CS20 Weapon Case: A Closer Look on the Newest Skins in CS:GO

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Finally, after seven whole months without new skins, we got a prime selection of fresh and tasty skins. CS20 Weapon Case skins, because I, of course, refer to it, is the newest addition to the family. Released on the 18th of October 2019, CS20 Case features 17 skins fully designed by the CSGO community and made with CS20 event in mind. Being a commemoration of the 20-years anniversary of Counter-Strike franchise, most of the CS20 Weapon Case skins allude and base on designs, themes, and motifs present in the earlier days of Counter-Strike.

Although all CSGO CS20 are interesting in their own way and their own nods to the past going on, I decided to focus on the meat of the highest grade. Here are five top-trier CSGO CS20 Weapon Case skins.

AWP | Wildfire

awp wildfire csgo skin

One of the two Covert grade skins that can be found in CS20 Case and most likely the main dish of this weapon case. AWP | Wildfire is a real beauty with a blazing-hot fiery character. Its design is based on the Operation Wildfire logo which has been painted on an elegant black and dark red base. And I have to say it: the outcome is spectacular. Right now, it may be one of the best AWP designs in the CSGO and we know the competition is tough here.

When it comes to prices, as of now the differences between Factory New and Battle-Scarred are quite high. This is normal for all new skins, so some more definite prices based on more data will be available in a few weeks. Meanwhile, the normal version costs between $30 and $150, whereas StatTrak-equipped one can be as cheap as $80 and as expensive as $600. 

FAMAS | Commemoration

famas commemoration csgo skin

FAMAS | Commemoration, the second of the two Covert CS20 Weapon Case skins, is all about celebrating the 20 years of Counter-Strike. Its design is based on various details celebrating these 20 years and includes map names, a custom badge a map of the world. All in vivid gold with an elegant wooden pistol grip and some small black details. I have to say, it’s good to finally have a top-tier FAMAS skin, and not another AK-47 or M4.

Pricewise, FAMAS | Commemoration is much cheaper than the AWP. The whole price is also much more narrow. The normal version costs between $10 and $25, while a StatTrak piece can cost between $40 and $80. 

MP9 | Hydra

mp7 hydra csgo skin

While AWP | Wildfire was based on the Operation Wildfire, MP7 | Hydra is quite obviously based on the Operation Hydra, the 8th Operation in CSGO. The green and black colors with the compact size and small, efficient model of this submachine gun give off a dangerous and insidious vibe. As usual, because it is an MP7 skin, it is quite cheap. The normal version starts around $4 and goes up to $10 or even $15. StatTrak starts around $7 and goes up to $40 (Factory New). 

AUG | Death by Puppy

aug death by puppy csgo skin

AUG | Death by Puppy is a clear reference to P90 | Death by Kitty, an old-school skin that came with the ESport Case 2013, which was the second ever released skins case in CSGO. Death by Kitty was (and still is) a fiercely debated skin. For some the epitome of ugliness, for others one of the most interesting skins with a clear-cut character. Personally, I really like P90 | Death by Kitty. Now I can play my eco with P90 | Death by Kitty and go into late-game rounds accompanied by these Pop Dogs, playful yet somewhat unsettling.

From a financial perspective, it is quite affordable and kinda stable. Normal version costs between $4 and $8, whereas StatTrak-equipped piece ranges between $12 and $30. Do mind that this particular skin does not have Battle-Scarred wear level. 

P90 | Nostalgia

p90 nostalgia csgo skin

Now, this one is one of the best CS20 case skins that perfectly captures the nature of the commemorative event as well as its name. The P90 | Nostalgia stays true to its purpose by invoking warm feelings and taking me back to school, to days of internet cafes and local LAN tournaments. Disclaimer for those newer to the Counter-Strike franchise: the CT on this skin is the same one from as in the main menu in the original Counter-Strike.

When it comes to money, P90 | Nostalgia is very affordable. Normal version costs between $4 and $10. StatTrak is more expensive: $8 up to $35.

Where can you get CS20 Weapon Case?

As the name suggests, CSGO CS20 Weapon Case can be dropped in-game since October 18th when it was introduced to the game. The cases are mostly awarded as the random weekly drops. However, if you want to open some of them up, and the random drops are not enough, you can buy some of the CS20 Weapon Case CSGO has to offer through various means. If you don’t want to outright invest in opening cases, you may always try to trade some of your old cases, keys, and unwanted skins for both CS20 Weapon Cases and their respective keys. 

Buying and selling CS20 Weapon Case skins

When it comes to trading CS20 Weapon Case skins and CS20 Weapon Cases itself the choice, at least at this point in time, is more narrow than in case of some older skins and weapon cases. That is directly related to the CS20 Case being so new and fresh. Because we don’t really know what the prices will be after the dust settles, many traders don’t plan to buy them right now as to not overpay for them.

Therefore, if you want to sell CS20 Weapon Case skins you have three main options: Steam Community Market, third-party websites, and individual traders. When it comes to the Steam Community Market, it may be your best choice at this point in time. People are gradually starting to buy more and more of both closed CS20 Cases as well as the best CS20 Weapon Case skins. However, please remember that you won’t be able to pay our your money and you will be only able to use it to buy more skins, keys, or anything else from the Steam shop. If that is your goal, go for it. On the other hand, if you want to pay out your newly acquired funds, you have to go either for third-party marketplaces or individual traders, please remember, though, to always use respectable and verified websites. Also, mind that you may be unable to sell many of the items from the CS20 Weapon Case, so you might have to wait a week or so before selling it for real money. 

The buying should be much easier, whether through Steam Community Market or through third-party marketplaces. The first one can be accessed easily from the Steam app, but requires you to pay a 15% transaction fee. On the other hand, third party marketplaces like Skinwallet Market have lower prices and a more accessible search and filtering options.

Why are CS20 Weapon Case Skins so popular?

After all, it is a brand new, shiny weapon case! Also, the designs and the special commemorative purpose seem to resonate with veteran CSGO players and gamers that were around Counter-Strike from the beginnings. 


In this first look at the CS20 Weapon Case skins, we’ve talked a bit about the top-tier skins from the CS20 Case, their design as well as the current prices. However, I am almost sure that we will still see a shift in prices in the next few days.

Now, a question to you: which is your favorite skin from the new CS20 Weapon Case? Leave your answers down in the comments!