CS20 Classic Knife: The OG CS:GO Knife Back In the Game

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With the release of the very special CS20 weapon case, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community got their hands on the number of new, amazing skins that commemorate 20 years of the Counter-Strike franchise. CS20 Case is made out of skins pointing out important dates in CS history, some aspects of older entries and even small details that the skins creators vividly remembered from old maps and weapon models. All of the CS20 skins are designed by (often veteran) community members for other community members.

However, besides choosing the range of skins included in the latest weapon case, Valve also did add something on their own: the Classic Knife. On top of that, Classic Knife CS20 skins include the basic Classic Knife and 13 finishes. In this article, we will take a look at the new Classic Knife CS20 case introduced to the game, their prices, drop chances, and popularity.

Where can you get CS20 Classic Knife?

As the name itself implies, CS20 Knife comes as a part of The CS20 Collection. That means you can drop it while opening the CS20 Weapon Case. However, as with any other knife in CSGO, the chances for you to drop it are, putting it lightly, very slim. Some would say it’s almost impossible. Yet, mathematically speaking, it is not that hard – just quite inefficient and costly to get stuff such as CS20 Classic Knife skins by case openings.

When CSGO was about to be released in China Valve was forced to make the drop chances public. In China gambling is illegal. However, according to China’s law, if the precise odds are made public, it is no longer considered as gambling. Therefore, due to the Ministry of Culture’s regulations and supervision in regard to online gaming, Valve had to release the official drop ratios. Even though they have never officially claimed that the same odds apply to weapon cases other than in China, some research into case opening implied that they, in fact, may be the same.

That is why it is believed that all exceedingly rare items such as Classic Knife CS20 weapon case holds have a 0,26% chance to be dropped. Moreover, there is a 1:10 chance for any dropped CSGO skin, including knives, that it will be a StatTrak. Therefore, you have a 0,026% chance for the CS20 Knife to be a StatTrak one. Considering that every case opening will cost you around $3, you will have to spend around $1200 to have a statistical certainty to drop such a knife, which isn’t still a real certainty. Luckily, it is much cheaper to buy CS20 Classic Knife of your choice off the market.

Buying and selling CS20 Classic Knife

If you want to buy the Classic Knife, you can do it either from the Steam Community Market or from one of the third-party markets. You could also try some of the trading hubs on Reddit or Discord, but that method is better when you prefer to find a very specific float or model. All these methods have their pros and cons.

While Steam Community Market is the most straightforward and the most expensive, third-party marketplaces are a lot cheaper but some of them might not be very airtight. Skinwallet Market breaks that spell with a scam-proof procedure to follow, so that browsing Classic Knife skins is easy and you can benefit from the prices. Dealing directly with another trader would require a good amount of skill and skins.

Moreover, considering a very high price of all CS20 Classic Knife skins except maybe two or three, the transaction fee (15%) from such a purchase made on Steam Community Market would bleed your wallet.  Still, it depends on the type of finish you want. If its something like Urban Masked or Safari Mesh, the price is relatively low – around $200-$300. Case Hardened or Crimson Web? Prepare for $500-$1000 or even more, and that’s before StatTrak.

That is why, if you luckily uncase a CS20 Classic Knife it may be best to sell it ASAP, before the numbers of available pieces grow. For this, you can go with Steam Community Market or third-party markets. The problem with Steam Community Market is, though, that even if you get the highest possible price, you won’t be able to pay out your money. All money gathered in Steam Wallet can be only spent on more skins, games, and cards found inside the Steam environment.

Why should you consider obtaining CS20 Classic Knife?

Did you seriously just ask that? It is fabulous, has a long history and it, mostly for veteran players, brings the memories back. Plus it is can get very expensive. If you manage to uncase one of them and sell them on the market, you will be getting good money from it. Even with cheaper, less popular Classic Knife finishes, you will be able to afford a couple of other skins.

Why are CS20 Classic Knives so popular?

Well, CS20 Classic Knife is not just a knife. It is THE knife, the original Counter-Strike knife. The one that seen countless battles in CS 1.6, was used to quickly reposition around the original 1.6 maps as well as seen thousands of sneaky-cheeky knife kills. In all seriousness though, it just brings back memories. Plus, it is expensive as hell, and we all like to have some expensive CSGO skins and items.


The inclusion of the Classic Knife in the CS20 Weapon Case was a brilliant move. It completely fits the commemorative character of both the event and the Collection. It brings in melancholy, style, and some fresh bling. If you are interested in our coverage of the other weapon skins of that collection, check out our analysis of the CS20 Weapon Case.

Finally, a question from us: if you could pick any finish and exterior quality from all CS20 Classic Knife skins, which one would you choose? Share your answer with us down in the comments section!