CS:GO Market – Full Guide 2019!

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steam community market trading alert window

What is CSGO Market and how does it work?

CSGO Market is a sub-category of the Steam Community Market, an official Steam market of skins, cards, and items from the games that offer such. As a part of the Steam Community Market, CSGO Market is possibly it’s the biggest sub-category both in the number of items and the amount of money collected there. 

At the CSGO Steam Market, you can get all weapon skin available in CSGO, but also all cases, keys, and sticker capsules. All offers are listed by other players so, in most cases,  whenever you buy or sell something, you will be trading with leaving and breathing human being. It is probably the most popular place for skin traders because of the sheer amount of skins, the closeness to the Steam ecosystem and ease of use. 

How does CSGO economy work?

CSGO Marketplace and Steam Community Market is most likely the biggest factor when it comes to CSGO economy, as it often serves as the basis for traders from third-party sides. In short, the prices at which people are willing to buy and sell certain skins are a good indicator of its value. Of course, there is a number of factors that have an influence on the price of each individual skin, however, out of all factors, rarity may be the most important. After all, the rarer the skin the more expensive it gets, at least potentially. 

Some CSGO skins traders claim that a CSGO weapon skin base price comes from the average number of cases you have to open to drop that particular skin. In such calculations, you take the cost of all keys you had to use to obtain that skin, add the cost of acquiring cases and you should end with a good foundation for weapon evaluation. However, do mind that this isn’t a fixed rule and each case should be treated individually.

Moreover, whenever Valve drops a new collection of skins, it is always good to wait at least a week, preferably two before selling or buying anything. That is how long it usually takes for prices to stabilize enough to be indicative. At least, that is how it works with the CS GO Marketplace. 

Guide to CSGO Market

Being such an important place in CSGO economy, CSGO Steam Market is quite easy to use as long as you know certain rules. For starters, you need to fill the requirements to be able to sell and buy items from the CSGO marketplace.

The full list of requirements can get quite long, but we will try to name at least some of the most important requirements. For one, your account must be older than 30 days and it has to have at least $5 in the Steam Wallet or bought in games. You also need to enable Steam Guard – a system of security based around your mobile device, thus you will need to download the official Steam app to log in to your Steam account or approve a CSGO skins transaction between two accounts. 

Now, if you meet all of the CSGO Market requirements you may begin to buy, sell and generally trade CSGO items. When accessing CSGO Steam Market through the Steam application, you will see your balance, your active listings with the option to see your market history and sell a new CSGO item. You will also see your buy orders – these are usability that lets you define the price of an item that will interest you. This service is used usually if you want a certain skin but you are short on funds. Moreover, whoever fulfills your buy order will have to pay the 15% tax instead of you, the buyer, so take that into your calculations. 

Going further down, you will see three tabs that you can click between: Popular Items, Newly Listed and Recently Sold. To be honest, only popular items give any good data, especially if you want to track quantity to price relation.

On the right side, you will be able to see a search bar. This is where you put your CSGO item queries. You can also search with the use of a quite extensively developed advanced search options. That can be helpful in certain situations, for example when you want to see what are the most expensive skins in certain weapon category and grade that aren’t equipped with StatTrak technology. 

If you click on one of the items listed, its product page will be displayed as well as all CSGO Marketplace related stats like price history, the number of listed pieces and requests to buy as well as the individual listings showcasing wear level, seller and price. Now, if you have funds in your Steam Wallet and your account can trade, you can buy any skin you see on the spot. This will transfer your funds to the seller, add 15% tax for Valve and CSGO developers that you (the buyer) has to pay and automatically send the item to your inventory. An important thing to remember is that all skins bought on or off the CSGO Market are locked for another 8 days from being traded. 

Most expensive items on the CSGO Market

There’s a lot of very expensive CSGO skins available at the CSGO Steam Market and they shift quite a lot. However, you can still find certain patterns as well as classic positions on the menu. For example, it is normal to find a lot of high quality, low-wear CSGO knives among the most expensive items on the CSGO Marketplace. Usually, you’ll find a StatTrak M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web (~$1500), a couple of karambits as well as at least one or two AWP | Dragon Lore (~$1000) plus some gloves. There are also very unique items like EMS Katowice 2014 sticker capsules (~$1000) or very rare souvenir pieces. 

However, it is important to remember that the most elusive and rarest (also the most expensive) items won’t be just listed on the CSGO Market. To find such items will require finding the person that has such item and some CSGO skins traders, especially high-level traders, prefer to stay anonymous. 

CSGO skins explained

There are currently 6 normal rarity grades signaled by color as well as one special case of a singular and most unique skin on the entire CSGO Market. 

Consumer Grade (White)

These are very common skins that are rather easy to drop through normal play that reaches as high as $20 at times, however, are mostly trash tier for a couple of cents each. 

Industrial Grade (Light blue)

Slightly rarer than Consumer Grade skins but still pretty common can reach up to $50.

Mil-Spec (Blue)

These are the rare skins that you can still acquire quite easily from cases but can be quite expensive (up to $125).

Restricted (Purple)

Restricted skins are considerably hard to get which translates to their high price. It is normal for restricted skins to go over $200. 

Classified (Pink)

These skins are very rare, which means some of them are very expensive. Prepare $400 or $500 for these skins. 

Covert (Red)

You don’t get more expensive and rarer than this, at least not when it comes to normal weapon skins. The best example is AWP | Dragon Lore that can go for $1500.

Contraband (Orange)

There is currently only one contraband skin in the game – M4A4 | Howl. It cannot be dropped from random drops nor from cases, which makes it extremely expensive and very rare. 


In this article we discussed the CSGO Market which is the part of Steam Community Market as well as some basic usabilities, features and requirements needed to use it. We also tried to convey how important CSGO Marketplace is for the entire CSGO economy of skins.