What Are The Overpass Callouts?

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overpass callouts csgo

Overpass is a unique installment in the competitive maps in CS:GO. In this article, we’ll analyse all useful Overpass callouts.

While most of the maps available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are legacy maps that have been created in the past for previous installments of the series and only later refreshed and tweaked for the 2012 release, Overpass has been specifically designed as a new map in 2013. Unlike some of its discontinued contemporaries, it made its way to the hearts of players worldwide. Now it’s one of the most renowned tournament maps out there.

Praised for its innovative design and including more vertical variety to a usually pretty horizontal layout of CSGO maps, the Overpass map has quite a lot of specific locations that help you navigate through its non-linear pathways. However, you need to learn all the Overpass map callouts to be able to quickly and effectively choose your next move.

Overpass Map Specifications

Learning how to navigate through Overpass, players need to remember that this map is quite different from the others in two aspects – geometry and routing. Most of the CS maps are presented in a more or less rectangular form, with eventual changes to the directions of passages. Of course, there are non-regular maps – take Cobblestone, which is L-shaped providing either a straightforward onslaught on A Site or more of hide-and-seek on B Site. What makes Overpass so specific is that both bomb sites are relatively close to each other, but they are separated by a convoluted system of corridors. Also, even the main routes to the bomb sites are stretched out in arcs. Still, it allows for a very quick rotation between those two and induces very intense clutch situations.

Both the approach to A Site and the B Site itself are open to many nade strategies, some of them are pretty easy and effective to perform. There are also several conjunctions that allow throwing grenades between the sides of the map.

All this is the reason why some people think that Overpass is the most advanced detonation map up to date. There have been several contenders that surfaced since 2013, trying to introduce some variation into the spatial organization, but most of them failed to remain in the rotation. Some, however, think that Overpass is unnecessarily complicated and takes too long to master.

Here is a 2D Overpass callout map with all the necessary callouts created by TotalCSGO.

Overpass CSGO Callouts – T to B Site

T Spawn is in the southern end of the map, shifted out enough to slow down the onslaught. Then you can climb to Upper Tunnels to detour, but continue straight through the Alley and you will end up in the waterworks. Here the fist part of the sewer is less important and has little hiding place, so it’s addressed as Tracks because of the tracks that run above it. Although the whole sewers are flooded, you need to take the Short Tunnel to reach the basin that is commonly referred to as Water. Next to the fence, you have a Boost that lets a boosted player get info from the B site. From Water, you can use the Sandbags passage to storm right into the B Site next to the Bridge and the Pillar in the middle of the site.

Back from Tracks, you can take the tunnel with a big graffiti called Monster to get to the place referred to as Sewers, which is the most open space on the site and exposes the ongoing Ts very much. The Barrels next to a ward hut seem to be a good sniping site, but they’re too easily mollied even before the first shots land. The small space behind B Site is called the Pit, and although useless at first glance, it can make for a dangerous hiding place during an intensive clutch, especially if a CT camping in Heaven (the balcony above the site), decides to jump back down and shorten the distance. Otherwise, expect the rest of the CTs to watch carefully from the Walkway to storm in, or hide near Graffiti keeping a clear view on the whole site.

Overpass CS GO Callouts – A Site to Playground

The A Site is in the north of the map and serves simultaneously as a CT Spawn, so don’t be confused if someone uses those two interchangeably, although calling A Site is probably most common and more understandable. There’s a lot of visually specific places here, so take notes. On the site itself, there’s A Default plant, which is in front of the containers – planting there allows for very neat observation and protection of the bomb. The truck that stands askew on the road is sweetly called Optimus, after the Transformers character, or just Truck. In the back, the smaller car is a Van, and behind the site there are CT Stairs more often referred to as Bins, meaning the whole flight of stairs to Heaven. Behind the Van, there’s the Bank, which can be a neat hiding spot. It has a back door leading to the Storage, which connects with the corridor to Walkway.

Back in the front of A Site you have entrances to two paths – A Long and A Short. There’s a small niche next to the Long entrance called Close Left, and it can be a dangerous thing to omit checking it coming from Long. Sign Post is an ultra-specific callout for the spot between two park entrances, but having it so specific sometimes saves lives. Flowers are simply the flower pots next to the stairs leading to Short, but we’re not going there now.

Entering A Long from A Site, you have a couple of landmarks on your way. On the outside there’s a nice Bench, and closer to the middle there’s a stop called Cafe. Next to it, there’s a box called Long Boost that can help both CTs and Ts peak further. A Long stretches quite far, there’s an entrance to Toilets and there are two literal callouts within it – Tree and Rock, easily noticeable. Not that intuitive with the Hitmarker – it’s the last field at the end of Long, which often gets scanned with AWP shots, so pretty dangerous to stall there. After that, you reach a big square divided into two parts – the Fountain and the Playground. They are both pretty transitory and translucent, so additional calls might just indicate where the enemy is coming from.

Overpass CSGO Callouts – Tunnels and Mid

The division between Fountain and Playground is also important because it streamlines you into two different paths. Remember Upper Tunnels just in front of T Spawn? They lead straight into the Playground exit. They can also however be used to climb the ladder and continue to Lower Tunnels to end up in the Connector, which is probably one of the most tricky places on the map, because it’s very dense and requires a lot of caution, while also allowing Ts to rotate between both bombsites. Continue north, and you reach Squeaky, or Short Door, which gets into the B Site zone by Water. 

If you go up from the Fountain square, you get directly to Mid. Above Mid there’s a balcony with several tables that is called Party and can serve to quickly confuse enemies expecting you at the Fountain. From Mid you have access to Toilets, A Short and Connector. Toilets are a bit curved out and stretch from the entrance on Long, where that compartment is called Long Toilets, and up to the stairs next to Flowers. A Short is more straight, thus translucent, but also one can switch roads between Short and Toilet via a door halfway through both.

Additional CSGO Overpass Callouts and Tips

As it usually is with callouts that are very descriptive, you will encounter a lot of local variants of those, especially of Water, Toilets, or Bench. Also, some players and teams might have their own, very specific names for several places, but it would be hard to describe them in the grand scheme of things. Some callouts might have been overheard once and spoken wrong, and that twist has made its stay for good in the jargon.

Additional callouts may apply wherever you have a visually specific place. The stairs behind the dumpsters will sometimes be named all kinds of punny Underpass callouts. Some people will call one place in the tunnels above Walkway Red, because of the red light that is there.

Always make sure to revise your callouts with your team, especially on a map like Overpass where a lot of places have very detailed callouts. With more legacy maps like Dust 2 the names are simpler and much more universal. Here, a discrepancy in the terms might sometimes mean a lost round.

CSGO Overpass Callouts – Summary

Overpass is a strong and interesting position in the choice of Matchmaking CS GO maps that are played globally. The map has its own lore and its intricate design and knowing the proper callouts might help you navigate its counterintuitive, yet enjoyable routes.

As with most maps, Overpass callouts are subject to change in different languages, and depending on the strategies of the group, might be adjusted or expanded. However, the callouts presented above are the most common ones and will allow you to play with players from all over the world.

There’s probably quite a lot left to say about Overpass, especially when it comes to strategies and nades, but we’ll save it for another day. Let us know if you liked that presentation of callouts and would like to read more of that kind! Have a great day!