How to get new CS:GO skins

G36c with kit and german tactical vest

Here at SkinWallet, we’re mostly about monetizing skins you already have. However, you have to have something to monetize in the first place. Among all possible ways of obtaining skins, in this post, we will list three accompanied by the pros and cons of a respective method.

Play CS:GO for drops

The easiest and most organic way of obtaining new skins is just to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You can play on community servers so you aren’t limited to just official servers and competitive games. However, there is a twist – the server has to be VAC enabled  (Valve Anti-Cheat) in order for it to grant any drops. You also have to play with at least one other player.

You can get at most 4 drops per week. One of the drops will be for the level up. Three remaining are given randomly while you play and are usually in forms of cases. To open a case and see what skin is inside, you will have to buy a key. In theory, you are more likely to get a case drop while playing the competitive mode, but that wasn’t really hard proved by anyone. As far as the official story goes and what we all know for sure – you just have to play the game to have a chance for weekly drops.

The biggest positive of this method is that you basically get skins for free. However, don’t be too happy. Most of the drops are cases to which you’ll have to buy a key if you want to open them. Moreover, even though you can theoretically receive a very rare and valuable skin the chances for that are quite low. Additionally. this method is very slow compared to other methods we’ll about to cover.  

Buy Skins from the Community Market

If you don’t mind putting some fund into skin trading a much more efficient way of obtaining new skins is to but them directly from other users through Community Market listings. To buy an item listed at the Community Market you’ll have to log in to your Steam Account through the web browser or Steam application, go into Community -> Market. Now choose the title you want to see the skins for and fish for the best and most lucrative offer. Of course, there are dozens of thousands of listed items, so it is advisable to use the advanced search filter.

However, there are three possible issues with Community Market trading. First is that you have to have funds in your Steam Wallet and once you transfer the money into the Steam Wallet it will remain in the system – you can never pay it out. If you’re uncomfortable in sending money to Steam Wallet, you may want to get some funds by selling your dropped skins first, but it may take a while. Secondly, as of 2019 people are quite skilled in trading and knowledgable about the prices. Thus, it may be impossible to attain skins for bargain prices. All you can really do is to observe the market for certain skins and buy them on their lows. The last thing is, you will have to fulfill Valve’s expectations, which are quite high, to be allowed to trade at the Community Market. Your account can’t be too new, you can’t have any recently authorized device or web browser and you have to have the Steam Guard enabled. This is just a short list of numerous requirements you have to fulfill. Check out our post on Steam Trade and Market restrictions to learn more about them.

Buy from outside markets

The last reliable method is to go through listings on the outside, third-party markets, and trading websites. You will also need some funds but luckily the prices at such markets are usually much lower than at the Steam Community Market. There are also fewer restrictions.  However, the downside is that you have to be much more attentive as there is a number of websites and people that would really like to scam you out of your skins. The list of potential methods that scammers may try to apply is quite long but melts down to a single point – always double-check every element of the transaction. If something feels funky, don’t proceed with the trade. Whenever you trade directly with the marketplace, there will be bots employed. There are some scams based on copycatting legit bots and sending fake offers. Always be sure to check which bot is the real one and which is a scam bot. In case of our bots, you can find the full list of characteristic features here.

Did we miss any reliable method of buying and acquiring new skins that you use? Be sure to let us know.