishes – could this not be a hit? Green Butterflies are currently one of the most expensive knife skins out there, guaranteeing a lucky finder at least $1700 Steam Price. Incredible, isn’t it? Aside from being as rare as hen’s teeth, they look aesthetically superior to many other knives.

Butterfly Knife | Black Laminate

There’s a couple of dark and matte finishes in CS:GO, but Black Laminate knives usually have the right amount of detail not to look bland and present a great alternative to colorful & sparkling skins that are so popular. This laminate finish looks almost too grim and realistic for CS:GO on Butterfly knife. The market prices, however, show how much its rarity goes against the need for it.

Huntsman Knife | Gamma Doppler

Not as expensive as the slim pocket knife equivalent, this still gives a massive vibe off. Huntsman Knife’s blade is very grateful to take many finishes on, and the gleams & shadows of green Doppler finish have a lot of space to spread through. If you want a mid-expensive knife skin with looks that kill, this is the perfect choice. 

On a side note, each Gamma Doppler knife in this case is at least pretty, if not straight up awesome. We just had to decide on our favorites not to make this list boring!

Bowie Knife | Lore

We know, some of you are literally sick with Lore skins, mostly because of those clickbait articles about the most expensive CS:GO skin trade ever. However, there are some knives that work with the ancient/Scandinavian ornamentation like magic. Bowie Knife’s duality of a curved blade and straight ridge play nicely with the filler patterns. Also, this is a knife that you can both buy relatively cheaply in the high floats and sell off pretty well if you got a low float variant.

Falchion Knife | Autotronic

Not the usual choice, but we tread our own path. Autotronic skins are an acquired taste, but they make their own league, too. Other skins in the case with this finish look cool too, but Autotronic Falchion hits that sly balance between a futuristic blade and a worthy street fighting favorite Butterfly’s relative. Plus, sometimes the red elements can be an overkill in that finish, but here it’s just… enough!

How To Sell Riptide Knives?

There are a couple options available if you were lucky enough to get one of these beauties, but there is just no place for them in your loadout. If you want quick cash, use a depo site like SW Instant to get a quick buck and forget about it. If you want to bargain for a better price, head to SW Market and list your skin for sale.

Also, if you got around a very low float or a StatTrak, you might want to find a dedicated buyer. Try going to our Discord server and head to the dedicated channel to look for interested traders!

Rip Through And Wrap Up

This was a quick rundown on the best Riptide CSGO knife skins with an overview of the market situation of all Operation Riptide knife finds. Hope you find something interesting among those and get an idea of what you can do with them money-wise.

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