The Best CS:GO AWP Skins and How to Get Them

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AWP is one of the most popular weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The skillful AWP use is what differentiates mediocre player from a good one. Because of its crazy-high damage output and one-shot kill potential, it is also one of the most important weapons in professional CSGO. Today, we will take a look at some of the best CSGO AWP skins

AWP Skins  – Explained

As with all skins, AWP CSGO skins come in all kinds of exterior qualities, rarities, and versions. Of course, being a texture without (almost) any additional features, even the best AWP skins won’t make you play any better with them. Therefore, the only thing that matters is price, which in turn is related to skin rarity, aesthetics, and some additional quirks. We will talk about them now basing on specific AWP skins by many considered to be the best AWP skins available.

AWP | Dragon Lore

awp dragon lore

Dragon Lore is one of the most iconic and craved CSGO skins, not just among AWP, but all of them. Visually, it is a custom paint finish with a knot-work roaring, flame-breathing dragon complimented with an interesting color palette of beige, orange, yellow and olive in different shades.

AWP Dragon Lore is extremaly hard to get (around 0,0004% chance too unbox a Factory New Dragon Lore). It is a part of The Cobblestone Collection introduces in 2014 as a souvenir drop so it can be dropped only during Major tournaments while a map of Cobblestone is in play. Moreover, as a viewer, you have up to 2% chance to get a Cobblestone case in the first place, so dropping a Factory New AWP Dragon Lore is equal to winning a lottery.

Although normal AWP Dragon Lore is one of the most expensive CSGO skins in the whole game and can cost around $2000 in January 2018 a particular Dragon Lore piece was sold for over $61,000. It was a combination of Factory New exterior quality with the stickers from Boston Major with Coud9’s Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham unscratched sticker. It is important to remember that Skadoodle was an MVP for the ELEAGUE Boston Magor 2018 which his team won.

AWP | Hyper Beast

awp hyper beast

Next to the Dragon Lore, AWP Hyper Beast looks quite meek. But, let’s be serious, not many skins can compete with Dragon Lore. Going to one of CSGO best AWP skins, Hyper Beast looks amazing! It can’t be easy to do something so colorful yet, at the same time, so intimidating. AWP Hyper Beast came as a covert skin in The Falchion Collection so it is not awfully easy to drop. Still, it is available in quite big numbers so the price isn’t very high. A normal version of Hyper Beast won’t go much over $50 for Factory New. It is available in StatTrak and can reach up to $200. However, it is worth to mention that Hyper Beast’s price fluctuates a lot between $150 and $200 (Factory New) so it may be one of the skins that work well in short-time investments and margin trading.

AWP | Asiimov

awp asiimov

A part of Asiimov collection which you either love or hate. No staying neutral here. This Covert Sniper Rifle came as a part of The Phoenix Collection and, honestly speaking, is one of the cheaper among all the CS GO AWP skins. Still, it observes a steady upward trend in price, so if you’re looking for some long-term investment, it may be a good choice to stock up on AWP Asiimov. It is also available in three qualities: Field-Tested, Well-Worn, and Battle-Scarred. Pricewise, AWP Asiimov is placed between $30 and $50 with a StatTrak version available for around $125.

AWP | Medusa

awp medusa

In contrast with the last two skins discussed, AWP Medusa is one the most expensive AWP CSGO skins. At around $1500 for a Factory New, Medus is not a skin you treat lightly. This beautiful, dark blue and green skin with a Medusa’s face (obviously) came into CSGO as a part of The Gods and Monsters Collection. Unfortunately, it isn’t available in StatTrak technology which discourages a considerable number of players from pursuing AWP Medusa and effectively lowers the price of this AWP Skin.

AWP | Oni Taiji

awp oni taiji

Do you like Japan, samurais, demons, sniper rifles, and CSGO but you had no idea how to combine all those things at once? If so, Oni Taiji is the best choice for you! This weapon skin is available in all wears and ranges from $25 to no more than $100. With quite an upward trend over the last couple months as well as high differences in prices between separate days Oni Taiji proves a good investment for both long-term and short-term investors. It is also available in StatTrak tech and can get quite expensive – between $100 and $300.

Where can you get AWP skins?

In general, you have a few options. You can either buy AWP CSGO skins from Community Market or other skin markets or you can go for cases and buy keys. Then you just open cases and pray for a good drop to RNGesus. If you’re looking for a case that has the best value for drop we suggest Operation Phoenix Weapon Case. For one, it has AWP Asiimov in there, supposing that you’re hunting for a good quality AWP Skins. As mentioned before, AWP Asiimov is a CSGO best AWP skin that is easy to sell. Moreover, Phoenix case has the AK47 Redline which, although not extremely expensive, is very liked by the community and is easy to sell in practically any wear level. Combining this with a low cash cost of just $0,06 per case it makes a good and theoretically profitable choice.

Buying and Selling AWP Skins

If you are interested in buying an AWP Dragon Lore you have few options. The easiest one is Steam Community Market. There’s a lot of different AWP skins available at the Community Market which gives a lot of different price options for both buyers and sellers. Other than Steam Community Market you may want to try out your luck at third-party markets and websites. Naturally, they offer lower prices than those on the Steam Community Market. The lower prices are influenced by a very simple fact – all money made through Steam Market lands in your Steam Wallet and cannot be paid out. As third-party markets give you a way to pay out your funds, the prices are naturally lower. Check our AWP offers at Skinwallet Market to see if you can catch an AWP skin you love with the best price tag!

If you want to sell CSGO AWP skins your options are almost the same. You can sell your skins at the Steam Community Market, you can sell it on the third-party market, but the process may be time-consuming and isn’t preferable when you need money fast. The third option is to sell it to us through Skinwallet. Our biggest advantage is how fast transactions are. You can finish a transaction at Skinwallet in less than 3 minutes.

To sell AWP Dragon Lore CSGO skin at Skinwallet, start by logging in to Skinwallet with your Steam credentials. Please, remember to set your inventory visibility to public. Otherwise, Skinwallet won’t be able to see your inventory. When logged in, please add your Steam Trade URL to the system so our bot can send you a valid trade offer. Now, find the Dragon Lore AWP you want to sell and click on it. You will see the price we are willing to pay for it, right here, right now. If it is satisfactory, click on the green button and proceed to the transaction from the pop-up link. This is the safest way to trade with Skinwallet bot. Please check if every element of the trade is valid and accept the trade offer. Your Skinwallet balance should update very shortly. Now you just need to add a valid Paypal address you want to use and payout the money.

Why are AWP skins so popular?

There are three main reasons for the popularity of AWP CSGO skins. First of all, the rarity and price. AWP Dragon Lore is basically the most iconic and famous weapon skin that is expensive to a point at which it goes into mainstream media. Anyone would like to have CSGO skins like that. Secondly, aesthetically speaking, most of the AWP skins look gorgeous and are liked by many, It may have something to do with AWP model proportions which makes it easier for the artists to make an impressive art. Lastly, playing AWP requires skill to the point at which AWP is one of the most important weapons in professional CSGO. Having an expensive CSGO AWP Skins to show off and staying alive long enough to actually do it, make it even bolder than just playing AWP.


In this article, we talked about the best CSGO AWP skins, how to buy them, where to get them and about all their important qualities and characteristics. Do you have your favorite AWP skin? Share it with us down in the comments.

Stay tuned for more articles, guides, and CSGO skins breakdowns.