Get Cash from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Skins in 3 simple steps

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Welcome to SkinWallet – the best platform to trade your skins for cash. We’re the best choice when you want to sell big bundles of skins at once and send your newly earned money straight to your PayPal account. All this accompanied by a very easy, user-friendly platform design that focuses on the security of your valuable personal data

3 steps to get cash from your CS:GO skins

We understand that time is money and we want to value your time. That is why we decided to make the deposit process as quick as possible without sacrificing the security of your personal data.  

Step 1: Log in via Steam

First, you have to log in to the SkinWallet using your Steam account credentials. You can do it either by clicking on the “Sign in through STEAM” button on the signup page or by logging in to your Steam account in your browser and then proceeding to SkinWallet and confirming that this particular Steam account is the one you want to sell the skins from. Both ways are equally secure, as we take multiple precautions against any private information leaks. However, if you are still unsure, it is always more secure to log in to the Steam first and then proceed to another site that requires you to authorize with your Steam account.

Step 2: Choose skins

If everything went smooth (and I’m sure it did!) you should be able to see your skin inventory downloaded from your Steam account. In this view, you can see the prices we are willing to pay for your skins. You can also filter your skins by some basic features such as weapon type, quality and the wear of the skin. You can choose the skins you want to sell by simply clicking on them. Every skin you chose should be marked with a green checkup sign. Just remember you need a valid, working Steam Trade URL added to your SkinWallet account and your inventory has to be set to Public view.

Step 3: Finalize the trade

When you finally choose all the skins you want to monetize, accept the deposit transaction by clicking on the green button in the lower right corner of the screen. This will bring up a pop-up window with a number of features every SkinWallet bot has and which are characteristic only to them. Clicking on the ‘Proceed to offer’ button will open a new window with the transaction freshly made by our bot. This is the most secure way to ensure you won’t be scammed by any third party with any malicious intent. If you are hell-bent on manually selecting the offer through the Steam in a web browser or through the Steam application, be sure to check if the offer was made by our bot. Additionally, our legit trade offer will always be the oldest one, so in case of very similar or seemingly identical offers, the lowest one will be legit. When you finalize your trade, your account should be updated in mare minutes with the funds you wanted. Now, all you need to do is spend your SkinWallet funds wherever you want. You can also request a payout to your PayPal account.

Have any questions? Be sure to leave them in the comment section below and remember to stay tuned for more CS:GO skins guides, tutorials, and news.