How Is AUG Momentum Doing in 2021?

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The last year updates brought a lot of interesting and lucrative content for avid skin fans. Beside Operation Shattered Web and various minor updates, Prisma Case proved to be the everyman’s favorite. Many of its skins, even those of lower quality, reach reasonable prices even though Prisma is still in the open drop roster and costs only $0.04.

One of the less common skins that the Prisma Collection provided was a modern, dynamic skin for the troublesome AUG rifle. While the gun has its fans, it’s sometimes treated as a Silver’s choice, because it’s pretty easy to use once you get the hang of its shooting speed and power. It doesn’t however make it a less viable choice for the later stage match.

Today we’ll look at the occurrence and value of CSGO AUG Momentum skin and see if we can make it easier for you to make a decision if you want one or not. Hop on!

Where to get AUG Momentum skin?

As mentioned above, the case that drops AUG | Momentum is the first Prisma Case. Momentum is a Classified skin, which means it’s a bit hard to come by when you try getting it by opening cases. However, Prisma Case skins are only $0.04, so if you’re very eager to get one this way, you might just push your luck a little bit. It also means that there is a miniscule chance to get it after a matchmaking game, but if you do, you’ll probably run out of luck for a long time!

The other way to get it is to refer to the skin market, either by Steam Community Market or third-party marketplaces. We’ll discuss both of these methods just a bit below, but first – let’s see how much is that skin worth in all of its glory?

How does wear level affect the price of AUG Momentum?

Let’s view all wear levels in a simplified list to underline the differences between them, both in price and visual quality. We’ll focus on Steam prices with the hope that you keep in mind that those alter a little bit when you go to third-party marketplaces.

CS GO Factory New AUG Momentum – At its peak form, the Momentum skin shines with its arrow-based design and the texture of the gun acts nicely with different lighting. The regular version tops around $22.19, which is okayish for a Classified gun. The Factory New quadruples that to around $100, which is much better.

CS GO Minimal Wear AUG Momentum – The wear is almost unrecognizable at this stage, so if you’re looking for one for pure pleasure, but not for later upselling, this is your jam. Regular MWs cost around $5, which is much more reasonable than opening dozens of cases. StatTrak MW is worth only around $18.

CS GO Field-Tested AUG Momentum – This is where the brilliance is lost and the scratches start appearing. If you don’t mind a rugged look, this skin will only cost you ca $2.50, or double that with StatTrak. A sweet deal!

CS GO Well-Worn AUG Momentum – Most of the glamour is lost at that point. No wonder its prices go down to $1.85 or $3.88 in StatTrak.

CS GO Battle-Scarred AUG Momentum – Even more scratches, but except for the nominal value, it looks as worn as it’s the previous tier. BS prices go down to $1.78/$3.54 for regular and StatTrak respectively.

With the whole spectrum described, let’s get down to business!

Buy AUG Momentum

If you compare AUG Momentum price range between the mothership of Steam Market and third-party marketplaces, you can see a small difference in prices in favor of the second one. Still, if the volume at a given time is low, you might wait a bit for a seller. If you really want it right now, go to Steam Community Market and get one instantly. If you can keep things slow and steady, try various markets for the best offer and wait.

Sell AUG Momentum

If you happen to have an AUG Momentum in your inventory but are not really fond of playing it, then you have the above options but in reverse, plus another one. If you can wait a while, try posting an offer on the lower side of the price bracket and see if gets the algorithm’s attention enough to put it into a potential buyer’s hands. If you however want to get rid of it in a more controlled environment, try putting up a sell offer on a third-party marketplace. Alternatively, if you have a decent version of the skin and want to transmute it into money real fast, consider an instant sale service like Skinwallet. It only takes a couple of clicks to log in via Steam and set up your credentials, and after that, it’s only a matter of few steps to evaluate your skins and exchange them for hard cash!

What’s the drive behind that AUG?

In my personal opinion, AUG | Momentum (along with Desert Eagle | Light Rail and some others of course), was one of the first skins to really showcase the power of light-reactive texturing technology. While the teal-red-pink color pattern might not fall into everyone’s liking, it surely underlines the slightly off, futuristic design of the Steyr-inspired rifle. It looks nice, but is not overly flashy and doesn’t distract its user. One could also say that it shows the engagement of community creators to use the progressing technology to improve upon the content of the game.


Overall, the Momentum skin for AUG is a nice, Classified item that is a part of a popular collection from a still-dropping case. Maybe there’s no great story behind it like some of the skins out there topping the all-time values, but it’s a stable and reliable item that is both aesthetic and accessible. Its decreasing price probably means it’s not a collector’s favorite, but it’s only for the better of those who appreciate its ingame look.