Valve Introduces Prisma 2 Case to CS:GO

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Who would have guessed? Operation Shattered Web has only just finished with its loads and loads of new content, yet we already get a new skin case to hunt for. This is not a drill, this is not an April Fools prank—the newest update has been released on March 31th and along with two brand new maps added to the rotation (Anubis and Chlorine) players can now drop a Prisma 2 skin case full of colorful goodies.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the skins from the freshly added case, but we’ll abstain from evaluating them just yet. For now, the market prices are high estimates that need to settle with time and get adjusted by community pressure.

So much for the introduction. Let’s see what we’re about to deal with thanks to new Prisma 2 case.

Best Prisma 2 Case skins

Staying up a bit too long overnight, we’ve chosen our subjective picks for skins that will most likely enamour both the avid skin collectors and the casual, aesthetically conditioned players.

M4A1-S | Player Two

This might be just the best, cutest and most refined skin ever released for M4A1. It features a chibi version of GIGN Counter-Terrorist on the main body with a rad dog on the clip. In the background, you can see a CSGO logo, and there’s both “I <3 SKINS” decal and a Vanguard logo on the buttstock. This covert rifle can be a real icing on the cake of a proper cartoon skins collections. Some lucky chap has already looted one StatTrak Field-Tested Player Two and is listing it for $1,252.27 on Steam Marketplace. Good luck with that one!

AWP | Capillary

If you’re keen on a good-looking AWP, then you might be surprised that you can find one on the Mil-Spec Grade. It seems like we’ll be seeing a lot of those teal-and-light-red buggers around, as they already drop like crazy. It wears off pretty fast, so getting a really neat Factory New will surely be some task. If you happen to drop one and not fall in love with the swirling design on a greyish body (if it’s even possible not to), you can still peddle it for a few bucks. 

AK-47 | Phantom Disruptor

Apel, the creator of this custom paint job, showcased it on Dust 2, and no one can deny that the mutated wolf’s skull looks incredibly good in the sandy environment. This skin achieves a very good balance between being a fantasy-bent, meticulous design with a lot of detail and still giving it a sense of blending in and camouflaging in the dark corners of yellowish maps. Light-blue eyes of the creature are a nice touch to the overall design. We wouldn’t be surprised if this skin would hold up its value even when, well, the dust settles.

SG 553 | Darkwing

If that gun can look even more menacing than it does with its basic colors, then it surely does with Darkwing. Crow-like feathers in the middle, blazed up with hellish-red fire from the bottom up. Chills all over. This skin will serve as a nice addition to a loadout based around Redline skins. It’s obviously not as sly as the black-and-red classics, but it fits the color palette perfectly. What’s also nice about that SG 553 is that it does fade very gracefully with rising float. Even with a lot of it torn down, the design is still visible and still looks mean.

MAC-10 | Disco Tech

Ever missed some flash? Now you’ve got all the flash in the world. This skin is using the latest tech additions to CSGO’s engine and utilises the light processing for a holo vinyl effect, so it basically changes its colors all the time depending on the surrounding light. You can preview this effect a bit on its Steam Workshop page, in the last snippet to the right. If this isn’t cool, then I don’t know what is. It remains to be seen if the ever-flicking SMG will not be too distracting for wielding players. Even if it will, man, this thing is something else.

MAG-7 | Justice

Another addition to the ever-growing, ever-popular Tarot series in CSGO skins. Justice is here portrayed a Hermes-like winged man balancing truth on old-fashioned scales, all encapsulated in a limited color range of blue, yellow and black. The consequence in these Tarot designs is something to look up to for every skin designer out there. Justice is a Gunsmith finish, meaning that the damage with wear is more to the accessories around the main body rather than to the central design, which just loses saturation with rising float. 

Which knives Prisma 2 Case allows you to loot?

Those who expected some new models might be disappointed. The new Prisma 2 case shares the same knife pool as the original Prisma case, meaning that you can drop Horizon knives in Chroma finishes, namely Navaja, Stiletto, Ursus and Talon knives in Marble Fade, Damascus Steel, Tiger Tooth, Rust Coat, Doppler and Ultraviolet variants.

Acquiring Prisma 2 Case and its skins

As it usually is with cases, the CSGO Prisma 2 case enters the rotation of cases you can get from drops after finishing matches on official servers. It will probably take you several hours of play to get one. If you’re too anxious to wait, As of midday April 1st the case goes on for around $7 on Steam. Top it with a $2.5 key and you’re there to try your luck with Prisma 2 skins.

Trading Prisma 2 Case skins

For now, unless you have a whole truckload of money to be spent on anything, it’s better to hold your horses when it comes to buying Prisma 2 case and Prisma 2 case skins, as the volumes are still low and prices are winded up. With time, when volumes rise and the market forces will push the skins in their places, the prices will settle more or less and you’ll be able to get your favorites on a lesser expense.

On the other hand, dropping a Prisma 2 case and opening it gives you a good opportunity to earn some easy dollars. It’s a matter of days that the market will fill to brim with new offers and even though the prices will stay high, the sells will surely start slowing down. It’s a good opportunity to search for individual traders who happen to want what you just dropped.

Prisma 2 – instant hit or a throwaway?

It’s only been one day since the Prisma 2 case is online and it’s too early to lay down solid verdicts. From what one can observe on the market, new skins are always a welcome touch of refreshing, stirring up some older sales as people try to get rid of old skins cheaper to invest in search of the fresh supply. From my own perspective, there are some very neat skins in the collection and I only hope they will make it to the big game.

All the colors of the prism

The Prisma 2 Case dropped like a bomb with end-of-March update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and supplied the global market with seventeen new skins of sublime visual quality. The hype is on, players clean their inventories and try to get their hands on the novelties. Challenge your fortune now or target your favorite thing and wait patiently for its price to come down.