The New CSGO Revolution Case Is Here

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Join us on a gleeful review of the new CSGO Revolution Case, with an analysis of drops and the looks of the whole big variety of skins.

Finally! It’s been what, like, seven months? Anyway, let’s not be too fussy and just rejoice. New CSGO case, new CSGO skins, a breath of (almost) fresh air. Anything that distracts us from waiting for CSGO in Source 2, right?

Below we present the freshest Revolution Case CSGO skins in all their weirdness. We’re gonna mention some prices briefly, but hey, remember – it’s a fresh product and value can change raaaapidly.

What Is The Revolution CSGO Case?

Revolution Case was published in the late hours of February 9th 2023 after a long period of publisher silence from Valve. Yes, some updates with map fixes and patches were introduced in the last couple of months. However, this is the first new CSGO content since Recoil Case went live on July 1st 2022.

The new package contains 17 new skins, including two Covert rifles, a Classified sniper rifle and a Classified pistol among others. When it comes to the rare 0.2% chance drop, there are no surprises here. The gloves pool is copied from the Clutch Case, with

  • Driver Gloves,
  • Hand Wraps,
  • Hydra Gloves,
  • Moto Gloves,
  • Specialist Gloves and
  • Sport Gloves,

four types each.

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Best Revolution Case Skins

Okay, let’s be honest. This case is a bit of an eyesore, no matter what your preference is. By “best” we mean the top hitters when it comes to rarity and value. Afterwards, we’ll get a bit more personal.

m4a4 temukau csgo skin

M4A4 | Temukau

Fan service extravaganza! Here’s a sweet CT agent looking absolutely startled on a white-and-blue backdrop. If anime is your thing, this is surely a treat – a nice reinterpretation of the gameplay. Otherwise, it’s a bit of an oddity.

As of writing this, there’s only one listing for StatTrak version of it for an astounding $1,623.06, but I don’t think the dynamic comic-book style smoke drop will be able to keep this up.

ak47 head shot csgo skin

AK-47 | Head Shot

What do you get when you join all-time CSGO favorites, like the best T rifle, the graffiti style and some modern-tec pearlescent, opalising effects? A bit of a mess, actually. Pretty sure this skin will have its own die-hard fans, but seems like a total nostalgia bait.

No matter the intentions, this skin looks pretty neat when displayed with some wear from higher float values. For now, the price values are crazy, but you can grab one with StatTrak from ca. $128 dollars up to ca. $900 for the pristine one.

AWP | Duality (replacing AWP | Doodle Lore)

It seems that there was a little whoopsie with the previous version of this Classified skin. Of course people were counting on a Contraband treatment that once has been applied to M4A4 | Howl. However, this time Valve decided to totally replace the design (below) with a completely different one (above).

awp doodle lore csgo skin

As for the skin itself, it has much more character than the problematic piece. Some people are happy that it turned out that way. The shiny, coiling snake is greatly incorporated into the body of the gun.

However, if you want to buy one, it’s better to wait a while and see what the reactions of the public are.

p2000 wicked sick csgo skin

P2000 | Wicked Sick

Isn’t this one serving Cyberpunk? Anyway, 90s called again, they want you to rise, but the revolution will most likely not be televised. And the flavor text is definitely most likely not a quote from Major League, but who knows.

The custom paint job finish gets a bit of a different treatment this time. If you really like this, I’d get the Battle-Scarred version already, because it’s $17 as we speak and the design is still there.

ump 45 wild child csgo skin

UMP-45 | Wild Child

Ugh, let’s refer to flavor text again – “The concept is simple, it’s the execution that’s difficult”. The concept is very straightforward, but the execution with the 90s tracksuit colors seems a bit deprived of direction, with self-referential details turned up to 11. Compare it to P90 | Neoqueen from the same case, where the idea is very similar, but with a clearer vision.

If the color palette that makes you think of your childhood pictures is up your alley, then the whole variety of Wild Child skins is available on Steam market for anything from $17 to $188 depending on your preferred wear and StatTrak.

Honorable Mentions

This is the personal bit. The skins in this case are – in my honest opinion – visually underwhelming. However, the lower tier skins have some goodies you might want to look out for.

clock 18 umbral rabbit r8 banana cannon p250 rebuilt csgo skins

If you enjoy some great art no matter if looks good on a gun or not, Glock 18 | Umbral Rabbit is a must in your collection. The mythological reference has a great lightness to it! For you more humorous folks, here’s R8 Revolver | Banana Cannon. A fun concept, still looks like a gun, and it comes in with free stickers, if you catch my drift… Ultimately, if you’re tired of all the color and like your skins a bit more serious, there’s P250 | Re.built. It is a bit of a budget Printstream design, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Especially with that craftsmanship!

Please remember, it’s all subjective choices. If you enjoy all the other picks from that case, it’s all good! It’s pretty obvious Valve editorial is trying to cover more thematic ground with the selection of the workshop design choices, and that’s always very admirable.

Revolution Case Price And Value

At this time, the market value for Revolution Case is around $7, but this will get lower with each case drop pushed to the market. If you get really lucky, an above-average skin drop from it will pay the price, but you can also land much below the case key value. If you play CSGO regularly, there’s a chance you’ll get one in your hands soon.

Is It Worth Getting A Revolution Case?

This depends heavily on what you want from it. If you fell for a particular skin from this new update, I’d rather wait it out, wait for the prices to settle and buy directly. There’s also the option to trade up to Covert and Classified skins. However, if you want to sit on it for some time, it’s worth grinding for some and seeing how they perform on the market in future. Also, look out how it compares to the Clutch Case for those gloves drops.

Revolution Case CSGO Summary

A bit of a  bittersweet update, really. After over half a year of waiting we’re getting a new CSGO case, with 17 new skins and some chance for well-established gloves. However, the skins are not only about value, but also about your vibe, and I’m afraid this will be a very peculiar vibe for many.

Anyway, that’s the tea. Hope you drop a Revolution Case soon and will earn some bucks on the hype!

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