Shattered Web New Community Skins in 2019

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shattered web community collections 2019

If you haven’t got around it already – there’s a new operation published not much over a week ago, called Operation Shattered Web. It brought along a whole bunch of new stuff, including characters skins, maps, a dedicated case and – lo and behold – a wide arrange of new skin collections.

Current operation’s case has its own range of goodies, but today we’ll focus on the Shattered Web community skins dropping as rewards after completing season’s missions, as they are just incredible.

Brand new skin collections in Operation Shattered Web

Skins in Shattered Web belong to three different, and I mean very different collections. Below you’ll find detailed descriptions of each one of them.

Norse Collection

norse collections csgo skins

You can surely find some parallels between the bravery of old Scandinavian warriors and the courage of freedom fighters nowadays. Invoking this ancient, battle-born energy, Norse Collection reaches out to the northern mythos and uses the old faith’s ornamentations to turn guns and rifles into artifacts of gods. Most notable are the two covert skins, AWP | Gungnir recalling the spear of Odin, and the Negev | Mjölnir, the fiery avatar of Thor’s hammer. Also, although low in rank, SCAR-20 | Brass might look intimidating in the game. Other Mil-Spec skins have a very earthy, heavy visage and might be a nice refresh for those who prefer the toned look of basic skins.

St. Marc Collection

st. marc collection csgo skins

Windows 98, Sweating Bullets is on the TV and I’m hearing mall muzak in the speakers. Catch the drift of aesthetic nostalgia and let yourself wander amidst palm trees and flamingo pink skies. A series of skins very much in the vibe of vaporwave and synthesizer madness, with lots of pastel colors and lackadaisical floral patterns. AK-47 | Wild Lotus covert skin is a living Arizona tea bottle. Green-and cream SGG 08 | Sea Calico looks like it may also find its fans.

Canals Collection 

canals collection csgo skins

In veneer to the Canals demolition map’s setting, this collection features designs of a more elegant nature, ranging from rococo ornamentation to slick, monochromatic layout. AWP | The Prince looks as royal as it gets, with boxed gold-and-red engravings. MAG-7 | Cincquedea is more reminiscent of traditional Spanish handicrafts. Also, imagine going with P90 | Baroque Red around the Venice canals, feels a bit like a time machine.

How to get the new community skins?

To get new skins in Operation Shattered Web, you need to acquire an operation pass and start playing weekly missions published on the event’s lobby. Finishing those will get you stars, which in turn will guarantee you some drops at certain tiers. If you finish the whole reward tier, there is a fat chance you will end up with some of the community skins in your inventory.

Of course, new skins already entered the shops. You can buy them on Steam Market for a stable trade. You can also go to third-party marketplaces, where the prices are usually significantly lower than at Steam. While some external markets can be cumbersome and unclear, try shopping with Skinwallet Market for easy-going skin browsing and transparent safety procedures.

Below you can find a complete referential list of new Shattered Web skins, ordered from the rarest to the most common. Attached to each one are price brackets for current Steam prices, Battle-Scarred (or lowest available tier) being the bottom and Factory New (or highest available trier) being the top.

Norse Collection skins

AWP | Gungnir $884.53 – $1,481.26

Negev | Mjölnir $92.00 – $187.00

Desert Eagle | Emerald Jörmungandr $16.12 – $27.69

AUG | Flame Jörmungandr $16.12 – $27.69

P90 | Astral Jörmungandr $13.36 – $22.58

CZ75-Auto | Emerald Quartz $2.70 – $4.20

SCAR-20 | Brass $2.27 – $4.84

XM1014 | Frost Borre $2.34 – $4.25

MAC-10 | Copper Borre $2.53 – $3.69

Dual Berettas | Pyre $0.31 – $1.04

USP-S | Pathfinder $0.34 – $0.50

MAG-7 | Chainmail $0.27 – $0.38

M4A1-S | Moss Quartz $0.27 – $0.42

Galil AR | Tornado $0.05 – $0.69

SSG 08 | Red Stone $0.05 – $0.58

MP7 | Scorched $0.05 – $0.29

SG 553 | Barricade $0.05 – $0.15

FAMAS | Night Borre $0.05 – $0.13

St Marc Collection skins

AK-47 | Wild Lotus $238.85 – $1,647.11

MP9 | Wild Lily $39.99 – $181.87

SSG 08 | Sea Calico $7.20 – $25.26

Glock-18 | Synth Leaf $6.32 – $17.25

AUG | Midnight Lily $7.18 – $16.85

Five-SeveN | Crimson Blossom $1.97 – $6.78

UMP-45 | Day Lily $2.13 – $2.38

MP7 | Teal Blossom $1.99 – $2.49

FAMAS | Sundown $1.70 – $2.59

M4A4 | Dark Blossom $0.23 – $1.15

P90 | Sunset Lily $0.20 – $0.34

Tec-9 | Rust Leaf $0.21 – $0.27

XM1014 | Banana Leaf $0.19 – $0.28

M249 | Jungle $0.06 – $0.48

MP5-SD | Bamboo Garden $0.06 – $0.25

PP-Bizon | Seabird $0.06 – $0.11

MAC-10 | Surfwood $0.06 – $0.13

Sawed-Off | Jungle Thicket $0.06 – $0.10

Canals Collection skins

AWP | The Prince $369.93 – $1,008.69

MAG-7 | Cinquedea $29.67 – $113.73

Nova | Baroque Orange $3.96 – $10.93

MP9 | Stained Glass $4.20 – $9.90

MAC-10 | Red Filigree $3.98 – $9.69

Dual Berettas | Emerald $1.04 – $1.73

P90 | Baroque Red $0.75 – $1.05

G3SG1 | Violet Murano $0.70 – $1.10

SSG 08 | Orange Filigree $0.74 – $1.06

AK-47 | Baroque Purple $0.83 – $7.52

SG 553 | Candy Apple $0.15 – $5.11

Tec-9 | Orange Murano $0.11 – $0.28

P250 | Dark Filigree $0.11 – $0.24

AUG | Navy Murano $0.06 – $0.66

R8 Revolver | Canal Spray $0.07 – $0.60

CZ75-Auto | Indigo $0.06 – $0.58

SCAR-20 | Stone Mosaico $0.06 – $0.54

Negev | Boroque Sand $0.06 – $0.47

Can you trade them, too?

Absolutely. Supposedly you happen to get a hold of some of the skins in Shattered Web, but you don’t quite feel like using them while playing. Just go to the Steam Community Market and place a selling offer, basing your price on what is available in the stock. This is an option for the patient ones – unless you’re not dumping the price aggressively, your offer will surely have to wait for a buyer. Putting some more effort and focus into selling them might result in a better deal. This will need you to register on several third-party services that deal with CSGO skins, comparing current market prices for them and trading the best offers. However, if you don’t like the fuss and just want your money in quick, sign in to Skinwallet with your Steam account and cash your skins out in a blink of an eye. When you’re logged in, it’s enough to preview your inventory, deposit the skins the service is willing to buy from you and confirm your payout.

Will these skins be worth anything in the long run?

For now, CSGO Shattered Web new skins are growing in volume on the market. After the operation mission cycle is done, the access to new skins will be more limited, they will become rarer and latecomers might want to jump the bandwagon and get some for themselves. We will also see if they will become droppable in future cases. Treat the rare skins with moderate optimism and observe the players’ reactions to find if any of the mid-tier skins are getting the buzz.

To sum things up

Community-created Shattered Web skins are a very high-quality update of the skin range. There’s a lot of them, there are three different style groups for the needy and the picky, and also you get both rare works of art and a lot of decent skins in the common stakes. Try them out, find your favorite and stick to those, which are still gaining in value.