Introducing the Skinwallet API

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Ever wished for a market CSGO API that will let you spread your trading wings? Lo and behold, the hard work of our development team has finally resulted in a simple tool that will make it possible for you to trade even more efficiently, the way you want it! We’ve implemented an API system with full documentation available to each and every user. From now on you can use a secret Skinwallet API key to manage your trades within our market via the Skinwallet API.

Superlatives and lines of code aside, let’s quickly go through the whole thing and see how you can benefit from using our API module.

Again, what is an API key used for?

Confidential API keys are a form of authentication method between programs that are supposed to exchange information and trigger certain actions in each other by the means of an API protocol. You can read more about that in our article dedicated to the general understanding of API. Once you have an API key for a service, you can privately connect it with another one that can understand its commands.

How to create API key for Skinwallet Market?

One might be tempted to think it will be generated automatically somewhere within the service, but for now, we’re approaching it differently. If you are a registered Skinwallet Marketplace user, you can email us at with a request to generate a secret API key for you. Afterwards, you will receive an answer email with said key. While this may seem outdated to some, at this point in time it allows us to assure the highest quality of delivered service. Self-generated API keys will come in time!

What can you use Skinwallet API key for?

Once you receive a secret API key for your Skinwallet account, you will be able to easily:

  • Managing offers – checking their status and pulling down individual listings or modifying them when needed
  • Putting items on sale either from your SW Inventory or directly from your Steam Inventory
  • Withdrawing items from your SW Inventory to your Steam Inventory
  • Searching the market for a specific cue
  • Receiving your overall account status or item history

These few in turn allow you for more complex operations depending on the proxy application you’re using. You can find the full documentation of SW Market API key functions at

Is Skinwallet API key secure?

It is as secure as it gets. We’re using a safe protocol so that your HTTP requests are encrypted, but this is an industry standard right now. You can also be sure that no unauthorised personnel gets access to your secret API key from the side of our interface.

We’ve procured a safety procedure that, if followed correctly by the user, will ensure that your API will not be compromised. It’s crucial that users use their authentication methods properly and never give their API key to anyone. If you’re acquainted with the way Steam API works, you will have no problem keeping your SW Market API safe.


There’s not very much else to say here, the Skinwallet API opens a world of convenient trading before you, with the maintained access to our ultra-affordable stock! If you already know how to use API key in website-driven applications, this should be very easy for you to proceed with. If not, the documentation linked above will help you out.

We encourage you to email us at to start trading with bigger bravado. If, however, you have any questions you’d like to ask beforehand or have any suggestions you’d like us to consider, feel free to write at, and our team will answer as soon as it’s humanly possible!