How to recognize the official Skinwallet bots

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robot with sniper rilfe

Trade bots are the backbone of every skin trading community or marketplace. Without them, it is impossible to secure fast and effective large-scale trading system required for a marketplace to work as intended. However, bots are also the most vulnerable part of the trading system and can be targeted by numerous scammers.

In one of the most prevalent scam, Steam API key scam, scammers track the transactions of their victim, forcefully cancel the legit trade offer and send their copycat bot to an unaware trader. Although many scammers try to make their bots as similar to the legit ones as possible, there are certain characteristics that can help you make sure whether or not that particular bot is a fake.

Skinwallet bot’s characteristic features

All official Skinwallet trading bots share the following characteristics:

  • All bots names follow the same scheme: Skinwallet Bot#XYZ where XYZ is the number of that particular bot.
  • Skinwallet bots share the same profile picture: Skinwallet logo.
  • All bots have the same background image.
  • Our bots have their Steam Trade URL in their account bio. The Trade URL is visible only after hoovering with a mouse.
skinwallet bot steam account details
skinwallet bot steam account details
  • All Skinwallet bots are at least level 6 accounts with the same Elite Crewman badge equipped.
  • Every Skinwallet bot will have the Skinwallet Admin account on the friend list. Thanks to that, you can always cross-check if you’re not sure if the bot is legit.
  • All bots are present in both the Skinwallet Official group on Steam as well as in the Skinwallet Bots group. Any bot that doesn’t belong to these two groups is not our bot.

Better safe than sorry

In the end, it is always good to check the validity of the bot you’re going to trade with, even if you’re almost sure no scammer intercepted your transaction. After all, it’s better safe than sorry.

Meanwhile, we will work on better, faster, and safer ways to trade skins. Stay tuned for future updates!