Spray And Slay – Best Negev Skins in 2020

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Ever thought about going full Rambo on any map with tight corridors, and annoy the hell out of anyone? Here’s the $5700 toy for… I mean, $2000 toy… sorry, here’s a force-buy submachine gun that has landed in the Heavy category for some reason.

It’s 2020 and since the beginning of CS:GO, the Negev has come a long way to be turned from a meme weapon into a laser cannon for the slow and steady. We’ll have to save the whole history of changes for a different article, but let’s have a quick recap. It fires 800 rounds per minute, it has a 150 rounds clip with 300 extra ammo, it slows you down like a 2am gravy sauce shower and let’s not even get started on the spray pattern. Generally, you need to sacrifice 15 bullets to achieve a stream of shots straight as in an arcade shooter.

This adorable abomination actually has some interesting skins for it. It seems that some not-so-meta weapons receive less attention from the skin designers. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Let’s look at some of the more interesting Negev CSGO skins that have been crafted over the years.

Where can you get CSGO Negev skins?

Due to the fact that this is not the most used and most sought after weapon in the game, there aren’t many skins for it, and it also means that dropping a decent Negev skin is not that easy. There isn’t a single case that would have more than one of those skins in its collection. We’ll give each respective skin’s case below on the panel.

A lot of midrange Negev skins are currently undroppable, as they are parts of collections not included in the present loot roster. This means that skin marketplaces are your best chance to get them. We’ll discuss that in more detail when we come to the trade, but let’s now look at what is there to get!

What are the best CSGO Negev skins?

Here is our selection of the best CSGO Negev skins, picked from a limited range with consideration. We’re not only going for the most pricy ones, but also for those with something interesting about them.


It still befuddles us why would someone call a fish that has obvious tiger stripes a lionfish? Taxonomy aside, the pattern on this one is just mesmerizing. The Negev is sort of a wild beast, so animal decals are always welcome. Plus, it comes off pretty cheap – $0.42 for a Battle-Scarred, but you probably don’t want that one, because most of the paint is gone at that wear level. A Factory New Negev Lionfish is $1.15 or $3.79 with StatTrak.


No one could ever imagine a Classified skin for Negev, yet here it came. Plus, it was only available for a short period of time while Operation Shattered Web lasted and can be traded up into the incredibly expensive AWP | Gungnir. Those who were around to get it are now luckier than any Norse god will ever be, being able to list it for literally hundreds of dollars. Aside from that, it literally looks like two gnomes have crafted that in the primordial fire for the god of thunder. A gunsmith finish that is absolutely stunning even in its worse wears. Won’t cash that one cheaper than $518!


Sometimes a blunt sense of humor is the best sense of humor. Negev is loud – so why not elaborate on its loudness? Loudmouth is painted with a cartoonish yellow monster whose mouth stretches along the body of the gun. It is already rugged and worn down in its best wear, so the Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred don’t really look like much anymore. Maybe that’s why everything up to Field-Tested included can be bought for around $0.40, and only the Minimal Wear (which is its maximal wear) costs $4.30. StatTraks keep a similar proportion – it’s between 1 and 2 dollars for Battle-Scarred to Field-Tested and a Minimal Wear for around $16.


Distraction is a good ally when you’re carrying a slowpoke death machine. DPPATs help you hide in their own way, but a good paint decal can be just as effective in making your opponent’s eyes lose focus. Here, the askew white and dark blue lines really make you look twice. Unfortunately, it wears off in a pretty nasty way, so don’t bother a Battle-Scarred. A regular Minimal Wear (as with the previous one, also its best wear level) is only a circa $0.20 spending. A StatTrak Minimal Wear Negev Dazzle is just worth just above the dollar. What a treat!


This is even more blunt than the Loudmouth, but in style. The gun goes “bratatatat”. Now laugh. Or just pull the trigger. Nevertheless, it’s in the same dojo as the lightweight, not too design-heavy skins that just make your everyday skirmish brighter. What’s nice about it is that the writing on the body stays the same no matter the wear, it’s just the bullet holes that slowly fade with rising float. Get a regular Minimal Wear for a dollar and a few cents, or try to sniff for a StatTrak Factory New for almost $20.

Buying and selling CSGO Negev skins

If any of those above tickled your fancy, the price range is very accessible (except for that godly Mjölnir). What’s even more interesting, it doesn’t often happen that prices are so balanced between Steam Community Market and third-party marketplaces. However, in the cases of most of the above, the differences in price are minuscule. Still, it’s not a bad idea to check Skinwallet Market Negev offer and see if you can shave off a couple of cents even on the cheaper skins.

When it comes to selling, it’s also quite easy. Unless you’re just hot on your seat to get away with that Mjölnir you dropped as a Shattered Web reward and need to finetune your offer, I’d say your best bet is just to post a sell offer to Steam and let it catch the buyer in its own time. However, if you’re rushed off your feet with expenses and really need those couple of bucks prego, head to Skinwallet, log in with your Steam account, make sure are your credentials are set and make a deposit. You’ll be able to pay out real cash with the ewallet of your choosing very quickly. 

What’s the catch of Negev skins?

Valve really went their way to make Negev a viable option, not only an end-round folly. It requires a specific approach, less typical for default CS gunplay. Still, it’s up to the individual to decide if they play it for real or for laughs. And maybe that’s the beauty of it? It can be a meme and a surprise tactic for the same price and effort. For an average CSGO player, the best Negev skins are a way to make the mundane light machine gun a bit more fun, and usually for a price lesser than a key needed to open a case in search of your destined skin.


Today we’ve presented an overview of Negev CSGO best skins list with some info on each skin’s design and potential market value. Maybe Counter-Strike is not the best game to use a stationery decimator to go through the match, but you’ll surely find some use for it. When you do, it’s also nice to have a fancy skin to go with it, especially that usually they’re not that expensive. Fortunately, you don’t have to spray fifteen cents to even try to get one!