Weekly CS:GO Esports Recap | July 6th, 2020

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weekly csgo esports recap

CS_Summit has come to an end on what can only be described as an extremely familiar note in the EU bracket. Once again, a French team faltered in the finals, and once again, it was BIG taking the spoils.

Despite a 1-0 lead courtesy of an upper bracket advantage, the French team once again crumbled in the final, eventually falling apart on Overpass, leaving BIG to be crowned CS_Summit champions, winning the series 3-2.

In the NA bracket, Evil Geniuses managed to convert their upper bracket advantage with a quick 3-0 against Gen.G.

However, given that CS_Summit 6 was most importantly a qualifying event for the Rio Major, meaning that some upsets earlier in the bracket may turn out more impactful than the actual wins. While BIG winning the tournament was pretty… ahem… big for the standings, with BIG sneaking into the 8th spot for the Rio Major.

Last week we mentioned Mousesports’ early elimination. That means that they join Heroic, Heretics, Movistar Riders, X6tence, Complexity, FATE Esports, c0ntact, and Dignitas on the outs.

Despite rather weak results, FaZe Clan remain in the running, along with the likes of ENCE, both teams failing to reach the knockout stage. Newcomers to the qualifying scene OG have captured the final European spot for now.

Importantly, Astralis remain third in the standings despite skipping out on the tournament entirely, which is just insane to think about.

Meanwhile, in North America, it seems like the Top 6 is pretty much set in stone before the final qualifying event. With MIBR being over 800 points behind FURIA who are 25 points away from Cloud9, it seems like the latter two will be battling it out for the final spot. Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, Gen.G, and 100 Thieves close out the Top 4.

With the player break starting next week, it remains to be seen if the teams on the outside looking in will make any further changes. With the likes of Mousesports and MIBR likely to miss out on the tournament, Dreamhack Open and ESL One Cologne are sure to be interesting reflections of each team’s efforts made during the break. For now, however, we’re sure the players will appreciate a break from the recently hectic, online schedule.