Everything about MAG-7 Skins in 2020

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Shotgun door breaching

In spite of the fact that the MAG-7 is a very high-damaging and cost-effective shotgun that has better armor penetration than the XM1014 and the Nova, originally it was not a very popular in-game weapon. However, if you play on a Counter-Terrorists side, it is worth to become familiar with numerous advantages of MAG-7 and start a new season with it in your arsenal.

MAG-7 Skins – Explained 2020

It is a high time to think about the cosmetic look of your MAG-7. We have prepared the list of the best MAG-7 skins that will help you to express your personality and make opponents fear you. Let’s have a closer look at the general characteristics of MAG 7 skins.

First, they are quite affordable and not very rare. The price of the most expensive Souvenir Factory New skin for MAG-7 | Bulldozer – reaches up to two hundred dollars. But you can easily purchase finishes with quite extraordinary and stylish patterns for less than one dollar. Second, there are not so many skins designed for this particular weapon, compared to e.g. AK-47. Due to this fact, your choice can be narrowed down to several skins quite fast.

MAG-7 | SWAG-7 

Covered in monochromatic silver and black designs, SWAG-7 is the first skin for MAG-7 with such a large number of inscriptions and small details. Its market value on Steam ranges from $39 to $1.5. However, Factory New StatTrak version of the skin can go over six dollars per item. Today this restricted skin from the Clutch Collection is not in demand.

MAG-7 | Petroglyph 

A custom painted restricted skin from Gamma 2 Collection. Its pattern reminds a rock carving. The unpainted body of the shotgun is adorned with geometric ornament made in light gray and terracotta. The skin is available with the StatTrak. You can get a Factory New Petroglyph for less than one dollar and it is a kind of skin that can be bought easily.

MAG-7 | Praetorian 

This restricted skin belongs to the Wildfire Collection. Due to the ancient Roman design, this skin is quite popular and is often seen in the game. In Well-Worn condition, it costs $0.90 cents., while for an untouched StatTrak you will need to pay $6.51. 

MAG-7 | Heat 

If you dream about a red MAG-7 with an effect of glowing hot metal, this restricted skin is a perfect choice. The same as above mentioned skins, this one is also available in the StatTrak option. Its price ranges from $0.38 to $2.92. The StatTrak version is three times more expensive. Many players like this skin that belongs to the Chrome 2 Collection.

MAG-7 | Core Breach 

A skin is a constituent element of the 2018 Nuke Collection. Core Breach has a black base decorated with an orange pattern of radioactive symbols. Thank to the vivid color scheme and the uncommon pattern it is a quite popular restricted skin. What is interesting, it is available in the Souvenir option and is not found with the StatTrak counter.

Where can you get MAG-7 Skins?

If you are attentive enough, you surely notice that all skins mentioned in the paragraph above belong to purple or restricted rarity grade. It is not a coincidence as it is the most numerous rarity grade in CSGO. Purple skins are more likely to be achieved through a weapon case opening after each finished game. However, you will need to have an appropriate key to unlock the awarded case. Normally, each regular key costs around $2,50 and is officially distributed by Valve via the Steam platform. 

The rest of CSGO MAG 7 skins are even much more common and easier to obtain. They are marked with white, light blue or blue colors and drop randomly during a normal game cycle or a weekly reward. The universal odds for e.g. blue skins is 79,9%. However, for every rule, there is an exception. Cinquedea is a less common skin for MAG-7 shotgun as it belongs to pink rarity grade. It has been added to the game recently as part of the Canals Collection,  which was released alongside the start of Operation Shattered Web. Since November Cinquedea’s market demand is still high and the probability of receiving it is only 3.1%. Your chances of getting MAG-7 best skins in a StatTrak or Souvenir module are even more elusive. The easiest way to get them is to buy them from the Steam Community Market or third-party reliable bot trading sites like Skinwallet. 

Buying and selling MAG-7 Skins

The CSGO drop system is designed to give each player some random skins on a daily basis. If you are an active gamer, you will surely collect a large number of cheap skins quite fast. But what to do if there are thousands of consumer or industrial grade MAG-7 CSGO skins in your collection? It’s not so easy to sell big volumes of cheap skins via the Steam Community Market. In this case, the best solution, in our opinion, is CSGO bot trading sites such as Skinwallet. To sell unwanted MAG-7 skins through Skinwallet you need to go through the very basic procedure. After you deposit your skins and accept the pricing, the money will be transferred to you via e-wallet of available choice within minutes.

On the other hand, if you want to buy the rarest skins for MAG-7 (e.g. Cinquedea or Bulldozer), patiently look through the wide range of offers from the private traders. Visit several trading platforms to update your knowledge regarding actual prices for the interesting items. Skinwallet can also help you with that – just go to Skinwallet Market’s catalogue of MAG-7 skins and see how much cheaper can you get them. 

Why should you consider obtaining MAG-7 Skins?

It is natural we all want to possess things that we find awesome, gorgeous or cool. In CSGO virtual reality not high-fashion footwear, but skins allow players to express their personality. You will probably agree that MAG-7 Petroglyph creates an entirely different spirit than the same shotgun with the Heat. In short, gamers with skins suitable for them always play better, showing more impressive results than their competitors. Moreover, they refresh the overall in-game experience 

Another reason why you should consider getting MAG-7 skins is their monetary value. If you were lucky enough to get from the weapon case the Cinquedea skin, you would make a very good deal as its price is around $185. You just need to have a bit of a businessman’s mind to figure out how to benefit from skin trading.

Are MAG-7 Skins Popular?

As discussed above, MAG-7 is not as popular as other CSGO shotguns, but it has its followers. The same could be said for its skins. Undoubtedly, such finishes as Bulldozer or Cinquedea have a large number of fans, but not everyone can afford them due to a relatively high price. Should you accumulate or immediately sell obtaining MAG-7 skins? It is up to you. We recommend to look through the most popular bot trading sites to better understand how you can benefit from skin trading, which could be a pleasant bonus for active gamers. 


With this brief review of MAG-7 skins, we have listed the best MAG-7 skins, mentioning the most popular among Steam Community. What is more, we explain how the desired skin could be achieved and what to do with a large number of cheap skins. In short, it is clear that the market value of many MAG-7 skins is underestimated. Thus, it is a good idea to keep them for a while and sell at a higher price in the future.