Lock And Load, CSGO Recoil Case Is Here

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CSGO Recoil Case New Update

It’s about time we got another batch of new skins – let’s explore the new CSGO Recoil Case!

What a pleasant surprise to open the summer season with! While it might come off as a weird decision from Valve to release a new case when people are getting ready for their holiday endeavors, there is some logic behind it. The case dropped just a couple of days ago and the markets are already filled with the items coming from the Recoil collection!

Join us on a short trip around the Recoil skins that are wonderfully varied and flex great visual tech even in its Mil-Spec skins.

What Is The Recoil Case?

Recoil Case is a brand new skin case added along with the recent CSGO update published last Friday. It continues the trend of snake themes from Operation Riptide, also using a bright palette of colors most of the time, especially in the Restricted and Classified skins. 

The case’s rare drop roster is a range of Broken Fang Gloves, Moto Gloves, Hand Wraps, Specialist Gloves, Driver Gloves and Sport Gloves, copying Snakebite Case in this regard.

5 Best Recoil Case Skins

This is our editorial choice of the most noticeable skins in the case. It’s undeniable that this time all of them are very well done, but we needed to make SOME choice!

USP-S | Printstream

USP-S Printstream

It won’t be an exaggeration to say this is the skin the whole community was waiting for. With the popularity of both Deagle and M4A1-S | Printstream and their pearly surfaces it’s no wonder that another gun was graced with that type of design. This time it has more black surface and includes more fine print details. JTPNZ is really not taking the easy way and tries to incorporate the Prinstream motif the best way possible for each gun.

AWP | Chromatic Aberration

AWP Chromatic Aberration

Opinions are already divided! This AWP skin is further establishing the Chromatic Aberration finish in the CSGO world. The pink motives are an acquired taste, but they’re laid in place perfectly. The intertwining writings are a neat idea, but seem a little distracting. The biggest doubt about this skin comes from the Covert class – maybe it’s a bit overkill? Youtube clips show that AWPing legend s1mple already looted one from the case, so maybe he’ll be the herald of its popularity.

AK-47 | Ice Coaled

AK-47 Ice Coaled

This might be the skin design bullseye. The balance between shiny surfaces and classic gunsmith details is great. The neon green-and-blue surface is greatly contrasted with black parts sprinkled with details. Also, the clip with those little neon stripes – this is doing Valorant style better than Valorant! 

Sawed-Off | Kiss♥Love

Sawed-Off Kiss♥Love

Are cute skins a thing? Yes they are. CSGO devs never forget about the player base overlap with the otaku scene, so there’s an uWu skin added every now and then. This one checks a couple of boxes, because the color palette and the details also place it in the vaporwave/synthwave niche. Not everyone has to be a fan of big cartoonish eyes, but a treat is a treat.

SG 553 | Dragon Tech

SG 553 Dragon Tech

This skin on the list is my personal trip. It is so good it makes me bite my fist. Surely this is the most detailed skin for SG. All those little shadings and bronze elements still cut through in lower wear levels. The green frame for the scope absolutely wins the cake. Just… aaaaaaah!

That’s Not All!

As we said before, the whole case is a treat. Here you can see TurboMotionZ briefly go over each and every skin in the collection. You can hear him appreciate the attention to detail in Mil-Spec skins:

Where To Get Recoil CSGO Case?

Are you desperate? If not, then just play the game. The case is added to the regular drops and will land in your hands sometime. There’s a theory that new cases get a little boosted just after their debut so that people can get hooked. No math to prove it, but one can hope!

However if you are hell-bent on getting a Recoil skin case, at the time of writing this the price of the case in the Steam Marketplace is around $4.51. If you have some skin money put aside, you can test your luck.

Also remember to not confuse Recoil Case with the previously released Recoil Sticker Collection when trading!

Trading Recoil Case Skins

Whether you want to buy or sell Recoil skins, you need to remember that it is a fresh thing. The prices will be all over the place for a while and you need to watch your offers carefully.

You can try to take advantage of FOMO and, given that you have some of the new Recoil skins, list them with adequate prices to see if anyone will buy them off the bat. If it doesn’t happen, remember to correct your listing prices in some time to suit the market changes. 

It works the other way around. Buying Recoil CSGO skins will be tricky now, and you must be ready to overpay. Maybe being the first in your community to have one of those freshies is worth it, maybe not – you need to determine it yourself. It’s also not a bad idea to sell some of your CSGO stock to prepare for good trading opportunities.


The Recoil Case CSGO update is surely a welcome treat this summer. The release schedule for updates is getting tighter in recent years and one could expect this box to drop sometime soon. Because there were no clear expectations of what the case will contain, the surprise is even better.

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