MAC-10 Skins To Brighten Your Anti-Eco Rush

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mac-10 skins

Among the versatile and wide-budget sub-machine guns in CSGO, MAC-10 is the cheap underdog that seems to have a lowkey cult of its own. Additionally, it has a surprisingly good choice of absolutely stunning skins.

It is based on a real American SMG that has been portrayed in the same range of short-distance warfare as Israeli UZI. The real MAC-10 has been praised for the construction simplicity that makes it one of the most reliable automatic weapons in its grade. Within the Counter-Strike realm, it stands as the go-to anti-eco gun that can ram through a group of enemies, unless they invested in kevlar armor. 

Although far from the meta rifles adorned with the most honed skins, the little big Mac has been supplied with a lot of cool skins, especially in the last couple of years. Let’s look at the most interesting CSGO MAC-10 skins available on the market.

What case is best for MAC-10 skins?

It’s not possible to decide on one CSGO case that gives you the biggest chance of looting the best MAC 10 skins. There isn’t any one case that has more than one MAC-10 skin. Their quality ranges from Industrial Grade to Covert, but most of them are either Restricted or Mil-Spec, so it’s not that difficult to loot one.

If you’re bent on just getting any Mac just for the satisfaction of it, you might try Spectrum Case, Prisma Case, CS20 Case, or anything that still drops during matchmaking. However, if you’re willing to risk your money, the rarest MAC-10 skins can be found in Prisma 2, Shattered Web, and Chroma 2 cases.

CSGO MAC-10 Best Skins

Out of all the propositions for the rusher’s delight, we’ve chosen five to represent the most lucrative, expensive, and the prettiest MAC-10 skins, but also included something more accessible. This time we’re basing the prices on Steam listings as of Sept 30, 2020.

MAC-10 | Stalker

mac-10 stalker csgo skin

Ladies and gentlemen, who would have thought that an early-game gun could be the host to one of the most recognizable CSGO skins of the late 2010s? This rarest skin in Shattered Web case sports a fierce, yellow-and-blue design swinging between a toy-gun look and the pinnacle of synthwave retro aesthetics. The Gunsmith finish graces it with a still visible design in the highest floats, although with desaturated colors. It’s one of the most expensive and best MAC-10 skins, reaching a price of over $260 for a StatTrak.

MAC-10 | Neon Rider

mac-10 neon rider csgo skin

Taking a further swing in the direction of synthwave and outrun, MAC-10 | Neon Rider casts the pink spell upon the players with no less efficiency than its AK-47 | Neon Rider cousin. The design proved so popular that it has spawned a line of dedicated merch. Whether it’s a Hotline Miami tribute or straight-up arcade fantasy – we can’t tell, but the Neon Rider can be yours for anything between $6 and $11, or between $17 and $39 with a StatTrak on it.

MAC-10 | Disco Tech

mac-10 disco tech csgo skin

Here’s the skin that totally took over MAC-10 | Fade glamour and took it to a new level with a dynamically light-responsive layer of texture. While some might find it distracting, it is an understatement to say that it looks absolutely mesmerizing. The glossy effect runs out with the raising float and the gun looks progressively more and more gritty. If you’re not into that kind of thing, you’ll have to spend $4 to $20 for a better quality Disco Tech (or $11 to $60 for a StatTrak one). However, if you don’t mind a little wear and tear, you can get a non-StatTrak Battle-Scarred for as low as $2.59.

MAC-10 | Allure

mac-10 allure csgo skin

This new protégée among Mac skins coming fresh from Fracture Case can either put a spell on you through its toned dark colours or awaken your inner otaku through the design based on traditional Japanese art with a modern twist. While usually Custom Paint Job skins lose their glamour pretty fast, this one holds up even in the lowest of wear levels. Get this Restricted skin for anything between $0.90 and $4, or nearly three times that much in StatTrak.

MAC-10 | Candy Apple

mac-10 candy apple csgo skin

Last but not least, this is a skin from Train Collection that is probably one of the most obtainable skins for that gun without being on the “meh” side of the Consumer Grade junk. It’s not much of a design, but the Candy Apple red has its fans in the CSGO world. You’ll find the cheapest ones for the low price of $0.13, whereas if you’re into a Souvenir skin that can be later sold more easily than the regular ones, it goes even up to $7.

Trading MAC-10 Skins

Mac skins are available in big volumes on both Steam Community Market and third-party marketplaces. Of course, their prices might differ depending on the individual market volume, but they’re generally a bit cheaper outside Steam. Even if you’re not into avid skin hunting, there should be plenty around for you not to spend a lot of time browsing offers.

This also means that If you would like to sell one, your offer might just disappear in the ocean of similar listings. If you have a MAC-10 skin that is just too mediocre to keep, yet too worthy to burn it away on a Trade-Up Contract, try using the Skinwallet Instant mass deposit and turn it into real cash.

Why bother with MAC-10 Skins?

To be honest, when it comes to MAC-10 best skins are still in the affordable range, and even the more common ones look at least good, if not very good. The simple shape of the gun leaves a lot of room for a creative design without getting obscure. If nothing else, their aesthetic variety might be a nice routine break for your loadout.


Whether you just don’t like to play it slow and steady and rather rush into the early rounds with a storm of bullets, or you just enjoy the gun as it is for casual CS:GO play, MAC-10 brings a lot of fuss to the game with both it’s RPM and it’s wondrous skins. We made sure to present to you the most interesting and best MAC-10 skins that you can look for to make your SMG pantheon stand out a little bit more.