How to Get Better with Grenades with the CSGO Jump Throw Bind?

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csgo jump throw bind

Having trouble timing your jumping grenades well? Keep peeking into an AWPer who was supposed to be smoked off? Fortunately, there’s a solution for your jumping woes. The CSGO Jump Throw Bind, an easy set of commands that will allow you to time your jumps perfectly every time and get those hard nades done.

Let’s start with the technical stuff first.

How to Set Up a CSGO Jumpthrow Bind?

If you want to start jump throwing your nades like a pro, you’re going to have to pick a key that works for you. You want it to be different than your CSGO jump bind, and a bit harder to reach so you don’t accidentally start jumping when you’re not supposed to. recommends the left alt key, and our example will cover that.

Type the following into your console:

alias “+jumpthrow” “+jump;-attack”; alias “-jumpthrow” “-jump”; bind alt “+jumpthrow”

To replace it with a button of your choosing switch “bind alt” to “bind <yourbuttonhere>”.

Don’t know how to open your console? It’s simple. Go to settings, make sure that the “Enable Developer Console” option is enabled, and then press the tilde (~) to bring up the console. Once you do that, you’ll see that whenever you press and release your chosen button. 

Now that you have the jump bind CSGO setup ready, go give it a spin on the server. After all, the bind won’t magically make all the movements for you so you have to get used to it. Remember that the jumpthrow will only trigger after you let go of the button, so be sure you time it right before you start.

How to Practice CS GO Jump Throw Bind?

Did you think that a jump throw bind would save you from practice? Unfortunately, a lot of smokes still require you to practice your timing, the jump throw bind only helps you make your smokes more consistent. It won’t line your smoke up, or time the throw itself. 

Some smokes are impossible to do consistently without the jumpthrow bind, which is why it is very useful. Perhaps the most notable example is the mirage window smoke from T-Spawn, a smoke without which taking Mid is extremely difficult, and even with a jump throw bind, it’s not guaranteed to work if you don’t master the timing.

A great way to practice your smokes are grenade training maps from the Workshop. For example, this collection from Dolnma is extremely useful in learning and remembering your lineups and timings.

When practicing on the map, remember to spend at least a few minutes repeating every smoke before moving on to the next one. After all, a player who practiced a thousand smokes once each will be less useful for their team than a person who practiced one key smoke a thousand times.

CSGO jump bind can also be very useful for flashbangs, so be sure to see how they work by practicing timings on the maps, since with a flashbang, especially a pop-flash every tenth of a second counts. A badly timed flash may blind your teammate instead of your enemy, so be sure you have key executes on lock.

Once you have your jump throwing timings and skills figured out, it’s time to take them in-game, just remember to check whether they’re allowed.

Are Jump Throw Bind CSGO Setups Legal?

The short answer is that in most cases, yes. You won’t be banned from matchmaking for using the jumpthrow binds, since you’re not using any external assistance to help your mechanics, only working within the spaces Valve provided for the configuration.

Back in the day, FACEIT wouldn’t allow jump throw binds, but the rules seem to have loosened since, and apparently, it’s even allowed in FACEIT Pro League. Mind you, different FACEIT hubs might have different rules when it comes to this concept.

However, mind you, if you’re competing on the semi-pro circuit, and especially on LAN you may be asked to send your autoconfig files to the tournament organizer. If the tournament organizer decides to ban this particular jump throw CSGO setting, and it’s not deleted from your autoconfig file, you may be sanctioned.

Even so, most leagues that bind the “script” provide the alternative of binding jump release and nade release to two separate buttons, so if you really need to have some kind of jump bind CS GO customization, there are workarounds that, even if slightly less precise, can still emulate a full jump throw bind pretty easily.

Should you use the CSGO Jump Throw Bind?

Given all that you’ve heard, why wouldn’t you? Proper jumpthrow bind CSGO settings allow you to take your game to the next level and show off your tactical skills, and they’re always helpful to your teammates, even if some randoms may not always appreciate them, it’s sure to help you climb up the ranks.

Except for the small exceptions outlined earlier, there’s no real reason not to have a jump throw bind in your CS:GO config. It’s unlikely to hurt you, but on certain maps, it will allow you to absolutely bamboozle ill-prepared players into advantageous positions. There’s no better feeling than seeing an AWPer pushed into connector on Mirage due to a well-utilized jump smoke bind, and getting your CS GO jumpthrow bind set up is the first step on that road.