Everything you need to know about Huntsman Knife Skins in 2020

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huntsman knife csgo skin cover photo

Among many beautiful, slick, cunning and interesting knives in CSGO Huntsman knife skins stand out with their massive, tanto-like fixed blade and a mean, survivalist design. It was introduced a while back and still stands out as one of the more “mascular” choices in the knife skins palette.

Huntsman Knife was inspired by a real-life knife produced by MTech USA, a company specializing in manufacturing a wide range of blades and other handheld tools and weapons as much for campers and survivalists as for collectors. The exact model of the original is MX-8054 Fixed Blade Tactical Knife and dark-toned in-game knives look almost exactly like the original.

Can the mean look of a real-life cutter be well-represented in CSGO? What is it worth to have such a tough blade equipped? We’re about to find out, stay tuned.

Best Huntsman Skins

First, let’s look at the most expensive and best-looking Huntsman knife skins CSGO cases have to offer to hopeful looters. The prices are based mostly on Steam Analyst comparison results.

Marble Fade

Huntsman Knife Marbe Fade csgo skin

This one is a treat, as all Fade skins look relatively much better on bigger blades. The Marble Fade’s pattern has a lot of room to display its features on the wider part of the knife. Huntsman Marble Fades come in two wear levels, Factory New and Minimal Wear. The prices of these are very varied. The most expensive Factory New Huntsman Knife | Marble Fade listed on Steam costs $282.09, and the most expensive Minimal Wear one is listed there for $314.14. The situation is drastically different with SkinBay, where Minimal Wear Marble Fade is the cheaper option obtainable for around $170. These prices depend a lot on the Fade pattern which has been imprinted into a given skin.


Huntsman Knife doppler csgo skin

Keeping in mind that Doppler skins come in several subtypes, which are not officially listed, but systematized by the community, the price range on those is very wide. Similarly to Marble Fade, there’s enough space on the blade to make even the less desirable phases of the doppler look interesting. However, it’s the ultra-rare, dark Black Pearl combination that looks the slickest. The cheapest Phase 2 blade I was able to find on third-party marketplaces costed $177.80, while it still can cost up to $330 in Minimal Wear. A Black Pearl can cost anything between $500 and $1400 depending on the pattern, wear and StatTrak availability.

Tiger Tooth

Huntsman Knife Tiger Tooth csgo skin

Huntsman Knife | Tiger Tooth will have its fans and adversaries, but this is one of those finishes that is generally considered to be pretty entertaining. The anodized paint might not be as detailed as the various fade texture models, yet it also proves a consistent quality of those skins. If you’d like to buy it in a neat condition, its global prices oscillate between $150 and $170, but sometimes it can be sold a bit more expensive. Of Course, StatTrak versions cost adequately more.

Damascus Steel

Huntsman Knife Damascus Steel csgo skin

While almost all Huntsman knife skins expose their better side when the finish is dark, Damascus Steel has its own, undeniable quality to it. The carbonated steel stripes give it an even more dangerous look than that of the Tiger Tooth. If you’re not a fan of the steel bling, a Battle-Scarred version is significantly darker without losing the detailed appeal of Damascus steel. It seems to be a popular approach, as Battle-Scarred versions can be sold for around $90. while middle-range Field-Tested ones can drop to $72. A StatTrak Factory New Huntsman Knife | Damascus Steel can earn you anything between $200 and $300.


Huntsman Knife Ultraviolet csgo skin

Survivalist dark blade with an enigmatically purple handle causes the Huntsman Knife to look like an interdimensional import from Forgotten Realms. While the blackness on this one is spray-painted and will look really torn in higher floats, it still is a rare, valuable find. A Field-Tested Ultraviolet will go as low as $65. A non-StatTrak Factory New will go up to $257.82, but this is your best bet, because StatTrak Factory New ones are barely ever seen, and it’s quite possible no one has dropped one yet, ever.

Where can you get Huntsman Knife Skins?

Knife skins have their own rarity level for a reason. They drop significantly less often even than Covert skins. This means that unless you’re the luckiest person in the world that will hit a golden drop in a matter of several tries, you will need to open a lot of cases to find any of the CS GO Huntsman knife skins.

There are three cases that you need to go after if you want to find a Huntsman knife. A majority of them can be looted from the Huntsman case. This is one of the older cases that doesn’t drop so often anymore. Fortunately, you can buy one for $1.91 on Steam Market. All Huntsman knife skins mentioned in the previous verse can be looted from Spectrum and Spectrum 2 cases, which are both still often dropped during play and go around quite cheap on the market. 

How to buy or sell Huntsman Knife Skins

It’s understandable if you want to skip the hustle and thrill of the uncertainty of looting cases and go straight to the exchange market. Steam Community Market is your answer if you want to have a stable, safe trade and you don’t care to squeeze every penny from the price paid. If you want a more specific offer, or possibly some better variant like Doppler Sapphire or Ruby, it’s best to hit the third-party markets. Make sure to check out Skinwallet Market for a catalogue of Huntsman Knife skins in very competitive prices.

If you happen to have a Huntsman Knife skin and what to profit from it, you can set up an offer to sell it using either Steam Community Market or third-party marketplaces. While the first one is easier, the second one gives you more control over the sales process. There are also websites that serve as a mass depot for skins – they will offer you a slightly lower price, but you won’t have to wait for anyone to take up your trade. Skinwallet serves as a mass depot and will allow you to sell your skins instantly with the best price possible in that procedure. To see how much can we get you for your Huntsman, go to our homepage, see the simple deposit setup procedure in action and see how much can you earn!

What makes the Huntsman Knife such a treat?

If I were to pinpoint a singular cause for the good appeal of Huntsman knife skins, I’d say it comes from their balance. There were other bulky blades available before in the knife skin range, like the Gut Knife, but they might not look too impressive to some more demanding players. Huntsman knife has a big, extending blade, on one hand, on the other, it is still dynamically shaped. It doesn’t give the impression of taking a butcher axe to the battlefield. It’s both bulky enough to look huge and deft enough to look like a tactical knife indeed.

To sum things up

In my honest opinion, with the model of Huntsman knife all skins look incredibly cool, but to each on their own. Huntsman knives are rare enough among knives to have their appreciation, but not sophisticated to a point where it’s only a collector’s delight. You can make a relatively good sum on selling one if you don’t find it satisfying to play with one, no matter if it’s a Tiger Tooth or a Doppler Ruby.