The OG Guns Akimbo: CSGO Dual Berettas Skins in 2020

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There’s something inherently cool about dual-wielding pistols and spraying bullets like there’s no tomorrow. It’s like a sign of total control over something you should be doing carefully and precisely, like shooting a pocket death machine. It’s been a trope for over 30 years now, thanks to more-or-less simultaneous appearance of Matrix movie and Max Payne game in the global pop culture. The Counter-Strike franchise jumped the hype train and added .40 Dual Elites, letting the most manic players of CS 1.6 spray and pray in the pistol round.

While Berettas were mostly popular in the days of Counter-Strike: Source, where they did a slightly imbalanced amount of damage, they still have their place in the recent rendition of the game. While reloading them should be considered more of a pastime for a dentist queue than a combat trait, they are lightweight and have a minimal accuracy penalty while moving, so in the right hands, they can make a total mess in close range, or help a sniper cop-out of the mess in an instant.

With a bit of history behind us, let’s prepare for trouble and make it double. Skinwallet Team has chosen a couple of Dual Berettas skins that are worth your while. Do you have your black coat? Then let’s ride.

Best Dual Berettas skins

These five Dual Berettas CS GO skins are sure to either make your akimbo rampage more colorful or earn you a decent buck on the market. 

Cobra Strike

Those who are into the whole serpentine aesthetic with dominant greens and snakeskin all around the place will find these two venomous beasts alright. The design maybe doesn’t look much on its own but taken into the battlefield, they really show their fangs. Even if you’re not striving to be a matchmaking villain, peddling those off can bring a decent profit. Apparently, not many of those dropped during Operation Hydra and even the Battle-Scarred ones cost around 5$. Factory New StatTrak is a profit of at least $50.

Twin Turbo

Nothing says “fast” like poster-paint colors and bold-fonted decals! Green, red and white with a touch of yellow details and I feel like playing matchbox cars again. It might come off as a surprise to include a racing car motif on a gosh-darn gun, but taken into consideration that you’re actually pretty fast when carrying Dual Berettas during the game, it might just be a slight tip of the hat. Maybe $2,5 is not much for a Classified weapon, but those also come in Souvenir versions and trading one-off for less-used junk and selling them on forward is also a way to go.

Royal Consorts

Do you like your guns fully regal? Because these two might just have been taken off from a wall of a very pro-gun member of the royal family. If Faberge did his designs on guns, this would be it. The weary metal, rich ornamentation and jade-like handle dye all make it a small piece of art. The only big con of Dual Berettas | Royal Consorts is that they look much worse in any wear level below Factory New. Nevertheless, even a scratchy one can earn you a couple of bucks.

Urban Shock

I’m not sure if Urban skins are considered a series, but the Shock suffix differs it from the Hazard suffix with a blue tint of the barrel and the core casing. They might serve a couple of purposes. They either look cool as a supplement to a collection of more sci-fi guns like Galil AR | Stone Cold or SSG 08 | Ghost Crusader, or just as a more-dark toned loadout alternative to the standard skins. If you’re not going for perfect wear, you can get one for around a dollar. A low-float StatTrak is worth above $4.


Throw this thing into the water and there’s a chance it will start to float. No matter if it reminds you more of a foamy swimming aid or some other marine gadget, this thing looks weird even among CS GO Dual Berettas skins, but in the world of curiosities sometimes it’s enough to stand out from the crowd. The glory days of Winter Offensive might be long gone, but sought-after skins like AWP | Redline still make the update’s case a thing on the market. If orange and navy blue are your colors, you can get a Minimal Wear for just above $2. A StatTrak Factory New Dual Berettas | Marina skin is a little treasure worth a surprising stack of $30.

Where can you get Dual Berettas skins?

Pinpointing the case locations of all dual berettas skins would require a separate article, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have a suggestion or two. The easiest way to prowl some of those is Gloves Case (for Royal Consorts) and Chroma Case (for Urban Shock). The Twin Turbo belongs to the Inferno collection and just might drop from time to time after completing a match, but surely not in its Souvenir form, as those came off from Major gifts. Cobra Strike belongs to the Operation Hydra case  – it means $6.5 for a case and key with an attempt of getting one, so maybe you should just try and find it on the market. Marina is also quite a risk with low coverage, as Winter Offensive cases cost $2 each.

Where can you trade off Dual Berettas skins?

Just like there are two Berettas at once in Counter-Strike, you have two main ways of trading Dual Berettas skins CSGO brings you in drops and loots – either the Steam Community Market built into the Steam application or third-party marketplaces found on multiple external websites. The first one is easy to use and best advised if you want to buy something inexpensive quickly. However, looking for specific float levels and pulling off more peculiar trade deals will be better facilitated by other services. Check out Skinwallet Market’s friendly UI to pick you favorite Dual Berettas skin.

However, if your Dual Berettas skins are not some Minimal Wear beauties you hold on to for some charity auction or lifetime deal trade and you want to get them off your inventory, hop on to Skinwallet, where you will be able to sell them for cash, faster than you can get those two headshots with Dualies during the pistol round.

Are Dual Berettas actually a thing in 2020?

As with everything other than plain water, with Dual Berettas you get this polarity of people loving them or hating them. It’s actually a good thing, because it means the game is on and there are people who will always want to prove the other side wrong. Casual players will often hate on them for being less predictable than other guns. More avid shooters will provide you with information about how to use it to your advantage, especially during pistol and eco rounds. In the light of above, CS GO Dual Berettas skins will more likely be bought and collected by those who know how to use them.

Bringing two and two together

Dual Berettas skins CS GO devs and fans have created for players have their firm place on the skin market. There aren’t many pricebreakers among those skins like there are with AK-47 and AWPs, but it doesn’t take away from those several Dualies skins that bring some color to your would-be bullet-time moments. Let us know if any other Dual Berettas skins are worth your attention and deserve a spot on the list!