Upgrading CSGO Skins in 2020

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CSGO skins brought some fresh blood to the now-canonical franchise of Counter-Strike by supplying a whole system of drop and trade of cosmetic items that allow players to customize their appearance in game, but do not interfere with the competitiveness of the game structure itself. The skins can be dropped in several occasions – mainly by completing matches on official servers and opening skin cases, but also through completing operation missions and watching championships on CS TV. There are several grades of skins, and the rarer they are, the more their worth. Additionally, they have a wear level presented in the form of float level – the higher the float, the lower the quality of skin’s finish, and thus, usually the lesser the price, although there are exceptions to that. It’s only natural that players look for ways to upgrade CSGO skins they’ve looted and try to increase their collection’s level, be it for the looks or for the profit. Before one jumps the gun, it’s important to know how does “upgrading” really works.

Where and how to upgrade your CSGO skins?

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that there is a plethora of websites that offer a service of upgrading your skins. As upgrading falls into gambling category, pages like these will be included in gambling lists, but we’ll elaborate on this in the next paragraph. Those also have rankings – as the competition is great, providers watch each others’ hands and are very alert when it comes to pages that present dishonest success chances or try to scam you for your skins. In 2019 rankings, DatDrop, CSGO-Skins and CSGO Upgrader were considered the best pages for CSGO skins upgrade. To proceed using those, you basically have to log in with your Steam account, deposit your skins, possibly select a skin you’re aiming at and attempt and upgrade. The thing is, you have a certain chance to succeed, so you will not always gain.

Guide to upgrading your CSGO skins

First of all, you have to understand that upgrading skins is, in essence, giving it away for a chance of getting a better one back. The quality of the item is here determined on the drop rarity, the key price and float value. The higher you’re aiming, the lesser the chance. For example, if you want to upgrade a Battle-Scarred M4A4 | Asiimov to an AK-47 | Aquamarine Revenge, the skin value increases roughly twice, and the chance to succeed in the upgrade is just above 45%. This still looks relatively good, but if you’d like to exchange a Minimal Wear M4A1-S | Decimator for a Gut Knife | Fade, the value is multiplied by 5.28 and the chance of succeeding is only 17.61%. It’s not hard to fall into a downward spiral from here.

If you’re not into taking big risks, follow these advice when you want to upgrade skins CSGO brought your way. When it comes to any kind of activities that has a chance of losing the skin, it’s better to deal with duplicates of what you already have. It would be bad to lose your only Factory New AK-47 | Frontside Misty to an unsuccessful upgrade. Look for upgrade CSGO skins site services that have their probability rates open and are computable. For example, CSGO Gem allows you to display the client seed and the server’s hash on which the pseudo-random number is generated. If you’re not a math head then it doesn’t tell you much, but if you were to simulate the random generation, it would show you the stats. When you upgrade, take it slow, don’t throw everything away for a 3% chance to get a Marble Fade Karambit. Given that you have a bunch of Classified skins, use them to get Covert skins first at maximally x2.0 multiplier. Then, when your stakes are higher, try aiming at the golden drops.

Which are the most popular skins to upgrade?

The dependency is simple in that matter. Expensive and rare items will be more likely to generate even more expensive and rarer items. It’s not hard to see that the real deal begins on the level of Covert weapon skins and knife skins. This is a high-risk, high-gain situation, as it’s still possible to lose your knife skins and get nothing in their place, as the chances are not 100%. Yet, given that you have some stuff to spare, arm yourself with Asiimovs and Chatterboxes and try your luck. Using trade-up contracts to get rid of cheaper skins and provide yourself with something from the higher shelf is also a legit option to risk your hard-earned Coverts and Classifieds. Thus, those who play a lot of CSGO upgrade skins faster and with less risk.

Selling your upgraded CSGO skins

As with any loot you get from playing, smart trading or gambling, you can monetise it further by the power of third-party services and marketplaces. Once you’re done testing your luck and want to turn these skins into money, you can either try trading them off for other skins with profit or just selling them on mass-deposit websites. Skinwallet is one such service that allows you to get your cash much faster than usual and offers the best prices from that procedure. You can go to our main page, log in with your Steam account and see how the procedure goes on in several simple steps. We’re listing scam-protecting measures before you proceed and the amount of money you can get is displayed straight away, before making the final call.


Upgrading your skins is a procedure of depositing your skins to a Steam-external service for a chance of getting a better one back. It involves risk, but a risk that you can foresee, so it’s that much more secure than regular gambling. Before you delve into it, get your CSGO inventory sorted and calculated. The rest is up to the fortune herself.