An In-depth Look at UMP CS:GO Skins in 2019

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solider with an assault rifle

It is high time to talk about one of the submachine guns available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – UMP-45. Often omitted in discussions due to not being an assault rifle, this SMG is one of the best choices mid-game. In this article, we will take a closer look at its performance and specification, CSGO best UMP skins as well as the way to buy and sell CSGO UMP skins.

UMP skins in 2019

UMP is a very powerful submachine gun that is also available to both Counter-Terrorists as well as Terrorists. Rather light, with relatively high armor penetration, high damage and relatively small recoil, it is one of the favorite choices for the eco-rounds for both sides. The only other SMG that can be called better than UMP is P90. However, UMP has one amazing advantage over P90 – it costs only $1200. Taking UMP, even when low on money, will let you still pick armor and some utilities making your time against your opponents much easier. When it comes to UMP’s cons, it has the slowest fire rate among all SMGs. This, however, paradoxically may be a good thing – slower fire rate also means less recoil, thus UMP is one of the few weapons that excel at shooting while moving.

There are over a dozen nice UMP skins, however, we decided to talk about five best UMP skins CSGO has to offer right now in 2019.

UMP-45 | Momentum

ump momentum csgo skin

Momentum is one of the CSGO UMP skins with the most interesting design concept. On paper, it just a bunch of bright arrows pointing forward and some coloring on the edges of the model. In practice, the bright white-ish arrows smoothly go through the grey and blue hues into bloody red edges, which makes Momentum into one of the most powerful and recognizable UMP CSGO skins.

When it comes to price, like most of the UMP skins CSGO has to offer, it is quite cheap. Normal version never leaves the zone of “under $10” and the StatTrak Factory New reaches $30 at best. 

UMP-45 | Primal Saber

ump primal saber csgo skin

Another extremely stylish weapon skin and one of the CSGO best UMP skins ever. A simple, default black base with sabertooth skull with bright blue details. Once again a simple concept with masterful execution.

If we talk about price, Primal Saber isn’t expensive. At all. The normal version never goes over $10 and StatTrak, traditionally, is almost the same with the exception of Factory New wear level that can rarely go over $40.

UMP-45 | Moonrise

ump moonrise csgo skin

Moonrise is one of more clever CSGO UMP skins with a city landscape in the foreground and giant moonlight over it on a purple-reddish night sky. But there is a catch – every wear level has a randomized city landscape. It is a quite fresh addition to the UMP CSGO skins family as it came as a part of Prisma Collection. Being the newest of the CSGO UMP 45 skins, it is dirt cheap. The normal version rarely goes over the $1 with the StatTrak-equipped Moonrise at most can get to about $4.

UMP-45 | Arctic Wolf

ump arctic wolf csgo skin

Arctic Wolf is a Restricted SMG from the Clutch Collection. It features a white coat of an arctic wolf over the black, default UMP texture. It also has some fun details like the trigger, front handle screws in red as well as small decal of a wolf paw. When it comes to price it is even cheaper than Moonrise and is one of the cheapest best UMP skins CSGO has. The vanilla version goes for a couple of cents while StatTrak can be bought usually around $3.

UMP-45 | Exposure

ump exposure csgo skin

The last of the UMP CSGO skins we want to talk about is Exposure. It is yet another fun design concept. A pitch-black base overlayed with shiny, blue X-ray-like bones. Mostly because of its low rarity, it is also a dirt-cheap skin that rarely costs more than $1.

Where can you get UMP skins?

All of the CSGO UMP skins we discussed above can be either dropped as a weekly drop (which is quite often the case) or as a rather common drop from five cases: Danger Zone Case, Chroma 3 Case, Prisma Case, Clutch Case, and Spectrum 2 Case respectively. Because they are very common and very cheap, the chance is that you may already have them in your CSGO inventory. If not, you probably get them while opening the aforementioned case for other, better loot. However, if you just want to get one of them, it may be better to just buy one directly from the market, as CSGO UMP skins are very cheap and widespread.

Buying and selling UMP skins?

If you want to buy the best UMP skins CSGO has to offer, you have two basic options. First, is to go with the Steam Community Market. It is very secure and fast but the prices are about 30% higher than anywhere else. Moreover, you will have to pay a 15% fee. You can also head on to third-party marketplaces that are unaffiliated with Valve – they usually offer better prices at lower fees, but they often happen to be less secure. Skinwallet Market goes against that trend and prioritizes user security, letting anyone buy UMP CSGO skins with no hassle.

While selling CSGO UMP skins you have to ask yourself, what you want to do with money and how fast you need it. If you don’t need the money from the skins outside of the Steam environment, Steam Community market is perfect with its high prices and equally high security. If you want the money on your bank account, third-party markets are your best choice. Moreover, if you need their real money fast, Skinwallet will be your best friend. At Skinwallet you can sell all your unwanted CSGO UMP 45 skins, no question asked, in less than 3 minutes.

Why are UMP CSGO skins so popular?

Because UMP is a very solid choice for both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists for the eco-round, it is natural you will see them around a lot. And if you see something at least twice every game, why not have skin that suits your style and taste? Moreover, UMP CSGO skins are very common and cheap, so there will be no problem with getting one your really like.