New Knives in Operation Shattered Web

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In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive any content update is a welcome change. After all, we all like to get new toys to play with. Yet, the last three months were especially good. We got a very special CS20 Weapon Case commemorating the 20 years of Counter-Strike franchise. Moreover, on the 18th of November, we got the real deal – Operation Shattered Web. The first operation after two long years of waiting. And, oh boy, it is a huge content update.

One brand new, weapon case, three collections of community skins, three new maps, and a completely new addition to the CSGO: agent skins. The already covered Operation Shattered Web, as well as all agents and three new community collections. Finally, the time has come for the crème de la crème of CSGO skins – Shattered Web knives. 

The new knives in Operation Shattered Web

Among all the stuff previously mentioned, Operation Shattered Web introduced new knives to the game. Yes, that’s plural. We’ve got not one, but four new styles of knives which is kinda crazy. Did I already mention how big of a content update Operation Shattered Web was?

Anyway, the four new knives are available in 13 finishes each, namely, Slaughter, Fade, Crimson Web, Stained, Blue Steel, Case Hardened, Forset DDPAT, Safari Mesh, Night Stripe, Scorched, Boreal Forest, Urban Masked as well as Vanilla finish (or lack of one) for each of the Operation Shattered Web Knives. When it comes to knife models itself, the four new blades are Nomad Knife, Skeleton Knife, Survival Knife, and Paracord Knife. We’ve picked four finishes for the four CSGO Shattered Web new knives about which we’ll talk a bit. We feel these finishes bring up the character of each of these knives in full. 

nomad knife crimson web

Nomad Knife | Crimson Web 

The first of the knives in Operation Shattered Web is Nomad Knife. Among all of the new knives, this one seems the most traditional and combat-oriented. It is a type of flip knife, however, in contrast to slim, cut-oriented Flip Knife, Nomad looks much bulkier and heavier. Its animations are alright. Although both inspect animations are rather plain (player character just slowly turns the knife around), the draw animation is rather funny. The player character holds the Nomad Knife by its blade with the left hand and flips it open with force grabbing it by the handle with a normal right-hand grip. Sometimes player character shrugs his/her left hand as if they held the blade by the edge with gives a bit of comedy to the all-serious knife business. 

The Nomad Knife looks good in any finish, but it looks especially well in Crimson Web. First of all, Crimson Web series rocks fully black handles. This contrasts greatly with crimson blade finish and silver lines around the edge. Pricewise, Nomad Knife | Crimson Web is quite expensive. The normal versions start around $220 and end with Minimal Wear Nomad Knife a little north from $600. StatTraks are much more expensive: between $500 and $800. No one saw too many Factory New wear levels yet, but they surely go over $1000. 

skeleton knife fade

Skeleton Knife | Fade

Skeleton Knife has a very interesting shape without any handguard but with big ring in the center of the mass, ideal for a finger. The shape of the double-edged blade makes it equally good in slashing and stabbing. Skeleton Knife is made out of one piece of metal, with the minimalistic handle being just a black tape it gives serious assassin vibes. The animations are quite fun there are rarer alternative animations for both draw and inspect that make the player character twirl the Skeleton Knife a bit. This would play well with the Skeleton Knife’s real-life counterparts. Skeleton knives were a type of knives sold with hollow, unfilled handles and parts of the blade for jewelers to fill in with precious stones and materials. However, the knives themselves were quite cheap and very light, which made them ideal for all sorts of muggers, thugs, and bandits.

We feel that Skeleton Knife works best with a classic Fade finish. The minimalistic handle with metal parts visible between the tape display the gradient of Fade fading into simple grey. This is quite an original look, as most of the finishes fill all metal parts with the same texture. When it comes to price, Skeleton Knife | Fade is one of the most expensive new knives Operation Shattered Web introduced. It can be found only in the top two wear levels, Factory New and Minimal Wear, with Factory New being predominant. Both the normal version and the StatTrak-equipped version cost between $1200 and $1500 at the time of writing, however, the price should fall once there’s more of them on the market. 

survival knife stained

Survival Knife | Stained

Third out of the new knives is a very oddly shaped bulky blade. As the name suggests, it is rather a tool of survival often found in the hands of veteran hunters, survivalists, and alpinists rather than the military outfit. The forced patina of Stained finish works well with the black handle and hollow part of the blade. When it comes to animations, there is a fun alternative animation for the draw, in which the player character tosses and flips the knife in the air. The inspect animations are rather boring. However, the bulky, slash-oriented blade shape looks like it could sever a whole limb off the opponent with one strong attack. 

In the context of other knives, Survival Knife | Stained is rather cheap, starting around $120 with Battle-Scarred and ending around $300 with StatTrak Minimal Wear. Still, the prices may change, and most likely will change, in the future. 

paracord knife slaughter

Paracord Knife | Slaughter

Probably the most interesting knife out of all Shattered Web knives, the Paracord Knife has a viciously-looking huge edge with a keen recess towards the sharp and point tip of the blade. The guardless handle is also very interesting, meticulously wrapped with a cord that surely gave this knife its name. Paracord Knife looks amazing in vivid finishes, such as fan-favorite Slaughter. It can be found in top three wear levels and can get very expensive. The normal version costs between $350 and $700, StatTrak one can go over $1000. 

Where can you get these knives?

Shattered Web Knives, as part of the newest Operation, can be found in the Shattered Web Weapon Case. Just like in case of any other melee weapon, the new knives are exceedingly rare items, so if you manage to uncase any of them, you can consider yourself very lucky. If you aren’t really interested in opening cases, especially after the last changes to the weapon case keys mechanics, you can buy them on the market or trade directly with other players. 

Trading Operation Shattered Web knives

You can buy Operation Shattered Web new knives in few places. There’s the Steam Community Market, the safest but the most expensive way to buy CSGO skins and there are third-party marketplaces unaffiliated with Valve. The prices there are much lower, but it’s advised to trade on whitelisted sites. Fortunately, Skinwallet Market is a part of our publicly traded company, so you can check out its Knife Skins catalogue with no worries.

When it comes to selling Operation Shattered Web knives, you have basically three options. The first is to go for Steam Community Market. It’s safe and quite fast, but all the money you get from your knife will be held by Steam and you won’t be able to pay it out. You can only use it to buy new skins or games on Steam. Third-party marketplaces will allow you to pay your money out, but the prices are lower. Also, just like in case of buying, be careful not to get scammed. Lastly, if you need money really fast, you can sell your knives in Skinwallet.

Is it worth to get new Operation Shattered Web knives?

If you are a collector you will surely need one of each. Moreover, if you are extremely lucky and happen to get one from opening cases. However, if you aren’t pressed for time, I’d suggest waiting for prices to stabilize a bit before committing to a transaction.