How to get cheap CS:GO skins and sell them for real cash

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We like to talk about the elusive, iconic, extremely rare, and very expensive skins like AWP | Dragon Lore, M4A4 | Howl or a particular floats of AK-47 | Case Hardened. However, we need to remember that most of the CSGO skins are cheap and found everywhere. Today we will take a look at the best cheap CSGO skins.

Cheap CSGO skins – explained 2019

The most important feature of cheap CSGO skins is that… well, they are cheap. That means they usually of low rarity grade. Yet that never meant they aren’t meticulously crafted by artists. There is a number of people that use whatever they like the most and price has nothing to do with their choice. CSGO cheap skins are the best for them. Their high number also means there’s much more variety than in case of rare CSGO skins.

M4A1-S | Boreal Forest (Minimal Wear)

m4a1-s boreal forest csgo skin

A very old skin that came into CSGO as a part of The Italy Collection. It is also one of the cheapest skins in CSGO when it comes to M4A1-S skins. Covered fully in woodland camo, it gives off a serious military vibe. Being one of the best cheap CSGO skins the price is very low. You can easily get a Minimal Wear version for less than $0.25. At the same time, Minimal Wear lets you enjoy the camo pattern in full.

P250 | Supernova (Minimal Wear)

p250 supernova csgo skin

This peashooter skin came in the Operation Breakout Weapon Case as a Workshop submission of a restricted pistol grade. It is also available with StatTrak tech. Quite abstract with black, blue, grey and orange hues with slight hex pattern, it is liked by many. The ~$0.50 price tag also makes it one of CSGO skins for cheap loadouts.

Five-SeveN | Urban Hazard (Factory New)

five-seven urban hazard csgo skin

Another workshop submission from 2014, came as part of The Vanguard Collection. Privately, this is one of my favorite color combinations. The red and juicy top with urban camo on the sides and at the handle. It is also one of the few Factory New cheap CSGO skins. With a price tag under $0.50, it found its way into the hands of many players.

MP7 | Urban Hazard (Factory New)

mp7 urban hazard csgo skin

Another member of the Urban Hazard family, MP7 | Urban Hazard lets you spray your enemies in corridors and connectors in style. Alternatively to Five-SeveN, the decals are orange rather than red. However, it still has the same vibe. Pricewise, it is even cheaper as it goes under $0.25 for a Factory New.

AK-47 | Jungle Spray (Field-Tested)

ak47 jungle spray csgo skin

This AK47 weapon skin is perfect for anyone that would like to roleplay as a Colombian drug lord’s henchman or as a militant insurgent trying to topple the corrupted government. Jokes aside, it is spray painted skin in jungle camo. Although the Factory New version can reach $40 at times, Field-Tested offers the perfect balance between price and wear. A $2 price for a military style is quite good.

Why do you lose the value of your skins?

There may be several different reasons for CSGO skins to lose value to the point at which they become cheap CSGO skins. Out of all factors, rarity may be the most important. After all, the rarer the skin the more expensive it gets, at least potentially. Some CSGO skins traders claim that the base price comes from the average number of cases you have to open to drop that particular skin. In such calculations, you take the cost of all keys you had to use to obtain that skin. This may serve as a good starting platform for evaluating a weapon skin value. For a similar reason, whenever a new collection enters the game, it is always good to wait at least a week, preferably two before selling or buying anything. That is how long it usually takes for prices to stabilize, even if just a bit. Thus, after a two weeks time, we can assume which skins will be CSGO cheap skins.

Another reason for the loss of value may be a nerf to the weapon. In some cases, usually with mid-tier skins, they are popular (thus pricy) for as long as the weapon they are for is good. However, Valve regularly introduces weapon patches and nerfs which sometimes make certain weapons unusable. For many people, it is a signal to sell the skins for that weapon. After all, they won’t be really using it anymore.

They may be of course other factors, including the general state of CSGO skins economy, the way in which you would like to sell or buy the skins and many, many others. The important thing is to remember that the final price is what the buyer will agree to pay.

Finding the cheap CSGO skins

If you decided you want to take a closer look at cheap skins CSGO offers, there is a number of places you can go to. Firstly, you can start with the Steam Community Market. Just go to the Community Market, pick Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and pick advanced filters. Now, tick the boxes next to the weapons you want to be filtered. We advise you to do that so you won’t have to go through several pages of cases and stickers. After that, just sort the items by the price (ascending) and you will be presented with dozens of pages of cheap CSGO skins.

Of course, you may want to buy these CSGO skins for cheap at third-party markets. The price will be even lower, but you will have to watch out for fraud attempts. However, the amount of money in such transactions are so low that almost now scammer will try to rob you. It just isn’t worth the hassle. Moreover, if you are looking for the best cheap CSGO skins, you will have to basically make a list of skins you’re interested in beforehand as the number of cheap CSGO skins is huge. Going through all of them one-by-one may be time-consuming or outright frustrating. You can start with the skins we wrote about above. If else, you can browse the Skinwallet Market catalogue of skins sorted from the cheapest first and see if anything catches your eye!

Selling your cheap CSGO skins for the best price

Because these are cheap skins we’re talking about here, the differences between where and how you want to sell your skins falls usually to what you want to do with the money you get. After all, you won’t be selling single skins, but rather dozens at a time.

If you decide to do this through Steam Community Market you won’t need to log in multiple times a day to see if your items were sold. The prices are also a bit higher. The problem is, however, that the money you will gain by selling cheap CSGO skins will be held in SteamWallet. That means, you will be able to use it to buy new games, new CSGO skins from the Community Market, cards or gift cards. There’s no way to pay it out.

The third-party markets offer a bit lower prices, but you will get your money outside the Steam environment. Still, the inconvinienet “log in, see if someone bought it” still applies here. If you want to sell your CSGO cheap skins fast, you will be forced to lower the price a lot.

The third option is to use Skinwallet. Here we don’t ask questions, the transaction is finished under 3 minutes and the payout are almost instant. The only requirement is to have cheap skins over $0.50, as we don’t buy cheaper items.


Today we talked about cheap CSGO skins, learned what are the best cheap CSGO skins on the market, how to get them and how to sell all unwanted cheap skins in CSGO. We also touched upon the topic of skins economy and market fluctuations.

Is there anything else you want to know about cheap CSGO skins? Tell us in the comments!