Get Cash from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Skins in 3 simple steps

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Welcome to Skinwallet – the best platform to trade your skins for cash. We’re the best choice when you want to sell CSGO skins for cash and send your newly earned money straight to your PayPal account.

All this accompanied by a very easy, user-friendly platform design that focuses on the security of your valuable personal data. But first, let’s define what skins are, how their price is calculated and what dangers you may face while trying to sell skins for cash.

What are CSGO skins?

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins are a feature introduced in Arms Deal update. In their most basic sense, skins are textures equipped on top of existing weapons available in CSGO. Because of the competitive character and very active pro-gaming esport scene focused around Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, skins do not alter any attribute of any weapon and are purely cosmetic. Despite that one shared characteristic, there is a number of other features by which CSGO skins can be categorized and divided into groups.

Firstly, there is the exterior quality also known as skin wear. It is a value randomly chosen when a weapon skin is uncrated or dropped for the first time. It is a simulation of wear and tear that an exterior of a weapon would unavoidably be exposed to in the battle situation. The weapon quality does not degrade over time and cannot be changed by any means. There are five levels of wear a skin can have:

  • Factory New (0.00 – 0.07)
  • Minimal Wear (0.07 – 0.15)
  • Field-Tested (0.15 – 0.38)
  • Well-Worn (0.38 – 0.45)
  • Battle-Scarred (0.45 – 1.00)

Subsequently, we can divide the skins by their rarity. In general, practically every skin belongs to one of the seven rarity levels. Each rarity level is marked by a corresponding color. These are as follows:

  • White – Common
  • Light blue – Uncommon
  • Blue – Rare
  • Purple – Mythical
  • Pink – Legendary
  • Red – Ancient
  • Gold – Exceedingly Rare (melee weapons only)

Moreover, some skins can have additional qualities to them, namely, they can be either Souvenir skins or skins equipped with StatTrak technology. Souvenir skins are limited in number and come only from souvenir packages. These packages are dropped only during Majors (the official Valve-sponsored CSGO tournaments) and come with a set of otherwise unobtainable stickers already applied to them. Other than being quite rare, they do not differ from their normal counterparts. On the other hand, StatTrak skins are weapon skins that track the number of frags that particular user acquired with this particular weapon. Both souvenir and StatTrak weapon skins can be traded, however, please remember that a freshly bought StatTrak skin has its kill count reset.

There is a number of ways in which new skins can be obtained. The easiest way by far is to just play. Active players can get up to 4 skins per week from random drops. All you need to do is play CSGO on a VAC enabled server with at least one other player. However, in most cases, these random drops will be very common weapon skins. Some of the drops are cased, which brings us smoothly to the topic of cases. All weapons skins, except knife skins, are organized by collections and each collection has a corresponding case e.g. Prisma Case. Each case has a corresponding key that has to be used to open a case. While cases can be dropped or bought, the keys can only be bought on Steam or third-party markets.

However, even having an appropriate key and case, the chances we will drop something very rare are slim. That is why, when looking for a particular skin, it sometimes may be better to just check Steam Community Market or third-party markets. If the skin you’re looking for isn’t too rare there’s a big chance someone wants to sell it.

The last way to obtain new skin of higher rarity is to perform a Trade Up Contract known also as Arms Deal Contract. By trading 10 weapons of lower grade, you will get one weapon skin of higher grade. This is a good way to utilize worthless, common skins that no one would be interested in buying anyway.

What value do CSGO skins have?

In its most basic sense, the value of each particular skin is as high as the price anyone is willing to pay for them. Now, that price is influenced by a number of factors.

The first important factor is the rarity of a particular weapon skin. Some skins have only a fraction of a percent of chance to be dropped from a case. Taking into consideration that each case opening cost $1 in its most affordable option (case already in inventory, key bought from another player). When we estimate we need to open at least 200 cases to drop that skin, it’s price could be already starting from $200. On top of that, the additional features have to be taken into consideration. Is it a StatTrak skin? It is a souvenir skin with a particularly rare set of stickers (the most expensive skin in history was a Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore that was sold for $61,052.63)? What is the exterior quality? Combining all that information with market historical data and overall skin popularity can give a pretty accurate evaluation of any CSGO skin.

What are the selling options for CSGO skins?

While you know now what the CSGO skins are and how to properly evaluate their value, its high time to discuss the possible selling options.

First of all, you can sell CSGO skins at Steam Community Market. The prices are quite high but the important thing is that all the money you earn that way cannot be paid out. It will be held in your account’s SteamWallet and can be redeemed on Steam games, gift cards and new skins. Moreover, during any CSGO skin transaction a 15% fee is imposed on the buying side. This may sound fine for you as a seller at first, but it may force you to lower the price by a considerable margin in order to sell the skin at all. Especially, when there are third-party markets available.

These markets are trading websites not affiliated with Valve. The prices here are much lower than those at Steam Community Market, but the good thing is, basically every marketplace accept payout requests in at least one form. By far, the most popular payment system employed by CSGO skins marketplace, whether it is buying or selling skins, is PayPal. With a properly set-up business, the payments and withdrawals are almost instant.

Other payment systems that are often accepted are Skrill, Payoneer, WebMoney, and cryptocurrencies (BitCoin, Ethereum, Litecoin). You can use your Visa or Mastercard debit cards through G2A Pay system. Although rare, some websites offer payouts through wire transfer.

However, it is important to remember that every system has its preferred payment system. This translates to lower fees, better limits and faster transactions. For example, it is common for PayPal payments to take only a few minutes to process, with its minimum payout amount comfortably placed at $1.00 and transaction fees around 2%-5% (depending on the country of destination). On the other hand, Payoneer and Skrill usually have longer transaction processing times and higher minimum limits you can pay out. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, most websites offer rather bad exchange rates.  

What should you check when selling CSGO skins for cash?

As with any other trade, it is always good to check a few things before committing to a skin trade. Unfortunately, from the beginning, CSGO trading community is plagued with quite a considerable number of scammers. This also includes scamming sites and some smaller skin gambling sites.

Whenever you want to sell or check the price you can get for your skins on a new marketplace or mass deposit website, you will be asked to log in with your Steam account credentials. This is very risky, as you will be giving away access to your account to a random website. That is why it is always good to check what other people say about each site. Look for Trustpilot score, ask some questions on Reddit or on Steam groups. There surely will be a number of people interested in helping you out.

Moreover, whenever you browsing through marketplaces always make sure that the padlock icon next to the URL address in your web browser is visible. If you log in to an unprotected website, it would be wise to log out and immediately change your Steam account password. The lack of padlock icon may suggest that it is a phishing website that is interested in one thing – your data.

As every skin trade has to be concluded through Steam trading one way or another, it is also a very important thing to always check the account you’re going to trade with. In some cases, a scam website you’ve visited before is tracking your transactions and will send you a fake transaction. Most reputable CSGO skins marketplaces and deposit sites have the characteristic features of their bots listed, so you can always check whenever you’re not sure.

The last piece of advice is, whenever you’re not 100% you want to commit to a trade, just don’t. It may save you a lot of money.

3 steps to get cash from your CSGO skins

We understand that time is money and we want to value your time. That is why we decided to make the deposit process as quick as possible without sacrificing the security of your personal data.  

Step 1: Log in via Steam

First, you have to log in to the Skinwallet using your Steam account credentials. You can do it either by clicking on the “Sign in through STEAM” button on the signup page or by logging in to your Steam account in your browser and then proceeding to Skinwallet and confirming that this particular Steam account is the one you want to sell the skins from. Both ways are equally secure, as we take multiple precautions against any private information leaks. However, if you are still unsure, it is always more secure to log in to the Steam first and then proceed to another site that requires you to authorize with your Steam account.

Step 2: Choose skins

If everything went smooth (and I’m sure it did!) you should be able to see your skin inventory downloaded from your Steam account. In this view, you can see the prices we are willing to pay for your skins. You can also filter your skins by some basic features such as weapon type, quality and the wear of the skin. You can choose the skins you want to sell by simply clicking on them. Every skin you chose should be marked with a green checkup sign. Just remember you need a valid, working Steam Trade URL added to your Skinwallet account and your inventory has to be set to Public view.

Step 3: Finalize the trade

When you finally choose all the skins you want to monetize, accept the deposit transaction by clicking on the green button in the lower right corner of the screen. This will bring up a pop-up window with a number of features every Skinwallet bot has and which are characteristic only to them. Clicking on the ‘Proceed to offer’ button will open a new window with the transaction freshly made by our bot. This is the most secure way to ensure you won’t be scammed by any third party with any malicious intent. If you are hell-bent on manually selecting the offer through the Steam in a web browser or through the Steam application, be sure to check if the offer was made by our bot. Additionally, our legit trade offer will always be the oldest one, so in case of very similar or seemingly identical offers, the lowest one will be legit. When you finalize your trade, your account should be updated in mare minutes with the funds you wanted. Now, all you need to do is spend your Skinwallet funds wherever you want. You can also request a payout to your PayPal account.


In this article, we learned everything important about CSGO skins, their prices and value factors. We also discussed the most popular payment options when it comes to skin trading outside the Steam Community Market and touched upon the topic of security. Furthermore, we went through the whole process of selling CSGO skins for cash at Skinwallet and instantly paying out your freshly made cash.

All that remains now is for you to make money on CSGO, sell skins for cash and be happy with your additional disposable income.