CS:GO Teamfinder Services: Are They Any Good?

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To be good at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive you have to know the maps like your own back yard, know every nook and cranny at which your opponents can hide to get a jump on you, know the best plant sides and nade throws. Moreover, you have to be a good shot, skillful at any weapon you pick enough to win with your opponents.

CSGO teamfinder – explained

However, CSGO is a competitive game that puts much focus not only on the personal skill of its players but also on their teamwork capabilities. You could argue that the team aspect of CSGO is even more important than the personal player skill. To that end, you have to know all callouts, even more nade throws, because smokes suddenly become an extremely important aspect of the game, and pay attention to your teammates’ loadouts so you can pick weapons and utilities that will complement the team. After all, no one likes to land in a team with four AWPs and believe me, that happens, although usually on lower ranks. 

That is why it is always better to go into the game with a team that can and will communicate and discusses strategies, tactics, and enemy placements. The best way would be to just go with your own clan or team of friends you always play with. In the best-case scenario, your team should be composed out of people you know how to play, what their skill is like, and how they behave during the game. However, quite often you won’t be able to find a full roster to go with into matchmaking. Luckily, there are services that will naturally help you out with finding a team of skilled players. Even if not forever, you will be able to join other like-minded players through so-called CSGO teamfinders. Although there was once a service knowne solely as CSGO teamfinder, currently there is a ton of different websites, CSGO timifinder discord servers, and third-party services related to teamfinder CSGO. Today, we will talk a bit about CSGO teamfinder services, what are they like and what features they have. 

Best CSGO teamfinder websites

Unfortunately, there is no one best CSGO teamfinder. If that was the case, I would just point you out in that direction and be done with it. However, as things are, it all depends on different factors.

First of all, there are third-party services and websites that could be named as offer boards. There you can post your notices about looking for a team or a particular type of player to your established team. You will have to specify stuff such as game modes, ranks, will it be for fun or with professional gaming in mind, what is the official language, etc. If that’s just a one-time thing, there are some teamfinder CSGO services that offer that as well.

However, the biggest flaw of these third-party platforms is that you will be only able to match with people that also use them. And, believe me, many good players look for teams in other, more familiar places. Things like dedicated CSGO teamfinder Discord servers, subreddits or groups on Steam are the bread and butter of teamfinders. Moreover, it is often much easier to find any true information about your future teammate through the Steam platform or their Reddit history. The discord may be much more problematic, but a well-moderated discord channel will not allow fraudulent or overly-toxic players to remain there. 

Getting the best chances of finding a good team?

Be open about your expectations and real about your skill level. It is always good to be better than you say you are than to advertise and don’t deliver. Also, openly state what time windows you are able to play and what your rank is. Moreover, be sure to set your Steam profile to the public – that is one of the easiest ways to verify if someone is telling the truth based around the information of how much game time does he/she has on their account and what badges/achievements are unlocked. Moreover, ask every person you play with through CSGO teamfinder to give you a reputation note in your account comment section – there is nothing like a legitimate social proof. 

How do you communicate with people you find on Teamfinder?

A headset with a decent microphone is a must, especially in high-rank games. When it comes to third-party software, there are some choices like Teamspeak, Discord or even the CSGO in-game voice chat. Although there are some very casual groups that allow for text chat you won’t see a lot of them. Moreover, fluent English, Russian or Spanish language may be your best choice as a lot of players speak at least one of these languages enough to correctly communicate during the match.  

So are CSGO Teamfinders any good?

It really depends on what you need from teamfinder in the CSGO context. A short, casual game with fun, easygoing people? A regular training group or even a sort of seminar with high-level, high-rank players – all this can be found through CSGO teamfinder services. Each of the methods has its pros and cons, however, the biggest pain of the whole situation is how divided the CSGO teamfinder services and methods really are. People from Reddit won’t really go to third-party services. Some people only use Steam groups and don’t like to go out of Valve’s ecosystem at all. Discord servers can be quite chaotic and some of the best veteran players glance off of them. In the end, it is best to see for yourself which methods suits you the most.