How To Kick Yourself In CSGO As Of 2020

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In this game or another, we’ve all been in that annoying situation, where for whatever reason the game is going so bad that there’s literally no option but to quit. Maybe it’s the lack of teamplay, maybe it’s a toxic egomaniac spoiling all the fun. However, just straightforward quitting during a CSGO match is burdened with some consequences depending on the type of match you play.

At some point in the past, someone figured out a way around it and found out how to kick yourself in CSGO. There is an option to initiate a vote to kick yourself, and if other players follow suit, your hands are clean. As with any tricky workaround, there is a salty payoff that you need to consider before doing so. Continue reading and learn how to kick yourself in a CSGO game.

How to kick yourself?

To get the technical side of it out of the way, let’s look at the exact procedure you need to follow to get yourself kicked.

First, make sure that your console is enabled. You can do it in the game settings. Then, when you’re in a game that you want to leave, press the console button (the default button is tilde “~”). Once the console is open, enter the command status. This will display a whole bunch of information about the current game. It will also include a list of players. The second number displayed before the player’s name is their current ID number. You need to find your own name and see what number is assigned to you. You will use it to issue a vote. Type in callvote kick **, where ** is your ID number you’ve just looked up. Hit the enter key and the vote is on. Now it’s up to other players to decide if you’re supposed to be kicked or not. You might follow the lead of some of the most cunning beings on this planet, issue a kick vote and then prompt other players with something like “Quick, press F1 on timeout, my mom’s back”. You’d be surprised how often it actually works.

How to vote to kick yourself in CSGO Competitive?

During competitive games, the stakes are raised higher. The uneventful play, unsupportive players and other factors can cause the game to go down even when you’re performing at your best. The most fair-play thing to do would be to endure and stay until the end. Yes, you do risk your rank, but such are ups and downs of the game. If you just decide to quit, you riks a ban for competitive play. 

Suggesting a vote to kick yourself is a way around it, because if you get kicked out of the game once, it’s a free “go-out-of-jail” card, to use the Monopoly metaphor. You don’t have to finish, and the ranking system won’t penalize you severely enough for you to lose your rank. However, if you are kicked out a couple of times, you risk getting a sort of a soft ban, called diminutively a “cooldown” by Valve. This will prevent you from joining competitive matchmaking games. At first, the cooldown is a short one. You will be blocked from joining the servers for 30 minutes. With each next occurrence, it gets longer and longer. Here’s the full list from Steam Support:

Level 1 cooldown – lasts 30 minutes
Level 2 cooldown – lasts 2 hours
Level 3 cooldown – lasts 24 hours
Level 4 cooldown – lasts 1 week

Unfortunately, it’s not known how to vote kick yourself in CSGO without risking a cooldown, so you need to consider this before going on.

Should you call a vote to kick yourself?

Once you learn how to call a vote to kick yourself in CSGO, treat this as your last resort. For one, it is a confusing method to let your teammates know that you want to quit. The overall player pool might not even want to kick you, so unless you start acting recklessly, they probably won’t do it. Then again, acting foolishly or abusively might get you reported. In that case, the penalty is not a cooldown. You risk a permanent ban that will disable you from playing competitive ever again.

Are there other ways to do this?

Not really. You might just quit the game, and that’s it. This is not recommended on so many levels that it shouldn’t be a matter of discussion. Getting beat down is not an easy thing to endure, but this is to everyone’s benefit. Doesn’t matter if you get kicked by a vote or you just quit, the game becomes unbalanced and all the players that finish the match are penalised in the ranking system. Even when they win the game, they might lose their rank, so this is totally unfair to leave them just because you’re not comfortable with what’s going on. If you really have to quit the game immediately, it’s probably much more important than your rank that can be restored in time.


At first, quitting a CSGO match that you’re not enjoying or you fear will end up in a catastrophe seems like a normal thing to do. However, it’s not beneficial, neither to you nor the people you play with. Because the ranking in competitive plays is a serious and complicated matter, there are many limitations to forfeiting, griefing and any other activities that would disrupt the process of matchmaking.

Now that you’ve learned how to kick yourself in CSGO console, use it wisely in cases where there’s an urgent need to leave the game. Remember that you’re still on the mercy of other players who either find it as uncomfortable to play with you as you find it with them or somehow see through your intentions and let you go. Nevertheless, it’s much better to just bum the rest of the match without bigger engagement than to just flee.