Everything You Should Know about CSGO Roulette in 2019

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Since the dawn of CSGO skins and skin trading in 2014, a lot of gambling websites started including skin deposits and both valid funding as well as payout options. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the websites offering simple CSGO-related roulette games in general. 

CSGO Roulette – in-depth 2019

A quick search on Google will show you just how popular CSGO roulette websites are. There are hundreds of websites that offer this very simple yet fun experience. Although there are some differences between the individual CSGO roulette sites, they all share some common features.

All CSGO roulette sites have an in-store credit of some sorts – coins, gems or tickets – which you can acquire by depositing your CSGO skins on the site. The credit you will receive will be proportional to the value of the skins. Of course, it will differ between different CSGO skin roulette, but the differences shouldn’t be too big.

Next thing is the CSGO roulette itself. All websites have the same roulette at which you can bet on either black, red or a single bonus pot. The biggest differences between SGO roulette sites in this regard are purely cosmetical. For example, some websites use CSGO rank emblems or their own logo in different colors to mark different colors of the roulette pots. Most of the websites also have some kind of chat, often with multiple rooms. Surprisingly, these chat rooms are quite active and you can spend some time on really fun discussions. 

What skins can you get from CSGO roulette?

When it comes to the types and grade of the skins you can win at the best CSGO roulette sites, most people will be satisfied. You can get AWP | Dragon Lore is various wears, a lot of really expensive CSGO gloves and knives as well as other weapon skins. The thing is, you won’t be really winning these skins. You can only buy them with the in-store currency, so to withdraw your winnings, you will have to first win enough currency to even dream about getting your hands on that AWP | Dragon Lore (Minimal Wear). All in all, it will require a lot of luck and patience to even have a shot at getting much from it. Still, there are people that earn quite a lot from CSGO roulette sites. 

The best strategy for CSGO roulette

I’d hate to break it to you, but there probably isn’t one good strategy for these kinds of games. What is important, is to stay determined and see to the strategy rules till the end. For example, you may want to try your luck with a classic Martingale CSGO roulette strategy. 

Start with a low bet and put on either black or red. If you win, place the same wager again. If you lose, double the wager and place your bet on the color that just lost. If you win the second wager, go back to the small bet again and repeat this process until either you reached max possible bet, lost all money or get to the point at which you may withdraw the CSGO skin of choice. Just remember not to fall for gamblers fallacy – there are no rules stating that the second color is more likely to appear after the first one appeared for the last 10-20 times. 

If you don’t want to sit and put the bets yourself, the best CSGO roulette sites often offer roulette bots that will place bets in your stead according to the rules you set yourself. This may be a go idea for people that bet at multiple different CSGO roulette sites at the same time and just keep everything in check. 

Best sites to play CSGO roulette

As mentiones, there are hundreds of websites offering roulette CSGO. There are also websites such as CSGO-Guides that offer whole lists of CSGO roulette websites. You may find it helpful because they often list all differences such as game modes (coin toss, jackpot, roulette) plus some additional details. 

When it comes to CSGO roulette sites themselves, CSGO Empire is one of the most popular. They use their own in-store coins for all bets and withdrawals. You can deposit practically all skins for the credits. Moreover, they have one of the biggest inventory of CSGO skins for withdrawal. 

Another website that is certainly worth mentioning is Gamedom – a website focused solely on CSGO gambling. However, they prefer you to make deposits in Bitcoin for which you will receive Gamedom coins. The amount of the Gamedom coins you will get is tide to the current Bitcoin price which they will always show you. Moreover, Gamedom offers not only CSGO roulette.

Can you sell skins that you win at CSGO roulette?

Yes! For most people, that’s the whole point of winning them. Of course, you will have to wait for 8 days before you can trade them further, but nothing stops you from doing that. You have a few options in that regard.
If you want to sell your CSGO roulette skins you can do this either on Steam Community Market, on third-party markets or through mass deposit service such as SkinWallet. Each of these options has naturally its own pros and cons. While the prices on the Steam Community  Market are the highest, all money you earn that way lands in the SteamWallet of your account. This means you cannot pay it out in any way. Third-party market websites offer lower prices but the cash is available outside the Steam ecosystem. A problematic part is a huge number of scam attacks.

In fact, CSGO roulette is a good combination with SkinWallet – you can cash your skins instantly for real, Payal money. SkinWallet is the best choice if you need to sell a big number of skins and instantly pay your cash out to Paypal. Just set your Steam inventory to public, log in to SkinWallet with your Steam account, fill in your Trade URL and go to the deposit. Now, just check the AK47 CSGO Skins you want to sell. Now choose which skins you want to cash out, click on the pop-up link and go to the transaction. Check the details of the trade and accept it when you’re ready. Your funds should be available at your SkinWallet account in mere seconds. 


Today we talked a bit about CSGO roulette as a part of a bigger CSGO gambling economy, the features of the chosen websites, some strategies as well as characteristic features all CSGO roulette sites share.

Do you like to play CSGO roulette? What do you do with the skins you win? Share it with us in the comments down below!