Get New CSGO Skins in 2020

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G36c with kit and german tactical vest

Maybe Counter-Strike used to be a plain competitive game that was all about skill and none about style, but these days are long gone. Since 2013, players fighting their team battles all over the world can do it with a hint of customization – thanks to weapon skins… followed by gloves, agent skins, stickers and patches, but you know the drill. 

Some of them are ugly, some of them are beautiful, many of them are quite common, and chosen few of them are desired specialties. You could say that skins come your way while you play and that mil-specs and other common meshes eventually stack up to big amounts if you play regularly, but considering how to get the new skins in CSGO with splendor, you need to step up your game and, well, pay.

Or… do you? Let’s look carefully at all the possible scenarios on how to get skins in CSGO.

What are CSGO skins and how do you get them?

CSGO skins are textures applied to already existing weapons. To uphold the skill-centered competitive nature of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, weapon skins do not offer any differences in stats – all weapons with skins are exactly the same performance-wise as their vanilla counterparts. The only difference is in looks and the worst they can do to your performance is distract you.

CSGO skins come in different rarities and variations. When it comes to rarities, there are 6 grades, from very common to extremely rare. All grades have a color attached to them. We’ve described the odds of dropping each rarity skin in this article.

The point of wondering how to get new skins in CSGO outside the Industrial-Grade is that the most important aspect of rarity is its impact on price. After all, it is natural for people to crave exclusive goods and some skins can fulfill that craving. It is safe to assume that in most cases, the price of the skin is closely related to how many cases you need to open on average to get that particular skin in that particular version. Keys have a set value of $2.50.

Another skin feature is exterior quality. Most skins come in 5 levels of wear and tear that is reflected upon the skin, and depending on the level of weariness the price also changes with Factory New usually being the most expensive. Topple it with StatTrak modifier (possessing a user-ascribed kill count) or Souvenir (only possible to drop when you watch tournaments live in CSTV or on Twitch) to spice the price up in the best scenarios.

Play CSGO for drops

Playing on official servers (doesn’t matter what game mode) and private servers with VAC enabled  (Valve Anti-Cheat) with at least one other player is the most simple way to get new skins. You can get at most 4 drops per week. One of the drops will be for the level up. Three remaining are given randomly while you play and are usually in forms of cases. To open a case and see what skin is inside, you will have to buy a key.

The biggest positive of this method is that you basically get skins for free. However, don’t be too happy. Most of the drops are cases to which you’ll have to buy a key if you want to open them. Moreover, even though you can theoretically receive a very rare and valuable skin the chances for that are quite low. Additionally. this method is very slow compared to other methods we’ll about to cover. So, how to get good skins in CSGO? Luckily, there are options to do exactly that.

Should I track the releases of new skins?

It’s not a must, but it’s a good idea. Being up to date means being informed, and information is power. New skins are a good way to invest spare dollars, especially when they come from an operation or a collection that will be available only for a short time. Once you find out how to get CSGO skins fast new and fresh, get some, keep them as investment, and they will most likely get more expensive with time. Besides, it’s quite cool to move around with a skin that has just been published.

How to get new skins on CSGO and where to preview them?

The first place to go to for a solid showcase of CSGO skins is the CSGO release note blog. When they introduce a new operation or a skin collection, there will always be an official summary available there. If you prefer to take it easy-peasy lemon squeezy, databases like CSGO Stash usually take only a short while to introduce a very detailed overview of every new CSGO content.

Theoretically, the new skins don’t come off of every corner, but whenever there’s a new crew in town, players rush to the servers for their chance at getting the novelty, so the Steam market usually has some listings from day one. If it breaks your head how to get new skins on CSGO for free, then there is a miniscule chance that you’ll drop one of them after playing a match, but besides that, you’d have to rely on some giveaway.

In the end, you can trust the more knowledgeable players at CSGO-related subreddits looking at each new content with a critical eye. It’s not a bad idea to rely on their opinion for trade economy, of course with a pinch of critical thinking. Besides, while scrolling, browsing and reading Reddit you might just learn the best new ways to get CSGO skins by osmosis.

General tips for buying CSGO skins

Those wondering how to get CSGO skins fast should really consider outright buying them Check the price of skin in different places and through different tools. Each tool evaluates skins a bit differently and finding an average between all the prices may give you a more complete view of the price you are willing to pay. Moreover, always check the historical data – they will show you the trend. In case of a stable downward trend, you may want to wait a bit before buying, because there’s a big chance that the skin you want will be even cheaper in two weeks’ time.

Moreover, try to cease all trading activity a week or two after a new collection drops. The prices always need time to stabilize after big updates and it would be a shame to pay too much just because you’re in a rush.

The last universal tip I can offer is to always check the stickers, especially on the souvenir skins. In some cases, a very unique set of stickers can raise the price of a skin tenfold.

Buy Skins from the Community Market

steam community market

A much more efficient way of obtaining new skins is to but them directly from other users through Community Market listings. Of course, there are dozens of thousands of listed items, so it is advisable to use the advanced search filter. However, there are three possible issues with Community Market trading.

First is that you have to have funds in your Steam Wallet and once you transfer the money into the Steam Wallet it will remain in the system – you can never pay it out. If you’re uncomfortable in sending money to Steam Wallet, you may want to get some funds by selling your dropped skins first, but it may take a while. Secondly, as of 2019 people are quite skilled in trading and knowledgeable about the prices, so you need to watch out for bargains. The last thing is, you will have to fulfill Valve’s account requirements to be able to trade. Check out our post on Steam Trade and Market restrictions to learn more about them.

Buy from outside markets

Generic CS marketplace screenshot

The final reliable method is to go through listings on the outside, third-party markets, and trading websites. The prices at such markets are usually much lower and there are fewer restrictions. However, the downside is that you have to be careful as there is a number of websites and people that would really like to scam you out of your skins. They might even lure you with a sketchy method on how to get new glove skins in CSGO. Always double-check every element of the transaction. If something feels funky, don’t proceed with the trade.

It is still possible to find a safe skin marketplace with competitive prices and attentive customer service. Check out our very own Skinwallet Market!

Keep in mind that trading sites use bots to perform the exchange. There are some scams based on copycatting legit bots and sending fake offers. Always be sure to check which bot is the real one and which is a scam bot. 

Getting the CSGO skins from gambling

There’s a lot of sites that let you gamble with CSGO skins in many different ways. Because gambling with CSGO skins is technically illegal, there are websites that take your skins into deposit and exchange them to their value in in-store credit. Then, you can take part in games of your choice, like roulette, blackjack, slots, or even coin toss using the credit you received from your skins. When you win gather a suitable amount of credit, you can exchange it for one of the skins available in the website’s offer.

In the best-case scenario, you win a lot of in-store credit and buy yourself very rare skin, but most of the time you just lose your deposited skins. Moreover, many of the more sketchy gambling sites track your Web API key to send you a scam offers.

Can you get free CSGO skins?

You can, however, the only safe way is the random drops you receive while playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There are websites that offer free skins as a reward for actions or “tasks”, such as filling out a survey, giving your email away to a third party site or installing a mobile app, which doesn’t have to, but just might be, a way to steal your Steam credentials. But how to get new CSGO skins safely, yet still for free? If you don’t mind clicking a few links and leaving a few likes, giveaways are the way. 


In this article, we talked all about CS GO how to get skins fast and what are the best ways of obtaining new CSGO items. Doesn’t matter if you’re a power player or you just want to play casually with some eye-catching gear – the question stays the same: how to get new skins in CSGO? We hope that we answered it in full, showing both the ingame drop methods and the trade rules. Let us know in the comments if we missed any cool method of obtaining new skins!