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Welcome to Skinwallet blog. Glad to have you here!

At Skinwallet we are specialized in monetizing your skins and other digital items as fast as it is possible while still offering a good value for them.

We’d like to devote this blog to some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin trading content, which means that in practice we want to offer you some guides to the many intricacies of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin trading, articles on secure trading and recent scam methods as well as some CS:GO news.

Resources you may want to start with:

Skinwallet official FAQ – Get answers to most general questions you may have

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How to recognize our Trading Bots – Everything you need to know about our bots’ characteristic features

Steam Account Trade and Market Restictions – Can’t trade at Steam? Here’s a list of usual reasons for that.

We wish you a happy and informative visit. Remeber to stay tuned for more future content.