AWP Dragon Lore – The Gun, The Myth, The Legend

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awp dragon lore csgo skin

Arguably, AWP | Dragon Lore is one of the most famous and craved weapons skin. That’s understandable. It is beautiful, it is rare and on top of everything else, AWP Dragon Lore is very expensive. Today, we will talk about this very famous CSGO skin in detail.

AWP Dragon Lore – In Depth

Dragon Lore is a skin for AWP in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. AWP itself is one of the most powerful weapons in the whole CSGO that can grant a kill on the shot to the mass center. However, to make it more balanced a number of features was introduced over the years. Scope blur effects, movement penalty, kill award of only $100 (with $4750 cost of AWP) and scoped accuracy dependant on standing still are all the changes that took place. Still, the sheer firepower makes AWP one of the most important weapons in pro and semi-pro CSGO gaming. It is also theoretically possible to achieve an ace (5 kills) with only one shot, given that it will be all headshots. Thus, this seems very unlikely, not to say impossible.

Dragon Lore, as mentioned before, is one of the available finishes for the AWP. It is a custom paint finish with a knotwork roaring, flame-breathing dragon. The color palette of beige, orange, yellow and olive makes this skin very interesting and neat. Check it out yourself – just type in CS GO AWP Dragon Lore in YouTube or Google. Yet, the looks are not the most important characteristics as in CSGO skin trading world the rarity is what matters the most.

Below you may find a wear float visualization for AWP Dragon Lore skin:

Where can you get AWP Dragon Lore?

It is a part of The Cobblestone Collection case introduced in July 2014 as a souvenir drop, meaning it can be dropped only during Major tournament. It is calculated that the chance to get a Dragon Lore AWP finish is equal to 0,0004%. That is awfully low. However, please remember that on top of that, it comes out of Cobblestone case that could be dropped as a souvenir case for those watching a game of CSGO that took place on map Cobblestone. The drop rate for the Cobblestone Major watchers was estimated between 1-2%. This means Dragon Lore is one of the most elusive and hard to get skins in the entire history to CSGO skin trading. If you dropped one, you probably ran out your entire life’s luck.

Buying and Selling AWP Dragon Lore

If you are interested in buying an AWP Dragon Lore you have few options. The easiest one is Steam Community Market. Steam Market is an inside trading system made by Valve through which people can list, sell, buy and generally trade skins for different games. Still, CSGO skin trading is the biggest of all markets in the Community Market. First of all, having in mind how rare Dragon Lore CSGO skin really is, the number of Dragon Lores in trade is usually very small: a few well-worn, some battle-scarred. The biggest in number are Field-Tested exterior quality, which still rarely go over 10 at the same time. This means, the price for Dragon Lore is very stable and buying one can be considered a good money saver or even an investment protecting your cash from the inflation. Now, the price for Factory New (which is, by the way, rarely available is around $2000 or more.

Other than Steam Community Market you may want to try out your luck at third-party markets and websites. Naturally, they offer much lower prices with Dragon Lore Factory New available for less than $2000 depending on the stickers applied to that individual piece. The lower prices are influenced by a very simple fact – all money made through Steam Market lands in your Steam Wallet and cannot be paid out. As third-party markets give you a way to pay out your funds, the prices are naturally lower. Moreover, taking into consideration the sheer price and popularity of Dragon Lore many people will try to scam you out of your money during the trade, for example, by employing a middleman that will help them scam you. Thus, it is always good to check everything thoroughly, a few times if needed, and never go through with a trade that seems fishy.

If you want to sell an AWP your options are very similar. You can sell your skin at the Steam Community Market securing the highest Dragon Lore AWP Price available but barring yourself from easy access to your funds. You can sell it on the third-party market – but the process may be time-consuming and isn’t preferable when you need money fast. The third option is to sell it to us through SkinWallet. The biggest advantage of SkinWallet is that you’ll receive your funds in mere minutes, no question asked.

To sell AWP Dragon Lore CSGO skin at SkinWallet, start by logging in to SkinWallet with your Steam credentials. Please, remember to set your inventory visibility to public. Otherwise, SkinWallet won’t be able to see your inventory. When logged in, please add your Steam Trade URL to the system, so our bot can send you a valid trade offer. Now, find the Dragon Lore AWP you want to sell and click on it. You will see the price we are willing to pay for it, right here, right now. If it is satisfactory, click on the green button and proceed to the transaction from the pop-up link. This is the safest way to trade with SkinWallet bot. Please check if every element of the trade is valid and accept the trade offer. Your SkinWallet balance should update very shortly. Now you just need to add a valid Paypal address you want to use and payout the money. Congratulations. You just sold AWP Dragon Lore in a couple of minutes and received the money on your private Paypal account.

How did AWP Dragon Lore become most valuable skin?

Even though $2000 for one skin sounds crazy, the price of an actual most expensive AWP Dragon Lore was much higher than this. Over thirty times higher. A particular piece of Dragon Lore was sold for over $61,000 in January 2018. The price came from a very specific combination of exterior quality, version, and stickers. It was a souvenir AWP Dragon Lore Factory New from the Boston Major with Cloud9’s Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham unscratched sticker who was an MVP for ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018 which Cloud9 won. That was a unique piece that will be never available again with an equally unique price. This was one of these moments when the mainstream media gasp at the price of a texture pack that doesn’t make you any better at game, nor it boosts any weapon statistics. And that’s what we, skin trading is about – a CSGO weapon skin becoming an active or a passive investment.


In this article I talked a bit about the most famous and iconic CSGO skin – AWP Dragon Lore. We talked about its price, rarity and special circumstances behind the most expensive CSGO skin transaction on one skin. At least one that we know of.

Do you own or owned a Dragon Lore AWP skin? What would you do if you had one? Please, tell us in the comments down below. Happy hunting and stay tuned for more posts, articles and guides on CSGO skin trading!