New CS GO Case is Here – Snakebite Case!

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Breaking news, fresh intel from today morning – Valve has dropped another skin goodie just at the recent operation’s end. Welcome CS GO Snakebite Case!

It’s hard to tell if we’re surprised or not, but hey, it’s a new case, new skin collection, and several new designs to hype about! While The Operation Broken Fang itself was a treat when it comes to skins, providing quite a few opportunities to refresh your loadout with new colors, this most recent addition will surely bring a little bit more daunting color for those who thought Broken Fang skins were just a tad too toned.

We’ll have a quick look at the case’s premise and what skins can you find inside, so buckle up and let’s give it a go!

Origin of Snakebite Case

The Snakebite Case is a part of a pretty big CS GO update that has made quite a noise for a couple of hours it has been online. The hardest nut to crack is the fact that Train has been taken out of Competitive rotation and it was substituted with a pretty recent Broken Fang map, Ancient. Don’t get me wrong, a new map in the matchmaking is a nice treat, as the rotation sometimes needs refreshment, but the Train map seemed like it’s still a pretty popular map. Nevertheless, we’ll have to if the community gets used to the new set.

Aside from that change, there are also two new maps for non-competitive plays and two new Wingman maps. We’ll most likely review them a little bit after we give them a spin!

It’s hard to say if Snakebite Case is a consolation prize for the expiring Operation Broken Fang, or is it a nod to the number of great skins that have been pushed up the ranks in the Community Workshop, but one thing’s certain – 17 new skins are there to find! Also, the gold drop from this case is limited to Operation Broken Fang Gloves, so it will make those much more available!

How To Get CS GO Snakebite Case?

As a new community case, Snakebite is added to the drop tally, so the only two ways to get it right now is either play through to get all your weekly drops and hope for the best or go and buy one.

The latter option is not recommended yet unless you’re really in for the fresh skins. The prices swing between 8 and 10 euros for one case for now, so there aren’t many there yet, and this will probably stabilize in some time.

Best Snakebite Case Skins

Here we’ll have a look at the 5 rarest and potentially most expensive skins from the CS GO new case’s skin choice.

USP-S | The Traitor

What’s up with USP-S and the fact that most of its skins are top-notch? I mean, you might like your Cyrexes over your Lead Conduits, but most of them are as balanced as it gets. Here, the Traitor blends the motives of a biblical serpent and a Tarot’s hanged man. All coming from the community’s favorite authors of such great skins as M4A4 | The Emperor, AWP | Mortiis or AK-47 | The Empress. Won’t surprised if this USP becomes one of the most popular skins this year.

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M4A4 | In Living Color

Missed color? Here’s all your color. This absolutely crazy design by kadzor and Nannou is bursting with fluorescence, playing hard on the graffiti wall aesthetics. It’s absolutely difficult to focus your eyes on one image or pattern here. For me personally it’s tad too much, and I’m afraid this skin looks better in your Steam Inventory than in the game, but to each their own. I can see it in the same loadout as Five-SeveN | Fairy Tale.

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XM1014 | XOXO

No pump action doesn’t mean no action at all. This automatic shotgun skin is maybe far from real hugs and kisses, but can’t deny the fun behind the idea. XOXO has a randomly applied pattern made up of punkish skull stickers, slogans, and intense sharpie doodles. It’s all presented in a very flashy color palette, except for the stickers and slogans. I’d go after the gut feeling and say that those XOXO skins that have a skull visible on the body of the gun will be the most sought after.

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MP9 | Food Chain

Eat or be eaten? In CS GO it’s more like ‘shoot or be shot’, but whatever! The whole body of the gun is painted with a series of wacky monsters eating each other in a titular food chain. It’s one of the most outstanding skins for the MP9, but still, it’s rising float leaves a lot of damage on the design. What’s interesting is that it is a pretty recent addition to the workshop and doesn’t have many upvotes, so it must have been a heavy staff’s pick.

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Galil AR | Chromatic Aberration

More and more pinkish skins in CSGO, isn’t it nice? Galil AR has already had a great skin in a pink hue, but this one is more serious. It’s utilizing the same fake 3D patterning like SSG 08 | Parallax, but here it’s done in a more subtle way. It seems to fit a lot of dark and purple/pink loadouts, and also, goes great with a can of Rockstar on your desk.

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Snakebite Collection Skins – Writer’s Pick

Aside from the main roster of the rarest and most prominent skins from the case, I cannot help to give a shoutout to some of the Snakebite skins from the Restricted and Mil-Spec category, because there are also some cool designs in the lower tier here.

AK-47 | Slate might be a dream come true to some of the players. It’s black, plain black, with the right amount of detail. Seems simple at first, but if you’re not into Black Laminate, this might be just your jam.

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My personal favorite is the R8 Revolver | Junk Yard. I have a soft spot for trash / post-apocalyptic skins, and this R8 looks just wonderful with its rusty metal, banana-like sticker on the handle and the red details. 

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Also, the fans of hunting a perfect pattern might enjoy Nova | Windblown, with an interesting texture of a field of dandelions that varies in height, detail, and intensity. There’s a small chance to get a variant with a bird soaring through the sky, so it will surely result in a collector’s favorite, even in such an underdog skin.

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Trading Snakebite Case Skins

It’s very early in the game for the Snakebite case, but the same mechanisms that are present for each and every new droppable case are working again.

If you want to buy Snakebite skins for your own leisure, give it some time before you decide. For now, prices are unstable and crazy, and if you’re not in a rush, you can get the case content in several weeks for a much more realistic price.

If you want to sell, however, head to Skinwallet Market and list your items in an environment that allows you to not only set your own price fair and square but also be in more control over your earnings. 

CS GO Snakebite Case – Summary

Snakebite Case has been added as a part of The End of Broken Fang update and obviously plays with the trope of delirium and psychedelia for its choice of skins. There are some very colorful propositions here, especially among Covert and Classified skins, and it’s supplemented with a couple of very neatly designed skins in the more common tier.

For now, Snakebite Collection is a novelty that’s trying to find its place in the market. We’ll see which skins will stick, which will be just rare collectibles, and how this case’s drop will influence the Operation Broke Fang Gloves trade. For now, have a good one playing the new matchmaking rotation, and hope you’ll encounter a lot of snakes in the jungle of CSGO cases!