Everything you need to know about Operation Shattered Web

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Operation Shattered Web

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive knows how to keep its users interested and active with the title. While the basic game is a rendition of a classic online shooter since it’s release it has been updated from time to time with massive seasonal events called operations. At first, they were of a limited range and mostly provided some challenges or a single-player campaign. Now they seem to pivot more on introducing new content. For the apt players of CSGO new operation should always be a focus, as it provides unique rewards for fulfilling operation missions.

CSGO Operation Shattered Web went live on November 18 this year. Besides posing a fun, new challenge with weekly missions, it offers a wide range of exclusive content to grasp at.

Brand new maps

There are three maps that came into the game with Operation Shattered Web update. Each of the maps is designed with another game mode in mind, so we’ve got new Flying Scoutsman, Danger Zone and classic Detonation maps in the roster.


Dedicated to the Flying Scoutsman game mode, this map is located in a hemispheral hangar on a moon, paying homage to the mode’s lowered gravity.


A welcome addition to a sparse Danger Zone map roster. A diverse, tropical area developed meticulously by the community members.


Ever thought how a detonation match would look like in a film studio? Have a go at this yet another community-created map with interesting new pathways to be planned.

Obtaining and leveling Operation Shattered Web coin

This season has a very specific coin, more like a triangular emblem with a spider figurine. You get it when you buy the season pass, which basically costs $16, but you can find some dumped offers on Steam Market already. It comes in the rank of Bronze, but by completing operation missions, you can upgrade it up to Platinum. Its main function is to show your progress with the operation.

Interesting new collections

Those who think the weapon palette of CSGO needed a refresh should be satisfied now – here go four new sets of skins.

Shattered Web Case

Shattered Web Case

What a box of goodies. If four new knife models are not enough to keep you up and playing, the case allows you to find some high-detail, high-energy skins with both very elegant designs and some ultra-weird motifs.

St Marc

St Marc

Doesn’t that shout ‘vaporwave’ from a mile away? Get some of those hypnagogic, synthetic vibe into CSGO matches by wielding some yellow-pinkish gun that reminds you of a mall arcade deep in the nineties.



On the contrary, here’s something to bring out the Viking in you. Medieval and Scandinavian motifs on the rarest skins of this collection make the weapons look like ancient godly artifacts. The more common ones present more rustic, raw aesthetics.



Some elegant, art-nouveau skins to go along with the Venice-based demolition map. Some of them go with the floral motifs and geometrical arabesques, while others go for plain, highly-saturated colors.

Choose your agent

What came as a big surprise, Shattered Web introduced something more familiar to Fortnite publicity. In this operation, you have a chance to find an agent skin. If equipped, they will replace the default map player model. They have rarity levels similar to the weapon skins, but bear different names:

  • Distinguished, blue,
  • Exceptional, purple,
  • Superior, pink,
  • Master, red, unique – these skins also come with an individual voiceover for commands and shoutouts

There are 12 models for Terrorists and 10 models for CTs and the rarest CT model introduces a female character for the first time in official CS model roster history.

While quite exciting in itself, players have already experienced some trouble with overhauling skins. NSWC SEAL skins apparently were painted too realistically and allow CT players to hide in the floral elements on maps like Overpass or Cache. Keep an eye out for eventual patches, and don’t be surprised if agent skins will be forbidden on official competitions.

So many new skins!

Let’s look in detail at what can be looted during Shattered Web Operation CSGO playthroughs.

The four new knife model are:

  • Paracord knife, a swift thin blade with a paracord-wrapped handle
  • Survival knife, a multi-purpose cutter for the men of the wild
  • Nomad knife, a more classical, yet long switchblade
  • Skeleton knife, while not really a skeleton, and not really a skeleton knife in its dearest, but a slick, oriental knife reminiscent of a ninja throwable weapon

They all come in all available knife finishes.

AWP | Containment Breach

AWP | Containment Breach is an exciting new skin for the ultimate headshot dealer. It is adorned with a wild rush of radioactive rat-like creatures. The StatTrak variant of this skin already jumped up to over $1k.

MAC 10 | Stalker

MAC 10 | Stalker is second yet ever Covert skin for MAC 10. The aggressive paint only adds to the character of the playstyle it demands. If you’re not a float freak, you might just grab it for a couple of dollars. Otherwise, cash a StatTrak one in if you find it, might earn you a couple of more keys.

SG-553 | Colony IV

SG-553 | Colony IV stands out with a yellow background and a twisted and sprawled all over the forestock and the grip. Add a Classified rarity with a bit of a scandal around this riffle in recent CSGO history and you got yourself a popular skin. A Factory New Colony IV can be now obtained for around $40, with the StatTrak version almost quadrupling that number.

AK 47 | Rat Rod

AK 47 | Rat Rod might not look like much at first glance, but its sort-of-Borderland design quickly finds more and more admirers, especially that the roughed-up, Battle-Scarred version doesn’t look much worse than the low-float one. If you happen to drop more than one (cause you’ll probably want to keep one), by the time of writing these words you can sell it for anything between $4 and $34.

As the Shattered Web CSGO operation collection is still quite fresh, the market is still undecided about the prices. It might take a while to see where they land, which skins become the community’s favorites and how the current mode of operation rewards will influence the market’s volume. 

Final verdict

So much to look at, so much to say. Operation Shattered Web is still fresh in, and its skins, maps, and agents need to be, no pun intended, field-tested. You will surely hear from us more about those new skins, which only wait to be hustled around the matches.