CS:GO Prisma Case in 2019

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In the first quarter of year 2019 Valve published a new weapon case for CSGO. Although it didn’t bring much innovation, it introduced new Doppler knife skins, which are always sought after in their different variants, and added a bunch of new weapon skins that seem to endure in the skin world.

In this short article, we’ll talk about the most interesting CSGO Prisma Case skins and the peculiar aspect of this release.

Where can you get CSGO Prisma Case?

Prisma Case CSGO update is a relatively fresh case so it is still droppable. You have a chance to get it after you finish a match. Its market price is therefore really low, oscillating around $0.04. You can get Prisma Cases through the Steam Community Market. You can open this case with a Prisma Case key, which will cost you $2.50 per key. It’s best to get those keys straight from the CSGO lobby, as trading with keys outside Steam has been banned some time ago to prevent any kind of trade abuse.

Best CSGO Prisma Case skins

Among the 17 case skins, there is everything for every taste, but the ones mentioned below should catch your attention if you want to get around something valuable.

Five-SeveN | Angry Mob

Five-SeveN | Angry Mob

It seems like for some time this was the most popular pistol skin in CSGO in 2019. For one, there aren’t many Five-Seven skins. Secondarily, it is a Covert skin so it’s automatically more valuable, even if it’s not the community’s favorite. Nevertheless, graffiti-like Angry Mob has no problem with popularity. A Battle-Scarred one loses much of its grace, so it can be bought as cheap as $3. A low-float StatTrak will earn you over $51 on the Steam market.

M4A4 | The Emperor

M4A4 | The Emperor

A part of the bigger Tarot card series, M4A4 | The Emperor is the yin to AK-47 | The Empress yang. I know the word “royal” may seem a bit banal in this context, but the skin sure looks royal and pristine even disregarding the ruler’s figure on the main body. With a big range in prices, depending on the variant, The Emperor can get a trader anything between $13 and $565.

AUG | Momentum

AUG | Momentum

As if the AUG wasn’t slick enough, here’s a skin that gives it an even more aerodynamic look. It might not look much on the preview, but it really shows its beauty when taken to the gameplay. A Factory New StatTrak can be sold for as much as $119.

R8 Revolver | Skull Crusher

R8 Revolver | Skull Crusher

One of several revolver skins, R8 Revolver | Skull Crusher divides its audience strongly. Some people think it looks childish, others love the wild safari design. Look at the painting beneath the hammer to discover where it got its name. Its highest available wear level is Field-Tested, and a StatTrak version of it will cost above $6.

XM1014 | Incinegator

XM1014 | Incenigator

What will you get when you cross…- no, let’s not go there. It’s a shotgun. It has a crocodile painted on its body, and it spits fire. You make the rest of it. It doesn’t wear off badly with rising float, but it’s still preferred in its fullest version, Minimal Wear. Usually, they go around for singular dollars, but a Factory New StatTrak means a rise in price over $40.

AWP | Atheris

awp atheris csgo skin

Restricted skins don’t often make it to the limelight, but this skin is a work of art regardless of its rarity. The feathered-tree snake was painted to look as much three-dimensional as possible. The community acknowledged the effort and StatTrak versions of this not-so-rare skin reach reasonable prices between $9.80 and $45.

Is CSGO Prisma Case popular?

You could say so, but probably more because of its knife skin choice, not for its weapons. In CSGO Prisma Case chance of getting a peculiar knife is higher than in most cases. It results in Prisma Cases being opened more often, and quite a big volume of its skins on the market. On one hand, it means prices that are slightly lower than of other collections, but on the other hand, a lot of those are in circulation and are nice and obtainable alternatives for players who need a bit of a fresh look from time to time.

Does Prisma Case include community skins?

As it usually goes with collections not bound with operations or other events strictly, Prisma CSGO case collection is comprised entirely of community-created skins. Not only it brings new artists to the surface, but eagerly adds skins that continue certain series of renowned artists, like it is in the case of M4A4 | The Emperor or Five-SeveN | Angry Mob. This way players and fans can contribute to the legacy of the game in an impactful way.

YouTube user 3kliksphilip interviewed the creators behind CSGO Prisma Case skins and laid down the skins’ backstories in the video below. It’s also a nice waypoint to search for other skins in the artist-specific series mentioned before.


CS GO Prisma Case debuted in March 2019. It introduced 17 new weapon skins and four knives in six finishes. Because of its widespread popularity and volume, it became a staple set of skins that can be found in every current-day collector’s inventory. It features top-notch arts from community artists and its skins are a good example of community-driven price popularity. Keep it all in mind while trading them for other skins or cashing them in with any service.