Weekly CS:GO Esports Recap | June 29th, 2020

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Weekly CSGO Esports Recap June 29th, 2020

Last week in CS:GO esports saw another stage of Major Qualifying come to head with cs_summit 6’s first week filled with upsets and surprises.

In EU’s group A, undoubtedly the group of death in this tournament, GODSENT shocked everyone beating Mousesports and G2, joined eventually by Fnatic in the knockouts, with Mousesports going out dead last, making a major appearance unlikely for Karrigan’s squad.

Group B saw absolutely no upsets with Vitality and North winning over Movistar Riders and FATE. 

Group C was a tight affair between NiP, Heroic, and Ence, with the former two coming out on top and the Fins left to battle it out for 9-12th. X6tence were left as a non-factor in this group.

Finally, Group D saw another big upset with FaZe being eliminated out of contention by OG and BIG, while Team Heretics ended up bottom of the group, licking their wounds.

In North America, we saw a tale of two groups. With Group A populated by the 4 best teams in NA over the past month and Group B being a cakewalk for the favoured 100 Thieves and Gen.G.

Eventually, Group A saw FURIA and MIBR eliminated by Evil Geniuses and Liquid, while Cloud9 and Chaos fell in Group B. With RMR points still up for grabs for FURIA and Cloud9, their Major dream stays alive, while MIBR will need a stunning performance in the final qualifier to ensure qualification.

Meanwhile, in the CIS qualifier WePlay! CLutch Island, Na’Vi took their rightful crown back from the competition with a strong tournament from superstars Electronic and S1mple. Hard Legion Esports fell to the wayside after their strong performance in the Road to Rio qualifier, ending last after a loss to Winstrike. Team Spirit, Virtus.Pro and Nemiga rounding out the Top 4 ensure that the final CIS qualifier will be thrilling, with everyone with all to play for.

With the upcoming player break, cs_summit will be the last high-tier tournament to be played for over a month, so we suggest you take in all the Counter-Strike action you can over the upcoming week!