The Most Expensive CS:GO Knife

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The time has finally come! Today we will go through the most expensive knives to find that one knife that can be called the most expensive CSGO knife in the game as of 2019.  Will we manage? Let’s find out. 

Most Expensive CSGO knife – In Depth

CSGO knives are almost synonymous with high prices. They aren’t only extremely rare but are also very cool, at least most of them. The big number of styles, models, and finishes ensures that everyone can find something for themselves. However, to find the most expensive CSGO knife we will have to look at knives that get a lot more attention from the skins trading community than any other. 

We handpicked four knives that, in general, meet the requirements and each one of them can be called the most expensive knife in CSGO. At least in theory. There are so many different aspects of value and price of such knives that you can probably pinpoint a couple of most expensive knives in CSGO.

We will talk about this a bit later. For now, let’s go over the most expensive CSGO knife titled skins first.

★ StatTrak™ Bayonet | Crimson Web (Factory New)

stattrak bayonet crimson web CSGO knife skin

Over the years, Crimson Web finish for CSGO knives became somewhat synonymous with “expensive”. From the design prespective, it is quite simple – a spider web pattern painted hydrographically over a red base finished with a semi-gloss topcoat. All this accompanied with pitch black handle and ring. It may sound simple, but the final effect is what matters. Bayonet | Crimson Web is astonishing on all sides: it looks good as hell, it’s extremely rare and is expensive. In fact, Factory New wear level with a StatTrak tech on board can’t be even found on normal markets. Moreover, each float has its own web pattern and traditionally people would look for less chaotic patterns and value them more than just random spider webbings.

It is estimated that there may be just a few pieces of a perfect StatTrak Bayonet | Crimson Web in the whole game and their price is surely over $4000. However, how high it can go? There were skins sold for dozens of thousands of dollars and StatTrak Bayonet | Crimson Web would certainly join that group. It seems that this may be a good reason to call it a most expensive CSGO knife.

★ StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web (Factory New)

stattrak m9 bayonet crimson web CSGO knife skin

A knife very similar to the default bayonet, with the same finish, grade, quality and variant as the example before. The only big difference between the normal Bayonet and M9 variant are the teeth on the back side of the blade. In general, M9 versions of the same skins are slightly more expensive than their default Bayonet counterparts. This would make StatTrak M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web in a Factory New condition the most expensive knife in CSGO. However, we have other pretenders.

★ StatTrak™ Karambit | Crimson Web (Factory New)

stattrak karambit crimson web CSGO knife skin

Yet another Crimson Web in Factory New condition. This time, however, accompanied by the beloved karambit model. The relatively small blade that karambit has works in favor in case of Crimson Web skins, as the web pattern can be narrowed down to just one, very straight web. Looking at the historical data from some of the third-party websites, one piece of StatTrak Karambit | Crimson Web (Factory New) was bought for almost $10000. That is A LOT of money! This would also make it one of the if not the CSGO most expensive knife sold publicly.

★ Karambit | Case Hardened (Factory New)

stattrak karambit case hardened CSGO knife skin

Whenever you google search “CSGO knife most expensive” there is a good deal that the first thing you will find will be one of the Karambits. On the other hand, when you will look for one of the most expensive skin finishes you will most likely find one of the Case Hardened skins. What happens when you combine the two? Well, probably the most expensive knife in CSGO. Case Hardened skins, similarily to Crimson Web collection, differ between each float. Whereas Crimson Web fanatics look for the perfect web pattern, In case of Case Hardened it is the amount of pure blue hues in the visible part of the skin. And people are ready to pay enormous money for the perfect Case Hardened. Some two years ago an AK-47 | Case Hardened with the float number 0.1 (the lowest possible, the bluest hues) was sold to an anonymous buyer in China for $25000. Veteran skin traders know that there are single pieces of Karambit | Case Hardened that are completely blue on one side. Some traders estimate that this can be worth up to $50000. However, let’s remember that someone has to pay that amount of money for it to be really worth the price.

Why did it become so expensive?

Skins trading community and Steam Community Market are most likely the biggest factors when it comes to CSGO economy, as it often serves as the basis for traders from third-party sides. In short, the prices at which people are willing to buy and sell certain skins are a good indicator of its value. Of course, there is a number of factors that have an influence on the price of each individual skin, however, out of all factors, rarity may be the most important. After all, the rarer the skin the more expensive it gets, at least potentially.

Some CSGO traders believe that the base price comes from the average number of cases you have to open to drop that particular skin. In such calculations, you take the cost of all keys you had to use to obtain that skin, add the cost of acquiring cases and you should end with a good foundation for weapon evaluation. However, do mind that this isn’t a fixed rule and each case should be treated individually. In case of CSGO knives there are also things such as Marble Fade or Fade skins (for example Falchion Knife | Marble Fade) that have different realization of their texture as well as Dopplers which all have different phases – each phase is valued separately and the differences between the phases may reach $500 or even $800.

Do people really buy this?

Only the richest, most fanatical and wealthy skin traders may rock these knives. In some cases, these people don’t even play CSGO themselves and they treat skin trading as an investment or a business. There are also cases of whole clans sharing items such as these. Still, it may be better to invest in dozens of cheaper items than the most expensive CSGO knife which can be hard to sell in case you have to. 

Is it worth to get it?

If you wish to invest in something exotic to freeze the money or protect your assets from the inflating currency, it may be worth to buy such a knife. Otherwise, it doesn’t really matter. After all, there are no mechanical differences between Karambit | Crimson Web and the default knife, thus it may not be worth the money investment just to brag about buying the most expensive CSGO knife. But in the end, it is your money and you’ll be doing what you want with it 🙂


Today, we talked about the most expensive CSGO knife or a couple of knives that can hold that title. We discussed their potential value, rarity, and features. We also talked a bit about high-tier skin trading and both the pros and cons of having items such as CSGO knife most expensive models.