Current Nuke Callouts For 2021 Competitive CS GO

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Fancy a match on one of the legendary CS GO maps? Explore all the Nuke Callouts with our brief overview.

Nuke, or formerly de_nuke, is one of the oldest and longest-running maps in the Counter-Strike franchise. It takes place on a nuclear plant somewhere in the middle of the US and forces both sides of the conflict into a vortex structure of the central building, resulting in a combat moving laterally between the floors of the facility.

Although Nuke is not a very broad map, it has several vertical layers in its main axis, yet it doesn’t force a linear gameplay. However, there are quite a few well-trodden pathways and quite a lot of recognizable, specific places, so there are more functioning callouts than one might expect. Continue reading for a preview of the Nuke callout map and learn how to use both old and new Nuke callouts.

General Nuke Outlines

This map puts both teams on the outside perimeter of the power plant, slowing down the attackers by less direct pathways to the bombsite and giving just a little bit of advantage to CTs so they can prepare their defences. While the area is not big, there are plenty of hot points where teams can engage in combat and rotate quickly. Getting to know the structure of the building and how bombsites A and B connect with each other will be crucial in gaining any advantage over your opponents.

Nuke Callout Map

Here’s an awesome and clear map prepared by folks at TotalCSGO that shows the placement of callouts on Nuke.

Nuke Callouts CSGO Overview

Let’s roll over the map and see what elements you encounter on your way. We’ll first discuss the surface of the map and the A Site and then move to the B Stie.

T-Spawn to A Site

Starting at T Spawn, the attackers approach the power plant from the west side. They can choose to enter the Lobby from the left or climb to T Roof that allows you to jump to the top of the Silo with a great overview of Outside, which is the general area on the south of the map. Here, there are few containers, the most important being the T Red closer to the Silo and CT Red closer to the Garage, which is in the bottom right corner of the map. Next to it, there’s a lift of stairs called Secret that leads to the basement of the plant and, subsequently, to the B Stie. We’ll discuss that in a moment. There’s also Main (or Mini) entrance to the building that has a doorway facing the Garage.

From the Lobby, you can enter the Radio room (which is one of 1.6 de_nuke callouts, more and more often called Vending, because of the vending machines that were added in the CSGO version of the map), Squeaky corridor that leads into the right side of A Site, jump up the ladder to see over the A site or walk by the Sandbags and take the Hut that slows down and exposes site entrance, but gets you right into the middle of the site. Radio/Vending takes you to the Control room that allows you to switch routes to Ramp.

On the A-Site itself one needs to look out for the Vent next to the Squeaky, which is a shortcut to the basement tunnels. The boxes next to the hut are called Tetris and can be used to access the Hut roof. Looking up, you will either see your teammate who climbed from the lobby watching the site from Mustang or an enemy sniper at the Bridge.

CT-Spawn to B-Site

Leaving the CT Spawn with the large back area, you first end up on a ramp with a CT Box, which is a great hiding place to try and watch for Ts trying to rotate around the building. Going round it you can cut to the aforementioned Garage and wait for your opponents in a pretty exposed, but also close-ranged space. Going straightforward gets you either to the Lockers room or Hell that either lets you climb to Heaven to look over the A site or continues to Turnpike, from which you can either go the Ramp, stay at the Headshot and hunt for rotating Ts or get around through the Control room. Mind the Big Box next to the ramp, the Boost (or Access) area next to the control and the Stack just next to the Turnpike, they are all great hiding places for intermediate combat.

Ramp leads you to Bottom Ramp / Lower Ramp and then forks the corridor to the B Site through another smaller ramp. You can enter the scaffolding around the reactor, which will be usually called out as B Up or just Up. Look out for a T camping in the Dark on the side of the small ramp, behind a container.

If you decide to enter B site from the Secret next to the Garage in the Outside area, you need to be wary of the Vents that connect the upper part of the map, the Back Vents corridor leading to a Decon room and a the corridor leading to the swinging Doors on the side of B Site. From there, you can also continue carefully up the little flight of stairs to the Window room, but if there’s a T already waiting in here, it’s sure death.

Nuke Callouts – Summary

These callouts are hard to present in such a narrative form. There are many intersections in the map, like the Lobby going into several different paths and Ramp room having a couple of different, usable angles to it, but hopefully, together with the map, you’ll get a hang of it and greatly improve your communication on Nuke.