Looking at Galil AR skins in 2020

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Sometimes it seems like Galil is that one kid that they don’t allow into the treehouse because they’re not cool enough. Even worse, it’s often set side by side with the almighty evergreen AK-47 which retains its status of go-to rifle, and in most cases, it loses by a mile. But that doesn’t mean that Galil is useless, but one has to understand how to use it.

Having a whoopin’ 35-round clip, rapid-fire and a spray pattern that is just slightly different than the meta rifles, Galil needs to be perceived as a crossover between SMGs and M4A4. Its long recoil reset and slow reload means that it is not meant for fast clutches with switching targets. Nevertheless, with proper control, it might make all the difference in the early rounds of the match.

 That’s not all. Being pressed upon less than other guns, Galil skins welcome a whole array of simpler, yet not lifeless designs that pass their test on the field, and we’re about to showcase a couple of them in this spotlight article.

Best Galil skins in CSGO

If Galil CSGO skins have always evaded your attention, it’s time to focus. These are our five picks of interesting, worthy and aesthetically satisfying skins.

Sugar Rush

We’ve talked about this candy beauty before when we looked at the most interesting skins from the Operation Hydra Collection. As with most things, colorful skins divide people into at least two groups: fans and haters. Maybe pink and purple don’t make up the favorite palette in the predominantly masculine world of CSGO, but one cannot deny Sugar Rush its charm. When it comes to profit, it can earn you $7 to $20 dollars, unless you have a Factory New StatTrak, which was recently on for more than $120.


Keeping it simple. If not for colourful patterns and classic graphite, then maybe someone’s in for a wash of white with green elements. The minimalism of eco skins is more of a niche taste, but it’s not so problematic to acquire it. Some might consider it an itchy reminder of the CSGO seasons past, but others will gladly flash that thing into your face. Maybe as a slight reminder of the zero-waste ideology, Galil | Eco is only available in Minimal Wear and below wear levels. The scratchy ones are not worth much, as the cavities of black metal really spoil the design, but if you find a Minimal Wear, you’re in for a treat.


This queen bee is the only Covert Galil skin. Matching the Tiger Tooth design of knives, Galil | Chatterbox has something uniquely fierce and exotic to it. It’s like the previously mentioned kid left of the treehouse bunch made a cool slingshot… or a box full of Molotovs. Getting even the dirtiest, cheapest version of that is a gain of around $4. As its best wear level is Field-Tested, these StatTrak skins with minimal float can reach a price of $200.

Stone Cold

Galil | Stone Cold is dedicated to those who have a soft spot for blue or azure skins. The glossy blue finished with black panels may look like a toy gun or a matchbox car, but the impression is lost when it starts firing bullets. It comes from the Shadow Collection which brought a bunch of colorful, peculiar skins. Stone Colds are indeed pretty cheap with most of their wear levels, but the price multiplies in Factory New versions.

Orange DDPAT

One of the first skins created for the Galil. It shares this design only with the Sawn-Off shotgun, underlining their inclination for the urban combat on the side of the baddies. The whole point of the Digital Disruptive Pattern is to fool your eyes into creating a blurred image for themselves. Maybe it also works in the dark corners of Militia and Vertigo, but it’s even harder and harder to spot this one in-game these days (OMG IT WORKS!). It became more of a collector’s treat. Fortunately, it means at least a $7 profit for the acquirer.

Which cases conceal the best Galil skins?

Each of those CSGO Galil skins drops from a different case, unfortunately. If you’re aiming for a touch of luck and want to get one by looting a case, it’s better to aim at Chroma, Chroma 2 and Shadow Cases for Chatterbox, Eco and Stone Cold respectively. Orange DDPAT drops from a 2013 Esports case which now costs around $17 per piece, so it’s not worth the deal. Operation Hydra Case might drop you a Galil | Sugar Rush, but it costs $4.50 per case and is only getting more and more expensive.

Buying CSGO Galil skins or selling them

No matter how much praise Galil really deserves, the truth is that its a less popular rifle that is only used by prepared players who can adjust their equipment to the conditions of the play. In a chain of consequence, it makes even the best Galil skins relatively inexpensive. The Steam Community Market is full of unspecific offers for those, which you can accept and finalise in a matter of seconds. Looking for maximum floats, you’re probably better off going to a third-party marketplace like our own Skinwallet Market and filtering the best options out of Galil skins catalogue.

The same rule applies to selling these skins. For some midfloats that don’t bother you much, you can just leave a sell offer on Steam Community Marketplace and forget about it until someone approves it. If you happened to obtain a very high wear level and want to sell it well, you might look for similar offers on several external marketplaces and match your offer to the best buyer’s market. Also remember that if you’re in need of fast cash, Skinwallet is here to help you sell your skins and receive a cash payout quicker than haggling with strangers.

Should you trust the underdog?

Yes, there is a reason why Galil is sometimes called “AK-47 Made In China”, but the reason is that people expect it to be a budget AK-47 when it’s a quite different rifle with a different task to fulfil. When it comes to playing, take that gun to the range and see how to operate it – you might be surprised with the uses you find for it. When it comes to Galil Skins CSGO has to offer – once it finds its place in your hands, you’ll surely try to find a good mesh for it to break through the wall of grey and steel.


It usually doesn’t take much to see behind the veil and find more of the good stuff behind what’s already familiar. That… sounds deeper than I wanted it to. The thing is, it’s not all about the stars of the show. These above are a couple of examples for cool CS GO Galil skins for a cooler-than-you-think rifle. The fun part is, you can juggle them at a low expense and not risk being stuck with a $100-skin that you grew to hate in a matter of three matches. So go get your Galil!