Are There Any Skins For M249 in CSGO?

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M249, by some known as “the misclick”, is one of the least liked guns in the entire CS:GO. Unfortunately, there are reasons for that. First of all, it’s quite inaccurate. The first couple shots’ accuracy is terrible, even when you’re stationary, and don’t even try the SMG’s gun’n’run as you won’t hit anyone. But hey, you get a huge magazine of 100 rounds! The long reload animation won’t be a problem either, because you will most likely be dead long before you have to reload.

In all seriousness though, this rather inaccurate LMG can be used for suppression of tight corridors and smoked pathways. The big magazine and decent damage surely support that. However, there’s one problem – M249 costs $5200. That’s a LOT! 

Moreover, M249 is completely outclassed by the Negev, which at $1800 is the cheapest machine gun in the game that boasts higher damage than it’s overly expensive counterpart as well as shot accuracy after the first 15 bullets are shot. 

In its current form, M249 is unusable and is surely in need of a patch or two. Valve, please fix! Now, what about skins?

The best M249 skins

Being an unpopular, and practically useless gun for higher skill-level games, it’s quite natural that M249 skins are few and very cheap. Nonetheless, if you want to finish your full loadout and need some fitting, nice M249 CS GO skins, there are some picks we would suggest. 

M249 | Deep Relief

The newcomer added in the Broken Fang case, Deep Relief, is an interesting choice. The very 3D look evokes the likes of seafloor map feeling, with sand-colored top and deeper green hues for the depths. Although the visual effect is quite interesting, the chosen color palette might not be the best. The colors don’t really fit any of the usual loadout themes.

Pricewise, M249 | Deep Relief is very cheap, usually worth less than $0.50, but what else can we expect from a blue grade CS GO M249 skins newcomer?

M249 | Spectre

Now, this one is probably my personal favorite out of CSGO all M249 skins. The winter camo pattern works well with black and vivid yellow presenting a contemporary and slick design. With its low price of just a few cents, it can fill in the slot in all yellow as well as black’n’white loadouts. In fact, we have used it in our Hitman-inspired Silent Assassin Loadout. You can find M249 | Spectre in the Chroma 3 Case.

M249 | System Lock

Leaving the modernity of Spectre and going into the future, M249 | System Lock is a rather clean, futuristic gun ideal for both sci-fi and red loadouts. As with all other CS M249 skins the price rarely breaks through $0.50. On top of that, the wear and tear modeling is very nice. With price out of the equation, you can really focus on how dystopian your sci-fi futuristic loadout will be. M249 | System Lock can be dropped from the Chroma Case as the lowest tier skin. 

M249 | Emerald Poison Dart

This Spectrum Case skins of a Restricted grade is inspired by a Poison Dart family of Amazonian frogs known for their brightly colored bodies and high toxicity. The skin is… well, weird. It uses two separate patterns mixing them on the gun map encompassing the entire weapon in either greyish-green base with black spots or black and yellow tiger stripe. Although very distinct, it’s hard to place it in a thematic loadout, maybe with the exception of Animal-themed loadouts. Even though it’s a Restricted skin, the price is still low, rarely exceeding $1. 

M249 | Warbird

One of the best M249 skins CSGO has to offer, M249 | Warbird came as a part of the Shattered Web Case. Originally blue with yellow heat shielding, due to age, heavy use, and damage it’s all torn and washed out coated with heavy rust. It’s a skin that tells a story. This amazing addition to any post-apo-themed loadout, is very cheap oscillating between $0.20 and $0.30. I can’t wait for a similar-themed skin for M4!

Where can you get M249 skins? 

If you want to get the M249 skins you can go about that in a few ways. Firstly, you can wait for a drop after the match. Most of the M249 skins are of a low grade so they are not that uncommon. For those blue and purple-grade M249 skins you would have to open some cases. If you were planning to open some cases anyway, this might be a good way to get M249 skins. After all, they are usually among the most common case contents and it shouldn’t be too hard to get them this way. However, considering the low value they have, if you just want to get particular M249 skins, it would be best to just buy it. 

Buying and selling M249 skins

As mentioned, with the low price of practically all M249 skins, the best way to get specific skins is to just buy them. Having said that, there are different ways you can go about that.

The simplest way is to buy it on the Steam Community Market. There will be dozens of listings at any given time, so you shouldn’t have any problem with finding one that suits your taste. If you prefer third-party marketplaces, there are a few to choose from. We, naturally, suggest using Skinwallet Market. You’ll find good prices for M249 skins, as well as any other skins you may want to pick on the way.

When it comes to selling, similar to buying, you have the option to go for Steam Community Market and third-party marketplaces. Just please remember, all money made from selling M249 skins on Steam Community Market will have to remain there as Steam doesn’t offer payouts. You can use the funds to buy new skins or a game on the Steam store.

Meanwhile, selling your unwanted M249 skins on Skinwallet Market will let you pay out your funds to an e-wallet of your choice. Plus, it’s simple, efficient, and secure.  


It’s completely normal for an almost useless gun to have cheap skins. After all, if you won’t see the gun at all, why bother buying skins for it. One use the M249 CSGO skins have though is to use them en masse for Trade Ups to get into a higher grade. Still, even though “the misclick” has cheap skins, there are better choices, especially in the long run. This leaves both M249 and M249 skins in a rather bad spot. Not good enough to be played, nor bad enough to be used as a trash filler.