Top 3 CS:GO Events to Watch in May 2019

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Although May is already halfway finished, we still have some big tournaments ahead of us. As the dust settles after the Intel Extreme Masters final in Sydney and the very tight fight in which Team Liquid won over Fnatic.

We have selected three Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events that should interest any eSport fan and should be mandatory events for anyone interested in professional counterstrike.

What to expect in May 2019

As always, there is a number of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments, events, and league playoffs available daily. From all of them we picked 3 events, we find to be the most interesting from the perspective of professional CSGO.

DreamHack Open Tours 2019

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Date: May 17th – May 19th
Prize pool: $100,000

In this edition of DreamHack Open, 8 professional CSGO teams will battle over a prize pool of $100,000 in Tours, France. Due to location and DreamHack Open rules, as well as a high level of skill, we will be able to see 3 french teams: Instinct, G2 and FrenchFrogs. They will be accompanied by AVANGAR, mousesports (we feel they’re good candidates for 1st place), Valiance, Windigo, and Ghost.

cs_summit 4

Date: May 23rd – May 26th
Prize pool: $150,000

This tournament, taking place at the Summit House in Los Angeles, California and will host 6 teams. The group stage will take place on the first day of the tournament and will be a double round-robin format – every team plays all other teams at least twice. Moreover, these group matches won’t be considered best-of-two and each map will be treated as a separate match. This may boost the dynamic character of the professional CSGO even further and provide a lot of entertainment. The teams taking part in cs_summit 4 are ENCE, Ghost, Liquid, NRG, Renegades, and Vitality. Many fans of eSport look forward to ENCE vs. LIquid matches as the two teams are currently placed on 3rd and 2nd places in the worldwide CSGO rankings.

DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019

Date: May 28th – Jun 2nd
Prize pool: $250,000

This month will be closed with the second DreamHack event as well one with the biggest prize pool in May 2019. The Dallas’ edition of DreamHack tournaments will host 16 teams, including Liquid, ENCE, Cloud9, NiP, and Renegades. With such a high entry skill level, it may be impossible to deduce which team has the highest chance of winning the Texan event. Tickets are still available on the DreamHack website.

And which even you look forward to the most? Which team is your favorite? Share it with us down in the comments.